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15 best games for Xbox One you can play right now • Eurogamer.net

Editor's note: Eurogamer launches its series of "best games" features. Today we look at the Xbox One. In the coming weeks, more platform lists will be displayed on the homepage. We've covered the best PS4 games and the best switch games so far. The goal is to update them several times a year as new releases replace a specific version. The existing system library.

Microsoft may have lost its place at the top of the console market in this generation, but it's one of the most incredible comeback stories of recent years. After a shaky start, the Xbox One has transformed itself into an impressive ecosystem ̵

1; thanks to a philosophical change and in Xbox One X an incredible piece of hardware. The X can boast of being the most powerful console on the market, making it the platform of choice for multiplatform games. But with initiatives like Game Pass and original exclusive products like Sea of ​​Thieves, Xbox One is probably one of the best places to play games. Here is our personal selection of 15 of the currently best for the Microsoft console.


Sunset Overdrive

The special thing about Sunset Overdrive was that it was exciting even before it landed. This hardware generation had a bad start. It was about mega games, games as services, and yet Sunset Overdrive, with its stupid jokes, bright colors, and explosions that made the word "BOOM" in fireballs, seemed to be the best of the PS2 era, a mind-boggling action game that was emphatic not for everyone.

In your hands, Sunset Overdrive is also an absolute pleasure when one of the finest control systems in recent years is bursting with rapid-fire gags as you grind, hop and fly on the rails. Enter a sympathetic open world compact enough to own, bright enough to make the exploration a pleasure.


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Forza Horizon 4

What began a few years ago as an offshoot of the more conventional Xbox racing flagship Forza Motorsport is arguably the best racing game ever – and certainly one of the most popular. Forza Horizon, with its great open-world maps and fun festival gimmick, combines an unassailable authenticity of car nerds with a joyous, adventurous spirit that extends its appeal beyond motorsports fans to anyone who likes funny video games.

The developer Playground brought the series with its best card yet to Great Britain, which became even more romantic with the change of the seasons. However, it was impossible to publish them through constant live updates.


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Rainbow Six: Victories

A figurehead for the most modern phenomenon – the lackluster start followed by an incredible amount of post-release support – Rainbow Six is ​​so much more. At this time, it is arguably the best competitive rifle available on the market, and it is getting better and better.

Pleasantly tactical, demanding, well-rehearsed teamwork and with almost incredibly tense matches, it's a completely different kind of online shooting. a counterpoint to call of duty and battlefield – this has proved extremely popular. May it live for a long time.


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Sea of ​​Thieves

Has any pirate cliché got stuck in a game? It works because pirate stereotypes are wonderful things, and because Rare is the unusual developer who is sure of his stupidity and humble enough to hear feedback.

What started as a curious event at sea and with a sense of humor – has evolved into a wonderfully generous open-sea swashbuckler, filled with creaking boats, clattering skeletons, and a sense of mystery, some more occasional ones sparsely settled systems around. A joy.


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Outer Wilds

This is a game that lets you set up your clock, a clockwork solar system full of compact treasures and real wonder. Start with a rickety launcher from a wooded planet and travel between a collection of worlds all characterized by violent forces.

The way in which the narrative unfolds is completely informal, completely without a fight. The fact that you can land on a comet and wander around would be enough to give it a special place in the heart of the players. But the comet is just the beginning and the sense of riddle is very deep. A totally gem.


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Halo: The Master Chief Collection

To be honest, you better turn to Halo 5: Guardians – a beautiful, underrated package that has been carefully updated and has a very active community. But his feeble campaign is fading in the face of this towering, comprehensive monument to everything that was before.

The first Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 3, as well as the intriguing ODST spin-off, will see two unrivaled superlative greats, while the fan-favorite Prequel Reach will be added soon. The Master Chief Collection had problems publishing, but after a lot of work, it is considered one of the best and most generous reissue compilations ever. An integral part of every Xbox library.


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The creative days of the arcade summer that once blessed the Xbox 360 may be just a memory, but this generation of Cuphead served as an admirable reminder of the indie heart that once struck through Microsoft's store.

It's also a good game in itself with some interesting inspirations – Treasures fancy boss-rush alien soldier is perhaps the most prominent – and an art style that deserves to die for. Oh, and it's also incredibly brutal – but hey, that's how it should be for a sharp-edged 2D run-and-gunner like this one.


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Sekiro: Shadows The Twice

Speaking of tough games … From the previous titles of Software, we did not shy away from giving players seemingly insurmountable challenges, but Sekiro is something else. Going beyond the opening range is an accomplishment that is almost equivalent to the survival of Dark Souls & # 39; Blighttown, and it becomes even more difficult from then on. Good that the challenge is always fair and the combat system is brilliant, ballistic and with a touch of brutality, all of the power of seeing and the clarity of the art that has made FromSoft one of the best studios for modern gaming , Sekiro is a tough game, but if you survive, you feel like something special.


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Apex Legends

Respawn, developer of one of the other big surprises of this generation – the brilliant Titanfall 2, which was also included in this best-of list – provided another mildness shock with its nocturnal release of Apex Legends, a Battle Royale in the same Titanfall universe.

It's arguably the best example of the fast-growing genre, even if its momentum seems to have faltered a little since it started, as it failed to compete with the spectacle and the stream of updates that rival Fortnite provides. Forget it all and just enjoy the little details that make playing a real pleasure.


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The classic first-person shooter is still alive – in fact, this generation has given them a golden age. They also do not get much more classic than Doom, and id played a blind man with his revised reboot of the original from 1993.

It's almost unbelievably fast, excitingly violent, and immaculately stylish – and this style is just torn to shreds. Metal poster from the wall of a mad American teen, and that's all the better. With all of this, there is a spirit of the old school and a level design that goes back to the labyrinthine originals. An extraordinary game – and better yet, there is a sequel on the not-too-distant horizon.


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Devil May Cry 5

Another game dating back to a different age: Devil May Cry 5 feels like a PlayStation 2 game in every way.

Sometimes this is used as a comparison, but this time it's much less – there's a focus on the basics that make Capcom's action brand shine. The flair of battle strikes an unbelievable depth to rinse off as you begin to dive into the more difficult levels of difficulty or reach the depths of the bloody palace. Basically, Dante has never been cooler, and his old school charm helps make him a winner.


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Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Ancient Greece seemed at first a bit of a misstep. Were not the Greeks a bit too human, with their combative, spoiled gods and breakaway coasts, to the size and cool mystery of Egypt? In fact, the warmth of the Greek canon makes this game a joy, a vast, very human adventure that spreads over beautiful islands and magnificent azure seas.

Depending on who you select as a player from the series & # 39; greatest leads as well. And even if Odyssey's Magpie Eye for Systems should take even more away from the DNA of the series, a self-confident role play with a generous heart.

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Dirt Rally 2.0

One of the most pleasant surprises of this generation was Codemasters' departure from the loud-hearted exploits of old to more thoughtful racing simulations.

The F1 series has progressed towards geekery and has become even better. If you're looking for one of the best single-player racing games on a console, you can not go wrong with the F1 2019 The style change began with the original Dirt Rally, a responsive hardcore game that supplanted Richard Burns Rally as the best off-roading ever.

Dirt Rally 2.0 is somehow even better, with sophisticated graphics and an improved handling model that makes it virtually indispensable for anyone who has a thing for threading a few hundred angry horses through a narrow country lane.


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Titanfall 2

If good directing is good writing and good casting, then Titanfall 2 suggests that good game design often involves a range of credentials and a number of interesting assignments. The multiplayer mode of Titanfall 2 was always on, his mech-fighting, wall-running gauntlets were further developed during the first game.

But the single player here is the surprise star, an inventive, restless campaign that always has clutter with the fundamentals of its premise and an action that turns out to be surprisingly moving and captivating. Titanfall 2 is one of the best single-player FPS games ever made, and no one really expected it.


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The Xbox 360 was the first console you could play Minecraft on, and Xbox still feels at home in this game – even if Microsoft declined to do it exclusively and you can open it play pretty much everything. It remains a unique and total original, a source of fun and creativity for a generation of players and a deceptively simple sandbox that can easily get lost.

It might surprise you if you return to your original mode to discover that it also functions as an uncompromising survival game as you prop up yourself and your creations against the onslaught of nocturnal horrors. Not only for children.


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