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10 inspirational quotes from Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, which she probably needs right now

The case of scandal-plagued Theranos seems to be nearing rock bottom with another wave of layoffs from a company struggling to extend.

In a staff announcement by formerly acclaimed founder Elizabeth Holmes – she reported in detail to good friends in the Wall Street Journal – Holmes told employees that the company still could not get a blood test to work and had to save money by he increased his staff from 125 to about 24.

It was a dizzying decline for Holmes, once celebrated as a self-made billionaire who left Stanford University to start the blood test business, which was once valued at $ 9 billion. More than 2.5 years after an investigation Journal raised questions about the blood test system, Holmes has made civil fraud scams on the Securities and Exchange Commission that cost their electoral control over their company, most of their stock, and a $ 500,000 fine

Hard times. But failure is part of entrepreneurship, right? Even if there are a few fraud allegations here and there. Luckily, when founders find themselves on the verge of darkness announcing inevitable oblivion, Silicon Valley is full of startup gurus to hand out carefully polished wisdom for the oppressed.

In the case of Holmes, she does not have that much to seek inspiration. During her 1

5-year journey with Theranos, she was often asked to share the lessons she had learned on her way to becoming one of Silicon Valley's most famous founders.

So to cheer on Holmes and prepare her for what's next, we're offering these 10 nuggets from Holmes herself:

1. "You get knocked down over and over again, and you come back up," Holmes said at the Forbes Under 30 Summit 2015. "I was often downcast and realized that what I wanted to do was, and I became this company set up more than 10,000 times if I had to. "

2. "When people say," I want to start a business ", my question is always:" Why? "Because there has to be a mission – there has to be a reason why you do it No matter how hard it is "You want to do it over and over again because you love it," Holmes said at Fortune's MPW Next Gen conference in 2014. "And if you know what it is, what you're trying to do, then it is a matter of being very, very open to failure … we will fail more than a thousand times until we get this thing to work, but we will get it for the 1001st time.

3 Also at the Fortune event she offered some inspiring thoughts on leaving the school: "At this moment, you find out what you were born for. For me, I reached the point where I spent all my time doing this, and I wasted my parents money on courses I would not attend. So I had the moment where I was very clear: that's what I wanted to do with my life.

4: To repeat her thoughts about switching to Glamor magazine in 2015, she woke her up: "If you find what you love, you do it. That was it's.

5 When she talked about glamor, she offered additional rhetoric to inspire young women everywhere: "I would say three things: find what you love, and do not let it go, no matter what. I'd say Winston Churchill really knew what he was talking about when he said, "Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never …" And I would say that I'm the proof that it's true that you can imagine it you can achieve it. [The other two things are not revealed, unfortunately!]

6 In a 2014 New York profile, Holmes said she was entitled to risky things: "The wonderful thing about me is that no one ever told me that I can not do these things. "

7. She also explained to the New Yorker her unique focus on work on her personal life:" I did something, and we did something that changed people's lives , I would rather live a life of purpose than one in which I could have other things, but not that. "

8 Thomas Holmes, who attended a Stanford University thought-leadership program in 2009, explained the importance of teambuilding: "For me, the most important thing is to start a new business to find people who can stand with you to achieve the ultimate goal of building the business. There are many companies that are established to acquire or fulfill a short-term need in the marketplace. Our company is focused on defining a new industry. And if there's something about the messages I could bring to this meeting, then it's the people you work with to absolutely determine the success or failure of the companies you set up. "

9." I think once you've got a backup plan, you've admitted you will not succeed, "Holmes said in 2015 at Stanford Business School.

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