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10 things we really want to see in the movie

Captain Marvel is finally coming to the big screen next year, and there are more than a few things we want to do with the Marvel comics.

This list contains a bit of everything and before We start with our wish list, we understand that some of these decisions are not possible with the 90s. Nonetheless, Marvel has a good track record of getting things out of the comics while keeping their hearts intact so they could put these concepts into action and get them working in the 90s.

With that out of the way, it's time for the fun stuff, and with Captain Marvel's weird story, there are more than a few things to choose from. Things like Mar-Vell's introduction have already been confirmed as Jude Law will play that role in the movie. The same goes for the Skrulls and the Kree, two important parts of the Marvel Universe that will get some shine in this film, though the latter caused a bit of a stir in the original Guardians of the Galaxy.


Other parts of the film are a bit of a mystery, such as who will play Lashana Lynch In the early days of SHIELD, Nick Fury and Agent Phil Coulson will also appear, but that does not mean that the film will not introduce any new aspects of its canon into MCU history.

The movie probably will not. It will take place in the past because it inevitably has to show what Captain Marvel has been doing all the time, while Thanos has shaped the earth (and the universe) into his vision, and it will the first time we see her, the coat of Captain Marvel and her comic-based costume.

The thing is, as long as we hear him When we say something like "Bad Call Buttmunch", we'll probably be happy, but here are 10 other things we want to see when Captain Marvel gets on the big screen.

Slide 1 of 10 Chewie The Flerken
  Captain-Marvel-Chewie "title =" Captain-Marvel-Chewie "height =" 314 "width =" 655 "Data element = "1112026" /> 
<figcaption> [Photo: Marvel Comics] </figcaption></figure>
<p>  One of the most important things the movie needs is Captain Marvel's favorite kitty, Chewie, though we'd be amazed to see a comic-exact adaptation of the lovable fur ball </p>
<p>  Well, actually, lovable is only accurate if your name is Carol Danvers, since Chewie does not always get along with other people.In the comics, Chewie first appears like any normal (but slightly aggressive) cat, but it will be revealed later that Chewie is actually part of an alien race known as Flerken, who all take on the appearance of cats until they are threatened, in which case the tentacles and crazy teeth come out. </p>
<p>  Yes, it is a bit gnarled when you're on Chew bad side, but their power set is pretty impressive, if we're honest. Flerks have the ability to store things in small bag sizes, including toothy mouths and large amounts of eggs that Chewie is dead, resulting in 117 little fling for Carol. </p><div><script async src=

So, Chewie is important, and we want her to make her big screen debut in Captain Marvel.

  Captain Marvel Chewie Rocket Raccoon
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Oh, and yes, that means we really want to see Chewie vs. Rocket Raccoon in the sequel, one of the funniest showdowns is

Slide 2 out of 10 Monica Rambeau
<img src = "http://media.comicbook.com/2018/05/captain-marvel-monica-rambeau-2 -1112028.jpeg "alt =" Captain-Marvel-Monica-Rambeau-2 "title =" Captain-Marvel-Monica-Rambeau-2 "height =" 471 "

Monica Rambeau, who is codenamed in the comics as Pulsar "Spectrum and Photon have gone." Width = "655" data-item = "1112028" /

(Photo: Marvel Comics) actually have a great chance of showing up in Captain Marvel and at the end of Lashana

Rambeau is a good friend of Carol in the comics who interacted with her during her time at the Ultimates and her various ventures They both have a good chemistry in the books, as Rambeau Danvers will often tell exactly how it is in a dull manner that Danvers needs from time to time.

Rambeau also went to Captain Marvel for much of her career. In fact, there is a big sequence between Rambeau and Danvers after using the name, something that does not exactly match Rambeau. Although nobody will keep the name in front of Danvers except Mar-Vell in the MCU, we hope to get a nod in their (potential) launch somewhere.

Rambeau is quite powerful, even alongside Captain Marvel, and has the ability to transform into any form of light or energy. This means that Rambeau can use electricity, ultraviolet radiation, microwaves and even gamma rays. But if she does appear in Captain Marvel, maybe she does not have her powers yet. Seems like a good setup for the sequel right?

Slide 3 of 10 Statue of Liberty Pad
Slide 4 of 10 Psyche-Magnitron and Yon-Rogg
 Captain-Marvel-Yon-Rogg "title =" Captain-Marvel-Yon-Rogg "height =" 360 "width =" 655 "data-item =" 1112031 "/> 
<figcaption> (Photo: Marvel Comics) </figcaption></figure>
<p>  Except for Mar-Vell two other entities that play a big role in Captain Marvel's origins. </p><div><script async src=

These entities would be the psyche Magnitron and Commander Yon-Rogg. Yon-Rogg is a Kree commander who became jealous of the Kree warrior Mar-Vell, so much so that he tried several times to assassinate him, and one of them gave Mar-Vell his Marvel brand name. [196592002] Yon-Roggs would be constantly trying to manipulate and kill Mar-Vell, and at some point kidnapped Carol Danvers. Yon-Rogg uses the Psyche-Magnitron to summon a Mandroid to attack Mar-Vell, but the fight ends in overloading the device, and the radiation eventually changes Danver's DNA as well as her desire to be a Superhero and finally gives their powers

The two are a big part of their origins, so we'd love to see them both emerge in live action. While his role is not yet known, it is easy to see that Ben Mendelsohn fills this part.

Slide 5 of 10 Alpha Flight
 Captain Marvel Alpha Flight
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Carol has performed in recent years The lengthy Marvel team called Alpha Flight, and it has led to some amazing moments.

Now the team is unlikely to be fully featured in Captain Marvel 's original story, but even a nod or reference to it would be present In a perfect world, however, we would like to see Sasquatch, Puck, and Aurora.

The chemistry between Danvers and Alpha Flight quickly became a highlight of the series, especially the relationship between Danvers and Puck: If we had to choose an Alpha Flight member to make the cut, it would be him when he becomes the Logan to her Natasha, and the two make quite the duo.

If you wanted to save it for the end of the movie, you could always show the construction of the space station Alpha Flight, which will become Captain Marvels' de facto home for a while in the comics

Slide 6 by 10 Tracy or Helen Cobb
Slide 7 of 10 Spider-Woman
 Captain Marvel-Spider-Woman
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

This is probably the desire that simply can not happen, at least without doing business behind the scenes, but who knows where there is a will, is there a way right?

We're talking about Captain Marvel's best friend Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman Drew is Carols Bestie in the books, and the two often interact in a fun way even during epic adventures. Whether on the phone, in person or Ove having a coffee in One diner would have Danvers and Drew's ingenious and sarcastic banter at home in the MCU, and Brie Larson might well hold its own in that regard.

Unfortunately, Spider-Woman is currently owned by Sony (as they own the Spider-Man universe and character movie rights), but the good news is that they've already given Marvel Studios the opportunity to use Spider-Man in a previous deal , Of course, they're out to start their own universe, but Spider-Woman is not someone who has the star power of a Venom or Black Cat, and it would be important to Sony to build Marvel's character so they could use it later

Fingers crossed

Slide 8 of 10 Ms. Marvel Introduction
Slide 9 of 10 Bean or Wendy
 Captain Marvel Wendy Bean
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Au Here we have to make a choice in supporting characters, and we have two of them

The first is Wendy Kawasaki, who becomes Danvers personal assistant during her time as Alpha Flight Leader. Wendy is hilarious and her interactions with Danvers are priceless. While sometimes a bit unsure, she is a valuable member of the team and eventually becomes a person Danvers relies on.

Another option is Hala Child Nine, though Carol calls her Bean. Bean is a refugee from Hala, whom Carol rescues from a psychotic doctor and her bounty hunter-mim unit, and the two form a sweet friendship, which Carol rather puts into a parental role. Bean eventually becomes a pure energy being and can only be seen and heard by Carol.

That's a lot to fit into a source film, but we'd love it if Marvel at least set the table for her introduction to

Slide 10 out of 10 Abigail Brand 19659022]  Captain-Marvel-Abigail-Brand
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

If the Earth has SHIELD, the space has SWORD, and that can not be done without Abigail Brand] The figure was in progress It was a culmination of several books, but it turned up in Captain Marvel and the results were fantastic: Her pragmatic and outspoken nature mates well with Captain Marvel's occasionally cheekier and more instinctive reaction to things, and it creates some great comedic moments.

Brand and Danvers change in the course of their friendship and set fire to the Ori Gin movie can open tons of things in the MCU's space sector and give this part of the world its own surveillance agency.

Okay, these are our tips, but let us know what you want to see in the comments!

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