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. 13 annual Colvin Cleaners dresses for prom – sells record number of dresses, jewelry

  Marlena Gagner designed and distributed the free jewelry donated with shoes and dresses donated to young women as part of `Gowns For Prom`

Marlena Gagner designed and distributed the free jewelry, which includes shoes and dresses

877 dresses were selected, fitted and cleaned for high school students

The 13th Annual Colvin Cleaners & # 39; s Dresses for Prom & # 39; Program, sponsored by The Allstate Foundation and presented by WKSE "KISS" 98.5-AM and host Janet Snyder, distributed a record 877 dresses and nearly 1

,000 pieces of handmade jewelry to high school students from across West New York during the three day Shea & Shea distribution. # 39; s Performing Arts Center.

The young women chose from several thousand new and gently used dresses and were accompanied by volunteers to three floors of dressing rooms equipped by professional seamstresses. The selected clothes were changed, cleaned, packaged and delivered free of charge by Colvin Cleaners to the young ladies' school, in time for prom.

"We were overwhelmed by the generosity of the western New Yorkers who donated so many beautiful dresses, giving these young ladies so many to choose from, and seeing them so excited when they found the perfect dress, makes it all worthwhile for us all, "said Cyndee Billoni, who co-founded the program with her husband Paul, President and CEO, by Colvin Reinigern. "We also appreciate more than 125 volunteers over the three days, including all the seamstresses who have done so well for all."

For the tenth time, the young ladies were also able to choose free, handmade jewelry created and donated by Marlena Gagner, owner of Meraki Jewelry Design. Gagner and his friends created the jewelry box and decorated necklaces, bracelets and earrings for the young ladies all year round after finding the perfect dress.

The Young Ladies Can Also Choose Shoes and Purses

"Gowns for Prom" is a campaign that comes close to me, having first-hand experience of trying to find a new one To be able to make an evening dress, can be transferred to a family, "said Gagner. "I was inspired to help in every possible way, and what a better way to give back to the church than to make jewelry to complement the clothes! So the jewelry box was established, and we are a team of caring, Give and creative craftspeople sharing a shared passion: for every young lady who participates in 'Gowns for Prom' to design and produce a variety of jewelry styles and accessories. "

Gagner is always on looking for volunteers and also accepting donated jewelery in any condition that should be included in the collection or repaired or edited into new pieces. Interested parties can contact them under [email protected] .

Colvin Cleaners was in contact with nearly 90 high schools in western New York. The students met during the three days to choose their dress. Many schools organized bus rides and several students were accompanied by their parents and / or teachers. To facilitate the expected increase in the number of young ladies looking for clothes this year, Colvin Cleaners arranged donations at more than 40 state insurance agencies, six Erie County Department of Motor Vehicles offices, three Reeds Jenss locations at Native Pride Truck Plaza and Restaurant in Irving. In addition, on March 24, more than 500 dresses were donated to the Reeds Jenss-Orten during a several-hour carriage ride.

Along with the donation of soft dresses, several hundred new clothes were donated by local retailers, including 87 from Jackie Blemel, owner of the Jacqueline Shoppe in Williamsville. As a supporter for the last 10 years, Blemel is retiring this year.

"Over the years we have sold thousands of dresses to young ladies for their balls, I know how important this day is for them and they do not have to be able to attend because they can not afford the cost of a dress 'Break my heart,' said Blemel, 'that's why I love the' Gowns For Prom 'program so much. If they see the perfect dress on stage at Shea's, it's simply priceless. "

Paul Billoni was equally impressed with this year's work program, saying," The 40 state insurance offices that work together with the offices Erie County DMV garments have allowed us to collect more clothes than ever before. We just can not say enough about the generosity of our community. Our employees are looking forward to this event every year and they welcome the extra work because they know how happy it makes these young ladies feel on their prom night. "

Chris Billoni, vice president of Colvin Cleaners, said the company is now gathering coats and coats for its" Coats for Kids "winter program at Gowns For Prom collection points. For more information, visit www.colvincleaners.com

"By collecting clothes and coats all year round and encouraging everyone to check their closets for unused items, we should be in good shape for next year's programs," he said.
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