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10 villains that we hope to appear (and we do not hope 10)

On Avengers 4 is very long waited. Not only must the title for the film be revealed, but two more MCU films must be released first – Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel .

The things we know, or think, we know about Avengers 4 could easily change in the year it will take for the finals of the current era of MCU release.

However Avengers: Infinity War changed the MCU forever and provided a lot of material that could be endlessly speculated on until Avengers 4 was released in 201


The end of Infinity War with Thanos & # 39; s big snapshot gave a pretty good idea of ​​what superheroes would be in the movie. Or, more precisely, which superheroes would be the focus of the film.

But the bad guys are a lot darker. The possibilities of what could happen, no matter what happens, are endless.

Avengers 4 allegedly adds new heroes such as Ant-Man and the Wasp to the list of leading actors. However, if Avengers 4 is as expansive as the Infinity War some rogues from the MCU's (and possibly the future's) past should make some appearances.

We have some ideas.

Obviously, the main villain we want to see most in Avengers 4 Thanos is not included in this list. Infinity War ended with a text stating that Thanos would be back, so there is no need to hope for him. Anyway, everyone else is in dispute.

With that said, here are the 10 villains we hope to appear in Avengers 4 (and 10 We hope not) !

20 Hope Appears: Kilmmonger

Kilmonger's Complete Bow in Black Panther makes the film one of the best MCUs, if not the best. This includes his emotional and even victim end.

Kilmonger, who decided to succumb to his injuries and not be a "slave" to his ancestor, is very powerful.

Kilmonger, however, has always been the MCU's best villain, and it's not as if the character has risen countless times in comics.

Infinity War needs to do a lot of crazy things to restore or change the status quo of the MCU. Bringing Kilnorger back to life could be one of them.

At least we'll be taking a scene between T & # 39; Challa and his cousin in the hereafter over heart-shaped herbaceous scenes scattered all over Black Panther

19 Hope not: Overseer

Overseer is a big Marvel villain and should eventually appear in the MCU. However, Avengers 4 is not the time.

The film was intended to give former villains some time to work on the screen or to plant seeds for the future by introducing or suggesting some cosmetic villains. [19659007] Taskmaster has many talents, but being in space is usually not one of them.

Taskmaster, a world-famous assassin, is best used in a ground-level story. He would be the perfect villain from another Captain America movie or for the Black Widow solo, if ever done.

He would be completely lost in the spectacle of Avengers 4 . Taskmaster deserves his moment, but only if the MCU can really immerse in it.

18 Hope appears: Justin Hammer

Iron Man 2 is not a good movie. The film holds nothing but Tony Stark in a waiting pattern for The Avengers, where he has some character developments. It is completely unnecessary.

However, when there is a saving grace from Iron Man 2 it is Sam Rockwell as the even more raunchy version of Tony, Justin Hammer.

Justin was easily defeated at the end of the year Iron Man 2 and thrown in jail. He has not appeared in the MCU since the Marvel One-Shot Hail to the King and that just does not seem right.

Iron Man 2 is mediocre at best, but Sam Rockwell has put so much effort into giving Hammer just the right amount of trouble.

He's a villain you want to see gouged. At the same time, you also want to see him work forever. Hammer deserves to get out of prison and maybe even use his intellect to help Tony Avengers 4 .

17 Hope not: Ego

The ego's father's ego met him end to end Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but since no one really expected the disintegrations of Infinity War sticking, why should we expect Egos to own it?

I could easily come back, but we do not do it. I want to see him again – at least not yet.

The ego's resurrection would be just too big and confusing to them on Avengers 4 .

If ego were still alive, he would do it perfectly fits Avengers 4 either as an ally or as an enemy of Thanos. The motivations of the two villains were not very similar.

However, the ego that is currently space dust is best to rest for the moment.

16 Hope appears: Vulture

Vulture is another MCU villain locked in a very secure prison. But with half of the population being turned to dust (and superheroes fleeing the comics from jail all the time), it seems a bit naive to assume that Vulture will still be locked up in Avengers 4. [19659007] More than any other character on this list, Vulture is an interesting position for Avengers 4

Spider-Man: The return seemed to end with Vultures regretting his criminal ways. Avengers 4 could complete this arc by allowing Vulture to join the remaining Avengers to reverse Thanos' Snap.

If Vulture is not moved by salvation, this transition could also be for personal reasons. Maybe his daughter Liz was one of Infinity War victims. It was as interesting as dust to start. It is not a big jump.

15 Hope not: Ultron

It is believed since Age of Ultron that Vision exploded his robot dad Ultron. However, a (robotic) body has never been shown

The culmination of Age of Ultron lets Vision Ultron miss the frontal wind and the film cuts off. Standard superhero logic dictates that Ultron could still be alive somewhere.

If Ultron is still ticking, Avengers 4 would be the perfect chance (from Ultron's point of view) to reappear.

While a Ultron's resurrection would not be the worst since Age of Ultron was quite disappointing, Avengers 4 is not the time that it happened historically.

Ultron would take the risk. However, Ultron and Thanos could never share the same screen in a way that would not be completely disorienting.

14 Hope Appears: Red Skull

One of Infinity War The biggest surprise was the revelation of Red Skull as Keeper of Soulstone.

While Red Skull's revelation was exciting for longtime MCU fans, the former Nazi general did not do much. Basically, Red Skull just delivered a bunch of show in a super cool black cape.

Infinity War did the footwork. They brought back Red Skull in a way that explains his absence since The First Avenger and hired a new actor, Ross Marquand, who apparently does not hate so much make-up as Hugo Weaving [19659007] Avengers 4 [19659007] should bring Red Skull over the finish line. Red Skull should become a bigger part of the movie, or at least turn it into a more durable, less ethereal MCU role.

13 Hope not: Ronan

Ronan returns to the MCU after Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 1 by appearing in Captain Marvel of the Hopefully, Captain Marvel will do more with Ronan than Guardian . In Guardians, he was just an angry, blue guy.

However, since this was the lasting impression of Ronan, it would not be so exciting for Avengers 4 to resurrect him in a sense.

Ronan could someday return to the MCU (alive). However, the MCU should not rush things by bringing it back to Captain Marvel .

Audience response to Captain Marvel and his hopefully renewed Ronan should dictate whether the villain gets a second chance at life in the MCU. This will not be possible at the time Avengers 4 will be filmed and published.

Let Ronan's last moments be a dance night with Star Lord.

12 Hope appears: The Collector

The Collector must appear in Avengers 4 if he, for another reason, confirms that he has survived Infinity War .

Benicio Del Toro was ] Infinity War, but he only played one appearance of The Collector and not the very peculiar man himself.

Thanos destroyed the base of the collector and presumably the Elder Weircomo, but we do not know for sure.

An appearance in Avengers 4 not only confirmed that, but also set up the next chapter of the MCU.

Starting with The Collector, and expanding to Ego and The Grand Master, the MCU has slowly introduced the elders. If Thanos' story ends (presumably) in Avengers 4, the universe will need a new universal threat, and the collector could lead this charge.

11 Do not hope: Thane

While the Collector and the rest of the Elders are becoming new MCU villains, it would be funny, we do not want another Thanos clone.

That's exactly, in broad terms, what Thano's son Thane would be for the MCU.

Thane is a relatively new addition to Marvel Canon, but his character boils down to being Thanos, but younger and more brutal. Nobody needs him.

In fact, none of Thanos' family should appear in Avengers 4 . Infinity War has told us enough about the motivation of Thanos and he does not need a family anymore except his adoptive daughters.

Thanos exists as this unique force in the MCU. Avengers 4 should hold it like this. That means no brother, no grandfathers and no biological sons.

10 Hope Appears: The Grand Master

The reasons why the Grand Master should be included in Avengers 4 are largely the same, including The Collector. A grandmaster cameo would further extend the idea of ​​the elders as the next big bad of the MCU.

However, there is an element that The Grandmaster has that the collector does not do, and that's his actor Jeff Goldblum. 19659007] Jeff Goldblum's appearance as The Grandmaster is not particularly tangible for the actor. He essentially plays with blue lipstick.

But any apology, literally any excuse, to see more Goldblum than The Grand Master is worth it. Thor: Ragnarok just scratched the surface of what the Grand Master in the MCU could (and should) do.

9 Hope not: Kang the Conqueror

With one of the prevailing theories about Avengers 4 Since this is time travel, Kang the Conqueror seems like a natural inclusion.

Kang's whole bauble is time travel. He moves up and down causing chaos for the Avengers.

The rights to Kang are still taboo for the MCU as it belongs to 20th Century Fox, but the deal between Disney and Fox seems to be a matter of course

Still, we still do not want Kang to show up.

Kang would have a sort of cameo if it were interesting, especially if involves Avengers 4 time travel, but Kang is also a strange character and has too big a personality to be limited to a cameo, so it is the best thing to do is leave it outside.

8 Hope appears: Super Skrull

Captain Marvel finally introduces the shapeshifter alien race from the Skrulls to the MCU.

While there are likely to be several Skrull villains in Captain Marvel at least one of them should appear in Avengers 4 .

Super Skrull, perhaps the most famous of the "evil" Skrulls, is the best

Ideally, Avengers 4 and / or Captain Marvel would have a different name for Super Skrull , While he is a great character, Super Skrull is a rather lame name.

However, the existence of a Skrull, especially one that has all the powers of the Fantastic Four, would be a very funny addition to the MCU. [19659021] Hope not: The Lady's Death

The War of Infinity managed to adapt Thanos and give him motivations that had nothing to do with being in love with the personification of death.

The MCU Thanos shares little with its comic counterpart and it's wonderful. Avengers 4 Should Keep It So

Infinity War teased the idea that Thanos is obsessed with death by contacting him after their murder with Baby Gamora.

Thanos & # 39; However, dealing with death should only be in a metaphorical or spiritual sense – not in a literal sense.

The concept that Marvel Comics has death as a wife is wonderfully strange, but it would not be so translated to the canvas

6 Hope appears: Hela

However, while the If death was likely to stay out of the MCU, a reappearance of the Queen of the Underworld would be more than worth it.

Hela resurrected after Thor: Ragnarok would be tough. She was allegedly defeated on Asgard and left to rot on a planet that literally exploded.

However, since her brother Loki can be revived as often as a Super Nintendo player with an unlimited life cheater, Hela should at least get one more chance.

She is the goddess of death after all – she should have some control over her mortality.

There could not be much room for Hela Avengers 4 but Cate Blanchett was too wonderful like Hela, so Ragnarok should not be her only MCU appearance.

5 Hope not: Galactus

It's going to be very difficult and perhaps impossible for the MCU to trump Thanos as a villain. Crazy Titan is such a compelling and powerful presence. There are few Marvel villains to compete with, but Galactus could do the trick.

Thanos eliminated half the population of the universe, but Galactus can eat entire planets. Galactus would be a way to reassure fans that there are serious plans for the MCU beyond Avengers 4

. Ultimately, however, it would be too much of a correction.

Thanos does not work because of the Infinity Gauntlet – he works because behind his motives a human character stands.

Galactus & # 39; s only motivation is hunger and greed that would not allow a sustainable film.

4 Hope appears: Kingpin

Avengers 4 is likely planning to expand out of the earth for his grand finale. Avengers 4 will probably show much more of scenes like Iron Man on his home planet versus Thanos. There will be less than the opening sequence in which the Black Order is wreaking havoc in New York.

However, if Avengers 4 have any NYC plans, they should at least have a cameo of the Kingpin of Crime Wilson Fisk

The Netflix Marvel series is technically in the same universe as the movie ] Avengers but they are treated as separate entities. It is high time to change that fact.

Vincent D & # 39; Onofrio is a big enough actor and Kingpin is such a charismatic figure that Avengers 4 could do much with a very small scene that includes him. [19659021] 3 Hope not: Black Order

The Black Order found its premature end in Infinity War so they probably will not come back Avengers 4

Yet, no demise in Infinity War seems to be really secure. The only thing that is clear is that [Avengers4 does not need a Black Order. Although they all have their own names, The Black Order has grown into nothing but cool-looking thugs.

It can be argued that the Infinity War has wasted the Black Order. Ebony Maw seemed impressive and reasonably competent in his job, but he was not used very well.

Avengers 4 could, possibly, do better with The Black Order.

However, the first time you were so incredibly uninteresting that any further appearance would feel like wasted time. Once was more than enough.

2 Hope appears: Doctor Doom

That's very wishful thinking. If Doctor Doom is Avengers 4, it will not be more than a cameo, as the rights are currently too complicated.

However, when Captain America: Civil War was reclaimed to include Spider-Man after Sony had agreed, Avengers 4 could be revised to include a cameo or even a descendant Doom from Doom when the Fox and Disney deal goes through.

Doom's appearance in Avengers 4 should not be more than Thanos in the first Avengers – just a small hint that Doom is out there and will appear at some point in the future of the MCU.

Even a take of his One Iconic Mask / Helmet would be enough to set everything on fire with speculation.

Doom's introduction would be the perfect way to launch the Post Avengers 4 .

1 Hope not: Loki

Whether Marvel wants to admit it or not, the truth is that most infinity wars humiliations will likely end at Avengers 4 ,

be undone. However, if an end should be written in stone, it is the end that was literally followed by the line " No Resurrections. "

Thanos, the Loki in the opening scene of Infinity War set the tone for the character and the film. It was also a completely heartbreaking way to end Loki's story as he sacrificed his life for Thor.

To reverse in Avengers 4 would feel very cheap.

It's not as if Loki would never do it. Come back. Let him go a similar route to the comics and revive him, because Young Loki would be interesting.

However, to do this in Avengers 4 would be too early.

– –

Which rogues do you want to see (or not see) in Avengers 4 ? Sound in the comments!

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