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2018 NBA playoffs live: Tuesday's first round TV plan, results, analysis, what to see

The Raptors look like a team that has won 59 games in the regular season. (Nathan Denette / The Canadian Press on AP)

The first round of the NBA Playoffs continues today with three crucial Game 2s. Follow here for the latest analysis and commentary from NBA reporter Tim Bontemps of The Post and ask him questions in the comments.

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• Eric Bledsoe has to be better for the Bucks to win tonight in Boston.

• The Wizards did not start in Game 2 on the right foot and gave 44 points in the first quarter to the Raptors. Ouch

• The draymond green, shameful Foultracker is underway after the emotional Warriors player recorded his first in Game 2.

The Raptors erase all doubts as to whether they can take over the regular season's success

These questions that the Toronto Raptors can finally transfer their normal season form into the playoffs?

Yes, these have been answered.

Toronto lead at half-time Washington 76-58, and it's hard to see how the Raptors will not take the lead 2-0 against the Wizards in the first half. This was a truly comprehensive performance that destroyed the wizards from start to finish, dispelling any doubts as to whether they could transfer the best regular season in franchise history to the postseason.

The question now is whether Washington can do anything to change the course of this game after an embarrassing first half.

Eric Bledsoe Must Be Better For The Bucks To Win

Eric Bledsoe's first playoff start was a total disaster – nine points to 4-for-12 shooting with four assists, five turnovers and six fouls – as Milwaukee in the Overtime before the Boston Celtics lost a Nuck-and-Tuck game

Just as Bucks-Celtics is supposed to tip, Bledsoe in Game 2 is the most important thing for me to see.

Giannis Antetokounmpo was great in Game 1 and will be the best player in the series. Al Horford was great in Game 1 and he will be the second best player. To win Milwaukee, Bledsoe and Khris Middleton are needed to overtake Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

Middleton made it in Game 1. Bledsoe did not do that very much. That's going to change for Milwaukee tonight even on the show.

Rookie OG Anunoby is Missing Defender Toronto Has Been Missing

The Toronto Raptors have been in the playoffs in recent years, pacing up and down there is a perennial element they have missed: a credible wing defender. Instead, Toronto's third circle alongside Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan is a rotating cast of characters who has failed to give a long-term response.

However, this answer may have arrived, in the form of rookie OG Anunoby. After breaking his ACL in Indiana last year, Anunoby dropped to 23rd in the NBA draft, but has since emerged as a credible starter for the team's small striker.

The big question: Can he make enough offensive? So far, he has made three and four free throws in this game to score seven points in six minutes. If he can continue this kind of production – or even consequent offense of any kind – during the playoffs, Toronto could eventually have the kind of weapon it needs to at least slow LeBron James down a bit.

The wizards have not started this game on the right foot

In the first seven minutes of Raptors Wizards we saw:

– John Wall attacks two fouls.
– Ty Lawson, fresh from a stay in China, checks in the game.
– Marcin Gortat transformed into a traffic cone.
– Mike Scott checking in to the game for him.
– Four different Raptors hitting three pointers and going 4 for 5 out of a total of three.

For example, a team that has to win Game 2 after losing 1 will have to yield 15 points in the first eight minutes.

That could be ugly for Washington – and the Wizards might see this series, and their season, far from ending.

The flamboyant Draymond Green foul tracker is on the way

OAKLAND, Calif. – Draymond Green was first nominated for the NBA 2018 playoffs on Monday, with an elbow on Davis Bertans' face The basket was only in the fourth quarter of what was a 116-101 win for Green's Golden State Warriors over the San Antonio Spurs.

But hearing Green also blamed Bertan.

"It's what it is," Green said. "I did not even see the replay, I thought it was a small flop, I do not even know if I hit it, but if I did – I'm not saying I did not, I do not know – but if it's a blatant foul, should not it be a double flagrant? I can just be grabbed around the neck.

"I will not sit here and say: & # 39; I did not do anything. & # 39; 39; But I have to get someone off my neck. If you punish me, why do not you punish both? That's my thing.

If Green has a point, here are the facts:

Bertans and the Spurs will probably be ready early next week, perhaps on Matchday 4 in San Antonio, whether or not Bertans has a blatant foul point is irrelevant.

Green, on the other hand, has to be careful not to put himself in the same situation as in 2016 when he was suspended for the fifth game of the NBA Finals after beating LeBron James in the private during Game 4.

This game however, that was not what Green suspended, it was the accumulation of four blatant foul points during the playoffs – a process that ended with a completely unnecessary body slam by Michael Beasley at the end of Golden State's 3rd game Round-trip series against the Houston Rockets began.

When Golden State faces a Green ban in a crucial match against the same Rockets or Cavaliers, this is the moment when everyone returns to the game returns – as Green lost his peace in the fight for the position in the post and caught Bertans in the face.

Green kept suggesting that the game would be reversed – which would mean that his flagrant foul would continue.

"Nah, I do not care," Green said on demand about the flagrant foul count that adds up over the playoffs. "It's what it is, life goes on, more important things in life than worrying about a flamboyant point."

"It may be reversed. I was put in a stranglehold like in WWE or something. It can therefore be undone. Who knows? Given that it is not so, Green's bloodshed to the head could be a small footnote in an otherwise sly win for the Warriors Monday night, which could become far bigger on the road – just like it happened in the Year 2016.


  • Washington Wizards at Toronto Raptors, 7 pm (NBA TV, NBC Sports Washington Plus)
  • Milwaukee Bucks at Boston Celtics, 8 pm (TNT)
  • New Orleans Pelicans at Portland Trail Blazers, 10:30 am (TNT)

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