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135 police arrest 50 people in a massive heroin bust in Connecticut: 11 suspects are on the run

Federal and state prosecutors arrested 50 people in Connecticut on Friday as part of a massive covert operation that seized thousands of sacks of heroin, weapons and $ 1

5,000 in cash.

"The police in Waterbury said the arrests were part of an investigation called" Operation Raw Deal, "which began in September" in response to an increase in heroin overdose and heroin deaths in the city. "

According to Fox 61, Detectives For the 52 suspects, 92 arrest warrants were issued, covering the sale of narcotics, drug sales conspiracies, firearms injuries, and school-zone property. Thirteen police teams carried out these arrest warrants in a series of raids in the quiet city of Connecticut.

The investigation of the MOSQUE BLAZE by CONNECTICUT was carried out according to the fire chief.

The arrest phase of "Operation: Raw Deal" consisted of 135 officers, agents and investigators from the VICE and intelligence services, the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CID), the Gang Task Force (GTF), the Street Crime Unit (SCU), the Emergency Response Team (ERT), the Patrol Division, by forensics and investigators from other local and federal law enforcement agencies.

Forty-one suspects from the original list of 52 were arrested for various drug offenses and other offenses while nine were arrested for various drug offenses and other crimes.

Confiscated Detectives 8 ounces of raw heroin, thousands of heroin bags put up for sale, $ 15,000 in cash, two cars, two handguns, bullets, and a rifle.

Most of those arrested in the months-long opera are reported by police in Waterbury were mid-level heroin dealers.

Lt. According to David Silverio, this operation was about saving lives, not just arrests.

"You have the people who have a medical need and may need treatment, and then we have traffickers and suppliers." This kind of surgery targets the side of trafficking The drug problem, "Lt. Silverio of the Waterbury Police Department reported Fox 61.


On May 4, there were 24 deaths in Alone this year in Waterbury and with 99 overdoses. This year, the numbers are hopefully getting better, but we have a problem right here in this city, "added Lt. Silverio.

In a nationwide CDC study, 2017 overdoses are nearly four times as high as in 1999. Heroin overdoses have stagnated Other forms of opioid use have increased dramatically.

According to Fox 61, there are still 11 people fleeing the operation, and the Waterbury Police says if you spot any of the suspects, do not contact them and turn around Call the police immediately.

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