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Corporates who have moved past the boring live monologues for employee training are now stuck with boring live monologues but in videos. 

Simply because the internet said videos are engaging. 

But now is the time to break away from corny video content because tech is taking over the training arena of corporates. In the world of training with advanced LMS, AI, and AR, there are many ways to achieve maximum engagement. 

And here are the hottest ones that you cannot afford to overlook. 

  1. Gaming your way into it

Gamification techniques have made a lot of buzz around the world for being the most engaging kind of training approach. 

Allstate, an Insurance company, wanted their 70,000 employees to learn about information privacy. For doing this, they designed an eLearning course involving a villain and a superhero and found out that about 80 percent of their employees willingly participated in the course (more than any other training program). 

This is just one success stories of building engagement with games. There are many custom eLearning companies that can create innovative training courses with gamified principles. 

One such tool is Degreed that allows employees to manage their self-guided training from their desks. 

People can visibly track their new skills stacking up after they complete any training task. It keeps them motivated and interested. In fact, it takes a smarter approach to “mentorship programs” and lets every employee see each person’s skills stack and they are free to choose their mentors for the skill they would like to learn. 

So not only has this makes employees self-reliant but also enhances face-to-face interactions among employees. 

  1. No more gatekeeping with Micro-learning

A world where training means pulling out employees from their daily work and putting them in a large room to teach the same course, micro-learning technologies are nothing less than revolutionary. 

One adaptive micro-learning platform that is making lives easier for corporate front-liners is Axonify. This solution fits into your people’s daily routines and they use it for not more than 5-1

0 minutes a day. 

Far away from the “one-size-fits-all” approach of training, especially in case of more complex roles like Business Process Training, it brings adaptive and personalized content to fill the gaps for each individual. 

With such tools being adopted for training, there is no need for a supervisor to “keep a check” on each individual. People are self-motivated, engaged and able to apply their learnings practically immediately. It even helps them in retaining better and more knowledge for reason of its bite-sized design. 

  1. The right videos

Calling an assembly of employees to watch the videos that you think are useful for them might not not be helping them at all. The reason can be simply a lack of interest due to knowing too much about the subject of the video or not enough. 

These are, more often than not, hard skill videos. In fact, every employee is most likely to answer the question, “what is your weakness that you need training for?” with one or other hard skill. 

But your data might be pointing out to their need for soft skill training. The solution here is to simply trust your data because your employees might be shying away from admitting that they need to improve their communication skills. 

With online courses platforms such as Udemy or Coursera, as a part of their training, you can allow your employees to privately access the videos that they think are important for their improvement. And you can still keep a track of their progress. 

  1. Psychoanalytic tech at work

It’s not fiction but as much of a reality as any other training course. Amplifier is a solution that blends cognitive psychology with neuroscience and asks every employee a question. Their answers decide the topics of their training. 

While they cannot advance without passing the current level they are studying, the system also takes care that they are not perpetually stuck with information that they already know. 


Technology, today, is being designed in a user-centric way. Thus, it is time to leave the dragging tutorials behind because technology has everything that you need to train your people in the best possible way.