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2018 was a huge, great year for Tesla – because Elon Musk


Published on December 30, 2018 |
by Zachary Shahan

30. December 2018 by Zachary Shahan

Tesla has set a record for record in 201

8's cover. And it started to make a profit. Let's take a closer look at the end of 2018.

If you talk to Joe, John, or Alice on the road about Tesla, there's a good chance they'll say something about Elon eating slimy doublets or drugs, or saying that Tesla is almost bankrupt. Well, from my experience they are putting these things into question form – "Is not Elon …?" Is not Tesla …? "I have to admit, it's a bit annoying that these are the first things that come to people's minds when they hear about Tesla, but we are where we have a wild and crazy year for Tesla's public image [19659007] Of course, thanks to our # Pravduh series and everything that has led to it, I understand quite well that so many normal people have such unpleasant reactions to Tesla and Elon. To be honest, correcting the records and communicating the cleantech story much more accurately is, frankly, a big reason why CleanTechnica is in business.

Leaving the subject of image for a minute and putting in numbers the mighty root The story we can see is that Tesla had an amazing year . Yes, in spite of information from the mainstream media, 2018 was a big step forward for Tesla. As Elon said in the middle of the year, this was probably also the last phase of growth and development of the company "Cleantech"


The year began, of course, with a Tesla boss Elon Musk has slept in the factory and worked crazy hours, and he certainly was not the only one who was challenged by the production of Model 3 at up to 5,000 units a week effort, is overwhelmed. However, with time and perseverance, they managed to get the job done and deliveries of Tesla Model 3 increased. The net result is the amazing sales performance we have seen in recent months, as well as Tesla's increasing market capitalization (while at the same time the ratings of competing car manufacturers have declined).

Tesla Sales – Crushing the Competition [19659012] Note: All charts will be updated in a few days when Tesla releases its fourth quarter sales.


In the third quarter, Tesla achieved far more world sales than Porsche and almost twice as many world sales like Jaguar (official numbers of all three companies).

In the US Tesla became the top seller for luxury cars and one of the top luxury automakers (though he did not have a crossover brand in the market and only sold three models).

The sales of Tesla Model 3 rose so much that the sedan did not look like in the category of luxury cars. The combination of all the small and medium luxury cars of other car manufacturers makes the competition seem fair and I would say it is appropriate, since Tesla has no luxury car on the market and has only a medium-sized car. That said, the price of the Model 3 indicates that it should only compete in the category of mid-size luxury cars, despite the crooked sales cards that result from it.

[19659008] The high-sales warrant compares the Model 3 with cheaper and higher-selling cars. Despite the much higher price than its neighbors in such charts (other cars in the top 20), the Model 3 has climbed into the top 5 US car sales and top 10 US car sales in recent months. Even for the year until November, the Model 3 sits just on the edge of the top-10.

[19589008] The combination of high sales and high prices brought the Model 3 in relation On the revenue generation actually number 1.

The Model 3 was also the bestselling car in the US of an American car company, quite a success after only 15 years of corporate life and 6 years after the first mass production car of the Company (Model S).

Titsla CEO Elon Musk and his side statements predicted for months that Tesla would generate net income in the third quarter or at least in the fourth quarter of 2018, indefinitely out there. The story-warping financial press and celebrity Short sellers would not believe it, and TSLA would remain the highest short position in the market most of the year. However, skepticism did not stop Tesla from achieving that goal.

Shortly before the third quarter conference call, a vocal finance company that had been TSLA for five years was turned over and took a long time (citing several CleanTechnica ). Sales diagrams and narratives in the process). In one day, this turnaround seemed to increase Tesla's market capitalization by $ 1.11 billion. Shortly thereafter, Tesla's finances were released in Q3 and the stock rose. In the end, sales = money and money hunt money.

As of today, only two automotive companies are worth more than Tesla and both of these companies saw 2018 falling market caps.

In fact, all major automakers except Tesla 2018 saw their market caps fall.

Safety Assessments

Almost one of the most momentous Tesla stories of the year was skipped: The NHTSA safety factor of the Model 3 was so good that the Model 3 is one step safer as the Model S and Model X. Together, the three Tesla models had the best NHTSA safety ratings in history. In other words, if you want a safe car, buy a Tesla!

Tweets & Stuff

Okay, I'll cover the tweets as well. Elon Musk probably shot more than 1,000 tweets in 2018. (On some days there were more than 1,000.) These tweets highlighted great Tesla news and Op-eds (including numerous stories from CleanTechnica ), hinted at upcoming Tesla features, responding to unjustified and false criticism and hot ideas for Tesla product features. A few of them brought Elon into trouble with the SEC and certain critics. Our View CleanTechnica states that Elon had the right to tweet what he wrote about Tesla, which may become private, but we also agreed to his decision to settle the case with the SEC immediately and move on , [19659008] The most important Tesla tweets of 2018 were certainly the tweets of Elon Musk, which he considered taking Tesla for $ 420 per share, if approved by the shareholders. Because of all the misleading and sincere false nonsense Tesla and Elon Musk were thrown at by short sellers and their henchmen, as well as Wall Street's general shortsightedness, we supported Tesla to be private. However, we also chose Elon Musk's decision to stay on the stock market to ensure that small retail investors can continue to be shareholders and avoid a lengthy privatization process at such a critical point in Tesla's growth and development. 19659008] We are upset with the SEC, which restricts what Elon Musk can tweet now, and not just because he tweeted or ♥ ♥ so many times in our articles this year. Much attention is paid to the fact that Tesla does not pay to advertise traditional advertising online or on television. However, Twitter is an important, powerful tool that Elon uses to stimulate sales, share fun and exciting news, and engage the public in Tesla's decision-making process (an essential, atypical part of this $ 420 tweet that should be praised rather than criminal should be pursued). In the coming weeks and months, we'll see how the new brackets on Elon's Twitter actually affect things, but we do not hope much.

Best Car on the Planet

Passing through the sales charts of Tesla Model 3, I failed to point out a thing that I thought of That it was well enough implied, but perhaps not: The Tesla Model 3 is an impressive piece of art, technology and vision. It's probably the best car on the market (unless you prefer the larger Tesla Model S). His performance is crazy, especially for the price. As mentioned above, it is the safest car on the market. It has the most advanced technology available in a commercially available car. And its minimalist design is outstanding for many (and admittedly not for others).

In addition, the low operating costs make it to compete with Toyota Camry, Honda Accord or Toyota Prius in terms of total cost of ownership. 19659008] How do you beat this combo?


Well, maybe with an equally compelling electric crossover? Stay tuned for 2019 Tesla coverage to learn more about this vehicle.

Because Elon Musk

is still to comment before closing. I have been working for Tesla for about 6 ½ years. During this time elves were certainly thrown off and on, but 2018 was a special year. Arrows were shot at him in large quantities. Critics and short sellers who have been attacking Tesla and SolarCity for a long time have turned into a new mode – attack Elon, attack Elon, attack Elon.

Many of these attacks are in the form of "trolling" This:

  • "Tesla's products are great, but Elon …"
  • "Tesla would be a much better company without Elon."
  • "Tesla needs Elon to resign."

That's what I would say Almost everyone who has followed Tesla for years and really supports the company has a completely different opinion. There is no way in hell that Tesla would be here today if it had not been for Elon. There is also a good chance that if Elon did not start last year and took over the production of Model 3, the company would have failed and possibly even collapsed. Elon has a highly acclaimed ability to solve problems and bridge multidisciplinary skills to improve design and production tasks. It is also characterized by difficult decisions that involve risks but are also promising.

Elon Musk is Tesla's second biggest asset – only behind his many great fans does trolls attract attacks. (Admittedly, JB Straubel should fight for the most valuable capital, and at least for the podium, and other company executives, such as Jerome Guillen and Deepak Ahuja, will not receive enough praise.) Many Tesla enemies want you to believe Elon Musk is still the best person to run the business, and much of his high valuation is based on keeping him in control. Much of the money spent on Tesla is actually spent on Elon because it brings about tremendous dreams and long-term visions.

Elon Musk is not a saint, but he is the heart of Tesla and possibly the most brilliant CEO of the planet. 2018 was a huge, great year for Tesla because of Elon Musk .

Regardless of what the utterly misleading and misleading financial and business press likes to make you believe, Tesla had a wonderful year with Elon Musk at the helm. It provides rapid innovation, critical problem resolution, and the company's tremendous fan support. Anyone who tries to remove him from his position at the head of the company, in my humble opinion, works against the interests of Tesla and the interests of humanity. Do not fall victim to this counterproductive messaging.

Without Elon Musk, there would not be a Tesla Model 3, and certainly not millions. We look forward to Elons Tweet that Tesla has sold the 1 millionth model 3, then the 1 millionth model Y and then the 1 millionth Tesla pickup and then the 1 millionth Tesla Semi, and so on.

Tesla's biggest and best year of all time in 2018, but a significant step up should be made every year over the next ten years. Get ready for the plaid mode.

Leaf through the hundreds of Tesla stories we posted last year to make your own clean-up leader of 2018.

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About the Author

Zachary Shahan Zach tries to help society to help itself (and other species). Most of the time he spends here on CleanTechnica as its director and editor-in-chief. He is also President of Important Media and the director / founder of EV Obsession and Solar Love . Zach is recognized worldwide as an expert in electric vehicles, solar energy and energy storage. He has reported on Cleantech at conferences in India, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, the US and Canada.

Zach has long-term investments in TSLA, FSLR, SPWR, SEDG and ABB. After years of coverage of solar and electric vehicles, he simply has great confidence in these particular companies and feels like a good cleantech company to invest in. He does not offer professional investment advice and does not want to be responsible for losing money, so do not jump to the conclusions.

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