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2018 NFL Draft Needs: Roster Holes Rams, 49ers, Seahawks, Cardinals still need to address

With the design just a few weeks away, it's time to update our list of what each team needs after the first wave of free agency. You will be able to find the needs for all NFC West teams below.

Arizona Cardinals

  1. Left Device
  2. Cornerback
  3. Right Device
  4. Quarterback
  5. Broad Receiver
  6. Center [1
    9659004] Security
  7. Defensive End
  8. Guard
  9. Run Back [19659012] The Cardinals should look for help along the entire offensive line, starting at the left tackle, where DJ Humphries has not developed into a quality starter. A proper tackle should also be found, with Andre Smith left to fill a reserve role, while A.Q. Shipley can also be improved in the middle. Even with the watch, Mike Iupati, who lost his next term, would save the Cardinals $ 8 million in cap room. Outside the offensive line, the team's biggest need is in the cornerback, where options behind Patrick Peterson are missing.

    Quarterback was briefly approached with the Sam Bradford signing, but the Cardinals still have to find their next franchise quarterback. Receiver could be a year away from a desolate wasteland, unless Larry Fitzgerald plans to play forever. The Cardinals parted ways with Tyrann Mathieu, and while Budda Baker was able to play that role, the team still lacked the necessary depth. When the team changes to a 4-3 base, it's crucial to find a good defensive end next to Chandler Jones. And running back depth needs to get better after David Johnson has suffered a serious injury.

    Los Angeles Rams

    1. Inside linebacker
    2. Outside linebacker
    3. Right guard
    4. Wide receiver

      19659004] Security

    5. Offensive attack

    The Rams have built a monstrous defensive line and secondary, but the area in between lacks the loss of Robert Quinn, Connor Barwin and Alec Ogletree. Mark Barron does not fit well with Wade Phillips' Plan, and the Rams could save space at any point by cutting him (space that could then be used to sign Aaron Donald's long term contract). The Rams will need at least one and probably two starting calibres within the linebacker before the season begins. Both Matt Longacre and Samson Ebukam could thrive with an increased role, but the depth chart would look much better with a premium talent in the top line.

    In attack, the right guard could still use an upgrade after the line has played better Chalkboard. Sammy Watkins continued in the freelance agency, letting the Rams fill a game time gap. Some of them may come from a larger role of Josh Reynolds, but at least depth is required. The team should also improve the depth of security and attack devices.

    San Francisco 49ers

    1. Left Guard
    2. Right Guard
    3. Outside Linebacker
    4. Defensive tackle
    5. Cornerback
    6. Security [19659004] Tight end
    7. Offensive tackle
    8. Wide receiver

    The 49ers have a pair of quality tackles, but struggled on the inside of the line. Weston Richburg was brought in to fix the central position, but the search for better guardians on both sides is the key. Although Malcolm Smith returns to give the team a quality linebacker, the position will need more. Reuben Foster's off-field problems do not help either. The defensive could also use a better option alongside DeForest Buckner in front.

    Richard Sherman is a nice addition to the cornerback, but the 49ers need to do even more in the position, Jimmie Ward could be cornered back to help, but that would increase the need to find talent in safety. Basically, more help on the defensive is required. A more dynamic close would benefit the team on offense, as well as more depth in attack and wider receiver. Seattle Seahawks

  1. Right tackle
  2. Cornerback
  3. Defensive end
  4. Guard
  5. Running back
  6. Close end
  7. Wide receiver
  8. Security
  9. Defensive tackle
  10. Quarterback

The offensive line remains the Seahawks' biggest weakness, but at least they are making progress. Duane Brown is a quality option on the left tackle. Justin Britt deserves to start in the middle. But proper tackle is still a massive weakness that needs to be addressed before Week 1, and while D.J. Fluke improves the alertness of the team, the Seahawks should find more help with the position. On the defensive, the losses at the Coreback leave the back-end exposed, and injury as well as a potential trade by Earl Thomas could make the team in need.

Michael Bennett is gone, and Dion Jordan could shine with a bigger role Cliff Avril is also a candidate for the cut thanks to his contract. Expect the team to add more options to the position. The offensive lacks a cowbell when running back, and the various complementary players they have just can not stay healthy. The team also needs a new TE1 with Jimmy Graham, and a wide receiver lost some depth with Paul Richardson's farewell. Defensive tackle could also use more depth, and the team is now in the market for a backup QB. Name a position, and the Seahawks need to find talented players to occupy them.

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