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16 of the best Black Friday deals you can buy right now

Previously, Black Friday deals were only available on Friday, and now it's going to be a month-long event that seems to get bigger every year. While some of the best deals may only be available on Black Friday and the Doorbuster offerings may start on the night of Thanksgiving, that does not mean that you can not make some pretty wild deals right now. [19659002] Black Friday Deals "title =" Black Friday Deals "class =" picture big, picture dark, lazy "data-source =" Android Central "data-src =" / sites / androidcentral.com / files / styles / large /public/article_images/201

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Retailers are striving for maximum exposure during this season, which means that selected items will be offered for sale before the big day. You may be wondering if prices will go down on Black Friday or if it's worth buying early. So let's answer some of your questions and show you some of the best deals. We're only 9 days away from Black Friday, so it's time to move forward seriously.

Best deals for Black Friday currently available!

Product or service Quoted price
Wireless Charging Accessories Up to 35% off Amazon
Alex Brand Toys
Up to 35% off Amazon
Meross Smart Garage Opener [19659008] $ 30 at Amazon
AeroGarden Bounty Basic
$ 160 at Amazon
Surfshark VPN $ 2 a month at Surfshark
Fitbit Versa 2 $ 150 at Amazon [19659009] Disney Plus From $ 7 per month
Ecobee3 Lite $ 139 at Amazon [19659011IPVanishVPNsubscription $ 3.25 per month at IPVanish
AirPods 2 [19659008] 139 USD at Amazon
Echo Dot with Clock + Smart Plg 45 USD at Amazon
Amazon Music Unlimited 1 USD Amazon
Mint Mobile 15 USD per month at Mint Mobile 19659009] AirPods Pro 235 USD on Amazon
Kindle Unlimited ed 6-month subscription 29.97 USD at Amazon
SiriusXM Essential 1-Month Subscription Free at SiriusXM

True, some of the Black Friday rates listed are now available. You can save quite a lot of changes on a variety of products. Let's take a look at some of the best deals you can buy today and skip the queues later this month.

Wireless Charging Accessories

Nearly every phone that comes on the market now has built-in wireless charging capabilities To take advantage of this, you'll need to buy a few new chargers. Today, Amazon offers great deals from Belkin, iOttie, Mophie and other vendors. There are some for the car, some for the home and even a few portable options. Try them all out now.

Accessories for wireless charging

This one-day sale offers up to 35% off some of the best wireless chargers on the market. There are options for the home, the car and even for portable.

Alex Brand Toys

With the holidays just around the corner, you probably want to buy some toys for someone on your list. This one-day sale offers a slew of popular Alex branded products at a discount of up to 35% and lowers prices to just $ 5. There are games, crafts and more, so do not miss it.

Alex Brand Toys

This sale has something for everyone, from kits for science and robotics to art supplies, fashion and beauty to magic and more. With prices starting at $ 5, today you can get presents for all the little ones in your family.

Meross Smart Garage Door Opener

If you have not thought about making your garage door smarter, now's the time to do it. By cutting off the $ 20 discount coupon on the page, this Meross Smart Garage opener kit is the lowest price we've ever seen. You can install it in minutes, and once everything is set up, you can check the status of the garage door right on your phone and even open and close it from anywhere in the world without worrying about it.

Meross Smart Garage Door Opener

This opening adds an intelligent touch to virtually every garage door opener system installed after 1993. It gives you controls and alerts right from your phone, which is fantastic.

AeroGarden Bounty Basic

The Cold Weather It's usually not a good time to grow your own herbs outdoors, but that does not mean you have to go to the store every time you want to use them to buy them. Get to know the AeroGarden, an indoor solution for growing the herbs you want to use all year round. With today's offer, you save $ 126 on your purchase, so do not miss it.

AeroGarden Bounty Basic

At this time of the year, it's difficult to get out, but with this AeroGarden you can do things in your home.

Surfshark VPN

Having a VPN in 2019 is a smart move, but making the right choice can be a daunting task. There are many great options that vary in price, but this offer for early Black Friday makes Surfshark a great choice. If you pay 2 years in advance, you will get access for only $ 2 a month. It only costs you $ 48 for the two years, which is a huge discount compared to the normal price.

Surfshark VPN

With this Black Friday deal, you can save $ 275 in advance for two years.

Fitbit Versa 2

This time, Fitbit has included Alexa in its Versa 2 health and fitness smartwatch Save $ 50 on your purchase for the first time. There are some exclusive color options available only on Amazon, and at the moment all color options are discounted. If you want to take fitness a little seriously or know someone who is interested in one, this deal is worth considering.

Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit's newest smartwatch / fitness tracking offering, with many improvements over the previous year's model.

Disney Plus

Disney + is finally here! Now that the streaming service is available to members in selected countries, including the US and Canda, it's time to find the best way to sign up and start streaming! The service can be downloaded on as many devices as an app, from Roku and Fire TV streaming sticks to smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs and more. You can also watch it on your computer.

Disney Plus

It's finally time to see all the new originals, classic TV shows and movies on Disney +! When you sign up for a one-year membership, the monthly cost drops to $ 5.83. In the meantime, Verizon customers can earn free points for a year!

Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat

This discount corresponds to the lowest price we got for this model. The ecobee range of smart thermostats is rare, so you do not want to miss your chance. It has control over Alexa and a free smartphone app, and its smart features can save you money on your HVAC. Get one today and install it to see how it works for you!

Ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat

If you've considered adding a smart thermostat to your home, this is definitely one of the top options. It offers tons of smart features and money saving technology for less money.

IPVanish VPN Subscription

Things are not as they used to be, and unfortunately, not everyone can be trusted. Regardless of whether you are at home or in a café, it can be dangerous to do so over an unsecured connection. VPNs have become increasingly popular in recent years, and there's a good reason for that. IPVanish is one of our favorite services, and thanks to the Black Friday Award, you can redeem the voucher code CYBERDEAL19 for only $ 3.25 a month.

IPVanish VPN subscription

A VPN is a wise choice these days, and you do not have to go bankrupt to add the protection you deserve. Be sure to use the coupon code CYBERDEAL19 to get the lowered monthly cost.

Apple AirPods 2

Black Friday is sure to bring many offers for the AirPods range, but one of the best is here right now. The updated AirPods 2 cost only $ 139 for a limited time, or $ 20 less than they normally cost. They have the H1 chip built in and offer Hey Siri functionality when connected to an iPhone.

AirPods 2

These are the second-generation AirPods that are currently saving $ 20. You do not have the stylish wireless charging case, but you can miss that for the price.

Amazon Echo Dot with Watch and Smart Plug

This updated dot was released just a few weeks ago, but can already be made into a killer that saves on it. Amazon offers a bundle with a free Smart Plug, or you can buy it with a Smart Lightbulb for just $ 5 more. This looks exactly like the 3rd generation Echo Dot, with the exception of the built-in LED clock that displays the time. It is great for bedside tables, desks and more.

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock + Smart Plug

This is the latest Echo Dot from Amazon. There is a low shipping delay, so order now!

Amazon Music Unlimited

Before the big Black Friday, Amazon has reduced its own Music Unlimited streaming service. Get 4 months of access to millions of titles that you can access with an app on your phone or tablet for just $ 1. This saves you $ 39 compared to the regular price and makes it a breeze. It's 25 cents a month, how can you beat that?

Amazon Music Unlimited

There are four months access for only $ 1. It contains millions of songs, hands-free with Alexa and more.

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile has already launched its Black Friday promotion and is one of the best carrier deals we'll see this month. The network operator offers 12 GB of data for only 15 USD per month, but you have to pay 3 months in advance. That means you pay $ 45 for a three-month period of use. After that, the license will be renewed at the regular price.

Mint Mobile

This action gives you the largest amount of data Mint offers at the lowest price we have ever seen. You should not miss this.

Apple AirPods Pro

Black Friday is sure to bring many deals for the AirPods range, but one of the best is currently here. The recently released AirPods Pro are already discounted at Amazon, which is a bit rare. We do not see much discounts on new Apple products, but that does not stop them from being up for sale. There is a delay in shipping that should be kept in mind, although it is likely that Amazon has stock available earlier than announced.

AirPods Pro

This is the latest addition to the AirPods product line, and you can save $ 14 on your purchase. There is a delay in shipping, but the savings can be worthwhile.

Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited gives you access to over a million titles, from technical documents to cookbooks, fantasy novels, and nonfiction books. Even some audiobooks are included. Do you need a self-help book? Would you like to reread the Harry Potter books for the seventeenth time? It's all there and it's all free with your membership. You do not need a Kindle or a Fire tablet to read. Amazon makes reading easier with its free Kindle reading apps for iOS, Android, PC and Mac.

6-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited

For a limited time, you can earn a six-month membership on Kindle Unlimited with a 50% discount. Unlike previous offers, you do not need to be a Prime member to take advantage of this offer, and it is open to repeat customers.

SiriusXM Essential 1-Month Subscription

This subscription does not cost you anything to make it the best deal. At the moment, Sirius is offering a one-month free trial of its Essential Streaming Pack to help you listen to the service on your phone, PC and more. It's usually $ 8 per month, and after one free month, the amount is increased by that amount. You have access to 300 channels that offer a mix of music, comedy, talk radio and more.

SiriusXM Essential 1-Month Subscription

Sign up now for a free 30-day trial of the service. It is extended by $ 8 per month and includes over 300 channels.

Should you buy pre-Black Friday deals?

The answer here is not sharp and dry, but in most cases we would say yes. Be sure to shop and pick up items as you see them on sale. Many retailers have already discontinued Black Friday sales ads, so you can easily compare the prices listed there with current listings. If the prices match, click Buy Now. There is no benefit in waiting for black Friday and risking that the item is sold out or not bought and then pays the full price.

Will black Friday bring lower prices? when you see yourself on Black Friday. Unfortunately, retailers do not show every single item available at a discount and list the price before the event, which means you need to take a risk. You need to weigh your options when you buy a few things, but remember that the purchase is probably less stressful now and you do not have to worry anymore before you complete the transaction or miss the price you see.

Where should you look for deals for Black Friday?

When it comes to Black Friday, almost everyone offers discounts under the sun. If you want to keep a close eye on your search, we recommend that you keep an eye on Amazon's Black Friday listings along with Best Buy offerings and pay close attention to Walmart's price comparisons. These retailers offer a wide range of products and will likely settle all price congruences before Black Friday and the big day.

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