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12 things we want to see on Apple's iOS 12 at WWDC


Some changes would not hurt.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Apple's WWDC conference is almost here, which means a sure thing: a preview of the next version of iOS. The latest version of Apple iPhone and iPad operating system, iOS 1

1, had some pretty important updates: a new control panel, ARKit, new Siri features, central file directories, more Pencil Support on iPads, a whole new iPad multitasking System and more system memory management control. And that does not even include some notable features that were included in follow-up releases, including a battery-health beta and improved ARKit in iOS 11.3 and Apple Pay Cash in iOS 11.2

Reports indicate that iOS 12 rather a better version could be " High Sierra " Style update, bugfixing and improving the overall function, rescuing a major overhaul with big new ideas for iOS 13 in 2019.

So, with our expectations so lowered, that's what we & # 39; I like to see the most. There are certainly many areas for improvement.

Less Bugginess Overall

More than eight months later, iOS 11 has many weird bugs. Sometimes apps hover in the corners of the screen. Notifications are sometimes not displayed. Auto-correction can seem strange. "Do not disturb while driving" mode works when I'm not driving and sends messages to me when I am. And there are many more random freezes than in previous years. Please let everything work more smoothly.

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Look at this:

My 6 months living with the iPhone X


Smooth on the iPhone X Curios

When most Apple 2018 phones have the Face ID and Home Button Free design of the iPhone X, it's about time that What bothers us most about the iPhone X: the weird pull-down control center from the corner, or the way the top bar of information now hides important pieces of information. The side buttons for resetting and turning off the phone are also quite confusing. I hope iOS 12 will smooth out the experience ahead of the wave of similar-looking phones.

  apple-ios-11 "data-original =" https://cnet4.cbsistatic.com/img/zHiy5YS4cDiX_mWG0pPs6ZMQOEA=/2017/ 06/23 / 1b11cb12-51a8-43ad-8928-3408aa57e433 / apple-ios-11 -26.jpg

Sarah Tew / CNET

Make Siri Better

Siri has improved over time but it still remains Google Assistant (and Amazon Alexa) in connection with everything we have , would like to go back. A few things that Google Assistant and Alexa could do now could be very helpful. First, the questions should be even more contextual, so that Siri does not lose the thread of conversation so much. Second, a greater focus on app-like ways to launch certain sub-functions – say you want to start an audio game or control your TV – like Google Assistant with Actions or Alexa with Skills, could help crowd. That would mean that Siri connects with more platforms and things.

Make Control Center Better

The Control Center is on the wish list for the second year in a row. The reason for this was that the last update of last year offered more buttons for launch, but still had no deeper controls for the most important functions and no extensive customization. Only certain functions can be added to the Control Center, but not everything. 3D Touch can be used for some sub-settings, but not for others. And why can not we choose our Wi-Fi network or connect Bluetooth devices through contextual 3D touch menus? Additional settings should be controllable and additional app shortcuts should be added. And how Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sometimes "turned off", but still? Do not let me start.

  iphone-x-57 "data-original =" https://cnet4.cbsistatic.com/img/navOgqkO-YycnFey776tqNLunAY=/2017/10/31/6f330921-d28d-42d5- 98c4-f39faffb5275 / iphone-x -57.jpg

This is a nice touch: carry it to all phones.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Adding iPhone X Swipe Features to All Phones

The brilliant way in which the iPhone X can swap apps by swiping at the bottom of the screen should generally lead to iOS (it's still a home button pressed) Touch ID iPhones). Why do something that only X owners can appreciate? Or, why not do something that can be turned on and off?

Improved Battery Management

Apple's Update on Battery Management Tool Given Apple's Earlier Apple's Focus on Last Year's Battery Performance, Apple's Update on Battery Management Tool For iOS 11, there is a good chance that iOS 12 will continue. Apple's Battery Health tool is now in beta, but a redesigned version with optimization options for longer battery life would be of great help. It could be the battery version of Apple's memory optimization in iOS 11.

Multi-User (and Kid Accounts)

Apple is totally behind the curve when it comes to making iOS devices easy for multiple users. This is especially true for the iPad, where there should be a "kid's mode" that locks out functions but can be switched as easily as possible on an Amazon tablet or a Chromebook. Maybe we do not share all iPhones, but we certainly share iPads .

  google-io-2018-7546 "data-original =" https://cnet4.cbsistatic.com/img/4sIKsCKphuhcOEiAurP0 -65ygRg = / 2018/05/09 / 000abdd5-44a5-4390-9514-fa134f1e58fd / google -io-2018-7546.jpg

Google Lens is getting more and more AR features in Android

James Martin / CNET

Add AI features like Google Lens to the Camera app

Apple made a huge splash last year with the AR features in ARKit, but it's time to go deeper … and to Camera. Google Lens is one of Oreo's most intriguing Android updates, allowing the camera to quickly scan and identify the world. Apple's own camera app added QR code scans last year, but adding more AI-enabled modes to AR would be a solid next step.

Face ID Redo Button

If the iPhone does not scan your face properly and a Face ID fails, what happens pretty much there should be a much clearer way to try again ( as you can do with the Galaxy S9 or if you know that log in. Right now, Face ID does not really explain what did not work, if it does not work, and how to initiate another passport … it just does not work and makes you stare at the lock screen.

Find a Way to Make 3D Touch Even More Useful

Apple's implementation of 3D Touch in recent years has been bizarre. While pressure-sensitive technology has always been impressive in theory, it is rarely or widely used in apps and the operating system. Worse, the difference between press-fitting and knocking can lead to confusion. iOS 12 should reconsider or perhaps minimize 3D Touch

Notifications: Better and more control

It's still strange how notifications appear on the iPhone, especially on the home screen. Yes, this is how smartphones generally work … but considering how many people complain about notifications (or turn them off completely), a new layout or a way to organize all notifications seems to be alright. And it should be much easier to simply control (or switch) notifications than the maze that greets users in the notification settings.

Keep the iPhone and iPad Different and Unique

Last year, the iPad began growing into its own more productivity-oriented operating system, something the iPhone can do. The two devices should continue to divide. The iPad should offer even more options for multitasking and sharing information on a larger screen. The iPhone should find ways to present key information as needed without having to fumble to find it; Maybe by minimizing the grid of apps and creating a new layer on top. Hopefully the changes will continue instead of keeping the course.

First published on May 26 at 4 pm PT and has since been updated.

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