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1 dead, 1 in prison after fatal shooting in the Alpharetta Bank

A woman is dead and a man is being held in a bank in Wells Fargo, Alpharetta, following a fatal shoot-out, police said on Saturday afternoon.

The police were sent about 11 to the bank at 21 N. Main St.: 40 pm, after being called for a shoot in the parking lot Sgt. Howard Miller, spokesman for the Alpharetta Department of Public Security, said.

"Upon arrival, the officers found a female victim and an adult man at the scene down in the parking lot," Miller said.

The woman was taken to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The man was detained and interrogated by Alpharetta investigators at the police headquarters, Miller said shootings and police have not published the names of the men and women involved.

Detectives are still on the ground to gather evidence, but traffic in the area is not affected.

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