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2018 NBA Free Agency: Potential adjustments and needs in the offseason for all 30 teams

Requirements: All but point guard

Players that fit: Jabari Parker, Aaron Gordon, Zach LaVine

With Trae Young and Dennis Schröder, the Hawks are pretty much at the point keeper ̵

1; although Schröder could be moved. Apart from that, however, the Hawks need a lot of help. But given their situation, they seem more likely to accept bad contracts in exchange for future assets than sign up for large-scale lending agents.

Requirements: Center, Guard Depth

Players that fit: Aron Baynes, Marcus Smart

The Celtics made their way to the Eastern Conference without Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving so you can say for sure that they are in good form in this offseason. A few areas where they could use reinforcements are in the frontcourt and the point guard. It would make the most sense to bring Aron Baynes and Marcus Smart back to meet those needs.

Requirements: Wings, Frontcourt Depth

Players to Match: Aaron Gordon, Jabari Parker, Nerlens Noel

Spencer Dinwiddie was born with a breakout season The point guard position froze, while Jarrett Allen showed in his rookie season and could be their center of the future. Now the Nets are most likely to search for better wings. But which team is not? The Nets project is to become bigger players in the free agency next summer.

Requirements: Back Space and Frontcourt Depth

Players to Match: Shabazz Napier, Ed Davis

The Hornets will be one of the most interesting teams to watch this offseason. Although they are severely limited, they could try to swing some trades to lose their salary. In fact, they have already traded Dwight Howard. However, as far as the free-agent market is concerned, they are not too busy.

Requirements: Wings, Rear Depth

Players that fit: Zach LaVine, Aaron Gordon, Jabari Parker

Chicago is a big market, this front office would always favor to make the playoffs and they have cap-place, so the Bulls may be trying to be big players in the free agency, but that does not feel like summer for them. Their big decision will be to bring back the restricted free agent Zach LaVine, which was at the heart of the Jimmy Butler trade last year.

Needs : LeBron James

Players that fit: LeBron James

This summer in Cleveland, it's all about bringing LeBron back to James. Really nothing else will matter much. If they sign LeBron again, they will be candidates again; If "The King" takes his talents elsewhere, they will not be.

Needs: Center, chord

Players that fit: DeMarcus's cousins, Jusuf Nurkic, Zach LaVine

It was better to swing the draft-night trade, to acquire Luka Doncic as anything the Mavericks would do in free agency this season. Still, they could still be in the game for some bigger names – maybe DeAndre Jordan? They have all sorts of caps and Jordan could be on the way out after the Clippers played for Marcin Gortat.

Requirements: Wing Depth, Defense

Players That Fit: Will Barton, Rodney Hood

The Nuggets will refuse Nikola Jokic's option for next season and clear the way to offer him a maximum contract. Nothing else that they do out of season will be just as important. Aside from the Jokic deal, they will work on the edges and look for some depth on the wing and in the backcourt.

Needs: Versatile Wings, 3-point shooting

Players that fit: Joe Harris, Wayne Ellington

The Pistons have more than $ 96 million in Blake Griffin, Andre Drummond, Reggie Jackson, Jon Leuer, Ish Smith and Langston Galloway. Did you know that they will pay Josh Smith $ 4.5 million a year by 2020? Anyway, good luck for you in the off season.

Requirements: Kevin Durant, Wings and Back Depth

Players That Fit: Kevin Durant, Seth Curry, Michael Beasley

The Warriors' first assignment is to bring back Kevin Durant. That does not seem to be a problem, but you still have to make sure it happens. In addition, they will look for help in the back room and on the wing, where they were significantly thinner last season, especially in injuries.

Needs: Chris Paul, Clint Capela, Trevor Ariza

Matching Players: Chris Paul, Clint Capela, Trevor Ariza

The Rockets are probably on LeBron James Therefore, they should focus on keeping three of their most important players in Paul, Capela and Ariza. It will cost a lot of money, but the Rockets were a game away from the finals. It would not make sense to be cheap now.

Requirements: Secondary Shooters, Rear Depth

Players That Fit: Marcus Smart, Will Barton, Tyreke Evans

The Pacers surprised many people last season not just the playoffs but almost eliminate LeBron James and the Cavs in the first round. But as this series showed, they often relied too much on Victor Oladipo. To solve this problem, they might try to find a second scorer in the free agency to carry that burden.

Requirements: Backcourt and Frontcourt Depth

Players that fit: Tyreke Evans, Ersan Ilyasova

The Clippers have already taken an interesting step and delivered Austin Rivers to the Wizards in the Exchange for Marcin Gortat. Is that a signal that DeAndre Jordan is on the way out? Anyway, they need some depth in the frontcourt, and could use some in the backspace with Rivers that are gone and Milos Teodosic probably will not return.

Needs: LeBron James, Paul George

Players that fit: LeBron James, Paul George

The Lakers have more room this summer than anyone else and Plan A. is to bring both LeBron James and Paul George. If any of these options fail, they probably will not go crazy in terms of spending as Kawhi Leonard will be a big target next summer.

Requirements: Versatile Wings, 3-point shooting

Players that fit: Tyreke Evans, Joe Harris, Mario Hezonja

It seems that the Grizzlies literally Always Look Up Improve the wings, and that's the way it is this season. However, given their cap situation, they will not be stars in the market. In the end, Tyreke Evans would be the best option if they are ready to fight for a playoff spot.

Requirements: 3-point shooting, frontcourt depth

Players that fit: Wayne Ellington, Seth Curry, Ersan Ilyasova

What the Heat really needs is a true star to expand their list of top-notch roleplayers. However, it is hard to see how this happens unless LeBron James wishes by a miracle a reunion. Apart from these unlikely circumstances, the heat this summer is really going to result in 3-point shooting – especially if they lose Wayne Ellington.

Requirements: Trevor Booker, JaVale McGee, Marco Belinelli

Players that fit: 3-point shooting, rim protection

Some bad decisions left a few summers ago the Bucks in a difficult position in terms of the flexibility of the roster. Her biggest question this summer will be whether or not she wants to match up with the contract that Jabari Parker receives in a limited, freelance agency. Apart from that, they will be relied on low-cost veterans.

Requirements: Backcourt and Wing Depth

Players that fit: Nemanja Bjelica, Seth Curry

The Wolves have been pretty much done since their first playoff appearance since 2004 her top six or seven guys. After that, it gets a bit shaky. With Jamal Crawford on his way out and Nemana Bjelica, a limited free agent, they need help from the bank.

Requirements: 3-point shooting, backfield depth

Players that fit: Rajon Rondo, Wayne Ellington, Nemanja Bjelica

The pelicans are another team that is extremely will be interesting to see during the free agency. Will they give DeMarcus's cousins ​​the contract he is looking for after breaking away from Achilles tendon tears? Could you perhaps sign him for a sign-and-trade? Or will they let him run without him last season considering their success and use the money elsewhere?

Needs: Wings, possibly Frontcourt Aid

Players that fit: Kyle O & Quinn, Joe Harris

Depends on what's with Enes Kanter and Kyle O & # 39; Quinn happens to have player options for next season, the Knicks in the frontcourt could be incredibly thin – especially with Kristaps Porzingis, who fails at least in the first few months of the season. But with KP on the way back from an ACL tear, this is not a big summer for the Knicks. You should probably have higher hopes for 2019.

Needs: Paul George, 3-point shooting

Players who fit: Paul George, Wayne Ellington

The Thunder is Great Experiments with Russell Westbrook, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony did not fare so well last season, but they will still be anxious to bring George back as he is currently the only realistic way to get a second star for Westbrook.

Requirements: Primary Riflemen, Point Watchers

Players Matching: Aaron Gordon, Dante Exum, Isaiah Thomas

With Nikola Vucevic, Jonathan Isaac, and the recently drafted Mo Bamba, the Magic would hope to play in the frontcourt. Everywhere is a question mark. Cap space is not a problem for them, but it's hard to understand why Impact Free agents want to join. The big question here is if they keep Aaron Gordon.

Needs: Wings, 3-point shooting

Players that fit: LeBron James, Paul George, JJ Redick

With Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid at the forefront "The Sixers are clearly on the right track. But the second round of the playoffs last season showed that they still need a few pieces. Could LeBron James be the answer? They are in the race but do not seem to be the favorites right now.

Needs: Point guard, power forward

Players that fit: Aaron Gordon, Jabari Parker, Marcus Smart

One of the few teams to make one this summer have significant space on the cap, the suns could be a devious team that can be observed. They will not be present at the LeBron or Paul George contests, but it would not be shocking to see them throwing a lot of money into the second row for someone like Aaron Gordon or Clint Capela.

Needs: Backfield depth, center when Nurkic passes

Players who fit: Shabazz Napier, Jusuf Nurkic

The Blazers are another team that is now hamstrung by some will make bad decisions a few summers ago. Due to their cap situation, they do not have many opportunities to become significantly better. The biggest decision this summer in Portland will be to bring back the restricted free agent Jusuf Nurkic.

Needs: N / A, young superteam

Players to suit: N / A, young superteam

According to Vlade Divac, the Kings are already a young superteam, so they are all set.

Needs: Versatile Wings, 3-point shooting

Players that fit: Kyle Anderson, Wayne Ellington, Jeff Green

Hoo boy, talking about interesting teams this summer. The Kawhi Leonard saga will have a big impact on Spurs' free agency plans. Depending on whether and how they move Leonard, they could suddenly be in rebuilding mode or remain as a playoff player. And that, of course, will affect their approach with free agent goals.

Requirements: Rear Space Depth, 3-Point Shooting

Players That Fit: Fred Van Vleet, Nemanja Bjelica

The Raptors are capped and could be more active in the trading market as a free agency, as they probably do not want to pay the luxury tax. They will have to decide if they want to take away the limited free agent Fred Van Vleet, which could become too expensive. Otherwise, they will think about options for the mid-level exception.

Requirements: Rear Space and Front Seat Depth

Players That Fit: Dante Exum, Derrick Favors

Jazz has some interesting choices regarding its own free agents to hit this one Summer, namely Derrick Favors and Dante Exum. Are you ready to just sign and essentially re-sign both? Or are they looking around the organization trying to improve on the impressive run of last season's second round?

Requirements: Center, chord

Players that fit: Nerlens Noel, Montrezl Harrell, Mario Hezonja

With Marcin Gortat now to the Clippers, the Wizards I need urgent help on the spot. (A boogie cousins ​​might sign and act?) Besides, they really need some help on the wing, as the last season showed. The acquisition of Austin Rivers in the Gortat trade will help in this regard, but he alone will not be enough.

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