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2 men indicted for mass prosecution. Pike Road Rage incident

The two men who were involved in the traffic on Friday with anger at the fair. Pike, who was on video was separately charged on Monday in the Waltham District Court.

A non-culpable plea was filed in the name of Mark Fitzgerald, 37, of Ashland, who has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, and abandonment of the scene of a property damage. The Boston Globe reports.

Mark Fitzgerald, on Monday in court. -Faith Ninivaggi / Pool

. Richard Kamrowski, 65, of Framingham, who is the Framingham, has also filed no lawsuit for disorderly conduct and intentional damage to a motor vehicle.

The police say Fitzgerald and Kamrowski were involved in a "small, side impact collision" on Friday afternoon in Weston on I-90 in Weston. They say the 65-year-old stopped in the left lane, got out of his car and tried to swap paperwork with the 37-year-old driver, who was still in his car.

"This encounter was unruly," said the police, "and at some point Kamrowski got a water bottle from inside Fitzgerald's vehicle before positioning himself in front of this vehicle. Fitzgerald drove towards Kamrowski, who had then jumped on the hood of Fitzgerald's vehicle.

Fitzgerald reportedly continued driving with the older man on the hood of his car, sometimes up to 70 km / h three miles on the pike, even as other riders tried to bring it to a halt. The police said while he was on the hood, Kamrowski used the water bottle to break the windshield of the moving car.

The police received calls at 4:43 pm for the incident. on Friday, but it was a driver and a licensed gun owner who stopped Fitzgerald, ordered him out of the car at gunpoint and held him until the soldiers arrived at the scene.

Ambient drivers have captured the incident on video.

Kamoffski's lawyer Joseph Comenzo called the experience for his client on Monday according to the Globe "incredibly scary". He said his client, who had been released on Monday for his personal recognition, was on his way home from work and was not the attacker.

"He just wanted to exchange information," he said loudly Globe .

Richard Kamrowski leaves the court on Monday. – David L. Ryan / The Boston Globe

Fitzgerald was released for $ 500 cash. He was instructed to stay away from Kamrowski, and his driver's license was revoked, reports CBS Boston .

The 37-year-old lawyer told the station that his client was worried about his life during the incident.


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