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2 Milly advances with legal action against Fortnite

A few weeks ago we reported that rapper 2 Milly is angry when he finds out that Epic Games is using his "Milly Rock" dance as the emote "Swipe It" in Fortnite. Although he is not angry that the move is per se in play, he is upset that he has not been paid. He threatened to complain, and now he seems to be on his way.

2 Milly is ready to act

Since the report a few weeks ago, 2 Milly has taken the step to hire a law firm. The law firm explains that this is not the first case they have tackled in Epic Games and how they "outrageously misused the image of African-American talent." In fact, they have just yet another case against Epic Games for one Customers in a similar situation.

 [2]  Milly is not amused by his Fortnite Emote.

He explains why he is upset. 2 Milly said, "I do not want to beat her for all the millions. Do you know what I say That's not really true. I just feel like I need to protect what's mine. They are actually selling that special step. It's for sale That was when I was really like that … oh, that can not take that long.

How realistic is it that 2 Milly could succeed in his case? It's hard to make predictions – in copyright cases with choreography, there's a lack of precedents – the result we see in this case as it progresses, So, regardless of whether 2 Milly wins or loses, it will have an impact on future situations where artists are suing for dance moves.

The outcome of such a case could also have a big impact on how Epic Games will do business with Fortnite and other properties, and we'll keep you up to date with any further developments, so check out our Fortnite news.

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