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10 other "Hearthstone" Witchwood Expansion Cards Revealed

Blizzard developer Peter Whalen and Frodan sat on Twitch this afternoon to discuss the latest Hearthstone [Free] card, which was revealed for Witchwood's upcoming expansion. There are some very provocative cards with this collection of revelations, including the only Legendary Hero Card that will release the expansion, as well as some other big surprises. Without further ado, I submit you to today's map summary:

Houndmaster Shaw:

This is the midrange or control hunter version of Tundra Rhino. Notably, the card is cheaper and the beast tag is not as important as the rhino. Savannah Highmane and other six food cards will love that and all minions will be affected, meaning they should see a solid amount of play.

Rotten Applebaum:
This is a rainy minion that he might find a Nzoth deck or possibly a tech card against face and aggro decks. Not every card in an extension will be a game changer or a card that you use to make a deck, but this is a nice example of cannon fodder with reasonable statistics and costs.

Witchwood Apple and Whispering Woods:

These two cards indicate a new type of druid deck, and it seems likely that the Druid hand might actually be on the horizon. There is some obvious synergy of Mountain Giant / Savage Roar with the Apple. Of course, all of Druid's powerful map options, which make a 6/6 or 7/7 rating for Whispering Wood, are a powerful option. Whispering Wood makes the apple strong enough for both to see general use across multiple builds, but for sure Wood will be a staple and have a great Druid flavor.


This is a very low value cost card for the effect Loatheb was famous for. The real kicker is that because this is not a legendary one, you can have two in your deck. Doubling up on this card in a single round seems to be a particularly inhibitive combination that will stretch the board's presence enormously.

Vivid Nightmare:

Lyra, Velen, and Resurect all seem likely combinations for this card. This is generally a really powerful, low-cost card, which is really tasty, prompting the priest to heal with a purpose.

Glinda Crowskin:

The new echo mechanics will scare any scaredy cat in the hand. It's not even worth trying to cover the far-reaching opportunities you can have with this card, but with 0, 1, and 2 cards, you have the ability to use the ability immediately before it can be removed. With a single grip in hand, Glinda becomes a 6-mana of 9/13. Heaven help your opponent if this lady is not quickly wiped off the board.

Nightmare Amalgam:

This is another low-impact issue, much like Rotten Applebaum, except that it is likely to become omnipresent. Dev Peter Whalen said, "We wanted a neutral totem and had to stretch to make one." The art for this thing is amazing, as each tribal label is depicted in its wavering form. This is a card that will neither dominate the meta nor become a card of power around which a deck is built. It is hard to imagine that it will not be popular because of its widespread applicability.

Witch Apprentice:

The Babbling Book was a hit with many Mage Decks and the Witch Apprentice is the shaman on the line. While the shaman spell selection is different than magicians, there is a lot of distance that can be an effective late game, and the taunting on this servant should not be ignored.

Hagatha the Witch:

Did I say RNG? Yes, Hagatha is now elevating to 11. Your heroic power becomes a passive, adding a random shaman spell to your hand after you play a minion. This is just the second passive heroic force introduced into the game, and this is a great card that is capable of amazing games and may even catapult the shaman into a position of power he was unfamiliar with lately.

These are all revelations from earlier days. Make sure you join us again as we share more revelations, as some community revelations are about to begin tomorrow!

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