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10 useful websites and tools for students in 2020

Gone are the days when one had to visit a specific institution to learn something new. At this point in time, every single thing is just a click away. If you are a student and finding out ways to add more to your knowledge, then you are sorted. Learn your ideal things and a lot more from the comfort of your home. Here is a list of websites and tools that can help you to broaden your horizons from all over the world. All those prestigious universities online courses and exclusive tools to assist you with academics are mentioned below.



Most Useful Websites


Udemy is actually very clear about what they do.

“Helping people around the world to build the lives they imagine.”

Every single course is available at this place by the experts from world-wide and that too from prestigious and best organizations which ace their work. Furnish your knowledge with top-notch certifications and degrees via this digital portal.


Coursera is something too good to be true. Finding the best content in terms of degrees and certifications by the experts is something no one would want to trade with going all the way to university or college.

Had a dream to attend your chosen college? You are just a click away. Safe or scam? No doubt’s it’s legit. Enroll in courses and enjoy your academic journey. Only just don’t miss the reviews before opting for a course of your choice.


It often happens that students have very little time, but a lot of tasks.  Then they often resort to the help of writing services. Then a site paidpaper.net comes to the rescue, which provides edusson.com reviews and many other essay writing website reviews. This helps students find reliable sites that will complete all tasks on time.


All those students or pals who are living on their own and are ungood with the kitchen related stuff or cooking are saved from an unpleasant mess. Detailed recipes with ingredients and all those cooking hacks which one would love to use are available at this one place.

The most fun thing about this website is to provide recipes that one can create with the ingredients which are already in the hands.

Interested in starting a career as a chef? This is the exact place to establish and perform with ingredients.


A good pep talk is needed from time to time, which boosts one’s morale. Whenever you feel demotivated or can’t work out where you are standing in your life, then Ted.com is your ultimate rescue. This social website helps you with personal growth while adding value to your personality with the opinions and struggles of people who made out a long way. Not only does it enlighten your perspectives on altered things but it also helps you to figure out how to address situations in the future.




Mistake-free life or academics, at least!

This digital writing tool is a life savior for all those people associated with writing in one way or the other. Not only students but professionals love this too. It is one of the most useful websites worldwide. Its authenticity and ease make it a prominent choice as compared to other grammar tools. If you are someone who is not much into writing, then you can take assistance from other websites and later verify the results at Grammarly.

Phew! It’s easy to be a student with these tools.


Mendeley is something sent from heaven for all those academic researchers who are constantly looking for some context and have to cite references. Referencing is not only tiring but also time-consuming and sometimes seems like a separate task while compiling all your research. This tool is not only a reference manager but also works as a social network for academics. Students can easily discover and collaborate with other researchers online with this. Organize all your citations with numerous referencing styles through your desktop or mobile phones via this one particular tool.


Studying with learning tools and games endure the aptest way to ace complex subjects. It divides the concepts into a convenient way for students so that they can grasp the concept. This is one of the most popular websites for college students as it helps students to crush their exams in one particular go.


All those students finding it hard to come up with creative videos and presentations are at ease now. Animoto is one of the most useful and reliable websites for students, which helps to reflect your creative side in a masterful way. It is extremely easy to use and is time-saving too. One can clearly create a video for sales, ads, marketing or any other purpose in a friendly and practical way.

Mental Floss

Are you someone who constantly wants to stay updated regarding every recent thing around the world? Or all those facts and information fascinate you? Mental Floss is all about interesting information that can’t be found anywhere else in the most compelling way. All those details and pictorial reviews make it fun. This smart and shareable content is witty and unbeatable.

To sum up, the above-mentioned website and tools are definitely game changers and one needs to exercise them in 2020 to stay updated with trends all over the world. These social websites for college students and professionals can definitely help each one of you to add value to your academics and personality in one way or the other.