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2019 BMW M2 Competition first driving report: A more potent entry-level drug

Ask anyone in the roadshow staff about a glaring lack of the BMW M2 and they'll be hard pressed to find one. The superb chassis of the coupe, the powerful 365 hp turbo six-cylinder and the compact dimensions make for a powerful and extremely funny car that winds on both racetracks and on winding roads. In two of our comparative tests against tough competition, it has prevailed and has become popular with its simple and simple make-up. And now for 2019 it gets even better with the M2, which turns into the M2 competition.

Better starts with a fresh 3.0-liter double-turbocharged in-line six-cylinder heart under the hood of the M3 / M4, though slightly upset from 425 hp to 405, not to pinch too close to the heels of his larger sibling. That's still good for a 40-pony rise over the old single-turbo mill, while torque jumps from 343 pound-feet to a hearty 406. A 6-speed manual transmission remains standard and a 7-speed dual clutch unit can be equipped for an extra $ 2,900

The M2 competition does not look different, but it's more powerful and a sharper handler.

Jon Wong / Roadshow

The M2 Competition sprints in 4.2 seconds with the joystick to 60 mph and 4.0 seconds with the double clutch. That's 4.3 seconds and 4.1

seconds each in the outgoing M2.

To better cool things in stress situations, such as the 3.37-mile Ascari racetrack in Ronda, Spain, there are larger front panels and kidney grille openings to pump more air into the heavier M4 cooling system with the competition package , The extra grunt of the engine is immediately felt on the challenging track to hurl the 3,600-pound coupe off the turns and straights, with maximum torque between 2,350 and 5,250 rpm.

If you're thinking about fuel economy for some reason, EPA estimates are not yet available, though you can make a rough estimate based on the larger M4 17 mpg city and 25 mpg highway rating with the manual and 17 mpg city and 24 mpg highway rating with the dual clutch.

The new heart of the M2 competition is the 405-horsepower version of the M3 / M4 engine.

Jon Wong / Roadshow

The manual gearbox is a pleasure to go through in spite of its slightly rubbery gearshift while Ascari's automatic downshift speed adjustment allows you to focus more on your rendezvous points and not embarrass them off the track. For the heel and toe purists, the adjustment of the turns can be disabled. A session in a double clutch is also entertaining, with brisk response to manual shift commands and perfectly timed gear changes in fully automatic mode, but the maximum driver satisfaction title goes to the standard gearbox.

I like more power than the next guy, but the loveliest feature of the M2 is still its handling character, which has also been tweaked a bit during the competition transformation. A carbon-fiber engine space reinforcement borrowed from the M3 / M4 gives the front stiffness, while upgraded ball joints, aluminum control arms and rigidly mounted rear frames sharpen the frame. The tuning for the steering and torque vectoring rear differential has also been revised, and six-piston front and four-piston rear brake calipers now clamp larger discs.

The result is a quick turn and admirable grip through the corners on the 245 / 35ZR19 front and 265 / 35ZR19 rear Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires and fade-free brakes for our lead-follow-track sessions. After a Ginger warm-up round, two flying rounds with stability control are fully activated to provide a comfortable safety net for fast and mostly dramatic running.

Once I'm familiar with the track and the car, I lure M Dynamic Mode to loosen stability control grip and make things a little more interesting. More wheel rotation and slip angle force me to drive and concentrate on smooth steering, throttle and brake inputs to steer the M2 in the right direction. With the looser tail, the challenge is greater, but a balanced and communicative chassis makes it impossible to get the M2 Competition down the track quickly. Killing a few corners in a row is a very rewarding experience.

The combination of 405 hp and tight handling is a real pleasure on the track.

Jon Wong / Roadshow

For those who are not interested in lap times and prefer style points, you can induce controlled drifts in M ​​Dynamic mode. I'm not trying to get something out of the way on purpose, but accidentally do it a couple of times when I get too hard on a throttle from a bend as I race to drive the lead car, which is controlled by a BMW factory shoe. He may have stayed up front, but every time I laughed about it.

On curvy mountain roads, 15 minutes from the track, the M2 Competition continues to impress with quick reflexes and fun on the overall picture. Driving is not bad, because the passive suspension provides enough grip to cushion the impact of bumps, and the generously padded M sports seats keep me comfortable and tethered.

If you wait for a lot of M2 changes in the competition booth, be disappointed. Changes simply include the steering wheel of the M3 / M4 with Competition Package, BMW M strips woven in the seat belts, and a red engine start / stop button.

Do not expect too many changes inside the M2, but the standard M sports seats are comfortable and supportive.

Jon Wong / Roadshow

Infotainment Control is BMW's responsive iDrive 6 system with an 8.8-inch screen that includes a standard 12-speaker Harman / Kardon audio, navigation and Apple CarPlay function. Disappointingly, BMW still does not support Android Auto. A Wi-Fi hotspot and a wireless charging pad are available as options. Standard safety features include a collision warning with automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning and a reversing camera.

When it arrives at dealerships in September, the BMW M2 Competition 2019 will start at $ 59,895 including destination, a nice improvement over the $ 55,495 starting price of the 2018 BMW M2. On the other hand, it is much more capable than its predecessor and still a bit cheaper than the $ 70,145 M4 Coupe.

It looks as though I still would not have anything when it comes to finding major flaws with the M2.

Editor's note: Roadshow accepts multi-day vehicle loans from manufacturers to get editorial reviews. All ratings of rated vehicles are completed on our premises and on our terms. However, the manufacturer has covered the travel costs for this function. This is common in the auto industry, as it is much more economical to send journalists to cars than to deliver cars to journalists.

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