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2019 Mazda3 Road Test Review: Specifications, Statistics and Driving Impressions

Fun while driving. The sentence seems to be displaced by every car advertising team, magazine advertisement, and influencer account – it's overused that it has lost all meaning. When Mazda, a small company that actually makes cars that are fun to drive, talks about their compelling feature, it loses itself in the cacophony of advertising issues.

However, we are here to tell you that although it is hard to quantify, some cars are objectively more fun than others, and the brand new Mazda3 from 2019 is – and that's a very technical term – a damned one bang. On Mazda's request, we took a 201

9 sedan on the Angeles Crest Highway just outside Los Angeles. With many yellow signs, tight sequences of steep turns and elevation changes, it is the Platonic ideal of these serpentine mountain roads that you see in car advertising.

As soon as the Mazda3 reaches the windy roads, it glides into the sea like an otter. Lively and graceful, it dances more naturally on a tarmac road than any other compact sedan we've driven since the advent of Drive-by-Wire. The steering is not only straightforward and true, but has an extraordinary ability to maintain trajectory. From the moment you turn, you do not need to adjust the steering wheel until the front tires are straight again. The car always drives exactly where you want it to go.

 2019 Mazda3 "class =" grp-full "data-caption =" 2019 Mazda3 "data-credit =" autoblog "data-credit-link-back =" "data-dam-provider =" autoblog " data-local-id = "local-1-258209-1548564131271" data-media-id = "2e7e263a-f852-4158-8b80-19203e9cc497" data-original-url = "https: //s.yimg.com/os / creatr-uploaded-images / 2019-01 / c33281d0-20d9-11e9-b8bf-e46fa9995f62 "data-title =" 2019 Mazda3 "src =" https: //o.aolcdn. com / images / dims? crop = 2000% 2C1125% 2C0% 2C103 & quality = 85 & format = jpg & resize = 800% 2C450 & image_uri = https% 3A% 2F% 2Fs.yimg.com% 2Fcreatr-uploaded-images% 2F2019-01% 2Fc332840 20d9 -11e9-b8bf-e46fa9995f62 & client = a1acac3e1b3290917d92 & signature = 945b033f65a14d5e8bec4db1546bf5ca5274c049 "/> </p>
<p>  This is not a defector, but an amazing talent the machine and know the road like the back of the hand, minor corrections in the middle are inevitable If you got it right the first time, imagine that you are on a road with a canyon and many short hairpin bends with different radii that follow each other quickly, the 3 connect them all with pure ease, and you're already developing a rhythm through the bends While other cars charge, the Mazda flows. </p>
<p>  The car's attitude becomes particularly clear as the momentum shifts from one direction to the other, causing Mazd A-suspension engineer Dave Coleman referred to as "transience". In most cars, passengers are thrown around the cabin like mannequins, but the 3 makes out the turbulence, and her body is designed to move in a gentle curl. In the middle of the transition there is even a moment of weightlessness before the car goes into the next corner, and the seat seems to pick you up and carry you on. </p>
<p>  You do not have to be a Yoshimi Katayama to finess this Mazda Some may think it's less than a hardcore sports car. But on the contrary. In fact, it's much more difficult to construct a car that makes the Mazda3, because they not only drive with horsepower and traction to achieve benchmarks. The best example of this philosophy may have been exemplified by a Japanese exercise machine. </p>
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Of course there is also the question of the rear suspension of the 3 and the exchange of a multi-link with a torsion carrier for 2019. On paper, it looks like a regression, but in the real world the handling does not seem a jot affected his. "If you believe that Mazda is really committed to our philosophy of Jinba Ittai [horse and rider as one]," Hiraishi continued. "They know that we would never sacrifice our dynamism, it's not who we are."

 2019 Mazda3

"With the torsion bar, we've been able to increase the lateral stiffness a good deal," added Hiraishi. "There are fewer arms and bushings that divert in different directions when the car turns "It works well, there's no reason to hang on what's under it.

In fact, it almost overshadows the other aspects of the 3, which are also very good: the only powertrain is inherently Spirated version of Mazda's 2.5-liter SkyActiv engine, which was also found on the CX-5 , paired with a 6-speed automatic. This is for the sedan, which is the only available version at this time (the tailgate offers a manual option for the highest trim level).

We found this engine producing 186 horsepower and 186 lbs. The torque and the cylinder deactivation are impressive, impressive in other Mazdas, and it continues to serve as an outstanding engine in the 3rd Mazda stubbornly refuses to add more than 6 gears to the transmission, but for Coleman reasons: "The fewer gears the less will chase it. "The activated sport mode keeps the gears longer for sweeping acceleration – and it's wise enough that in a rare turn of events we did not long for manual pain – but the throttle or throttle response does not change, as with many of the case is cars. "That," Coleman explained with a wry grin, "because we've already found the ideal setting."

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<p>  Mazda engineers have realized what many other companies do not do: hunting for virtual buttons are a dangerous and unnecessary distraction. Instead, a command dial in the center console navigates through the menu while the screen is now tilted toward the driver and is moving closer to the base of the windshield. <br /> This not only brings the display closer to the driver's field of vision, but also to the driver's field of vision. Also, less time is required to refocus the eyes when attention is directed from something distant to something in the cabin , Likewise, an available heads-up display with a virtual distance of 2.3 meters is projected ahead, which, according to HMI engineer Matthew Valbuena, is the ideal time to minimize the time for refocusing the eyeball. </p>
<p>  We found that the control wheel is extremely intuitive and by no means to use feel. The menus have been helpfully extended with a visual shortcut. For example, if you try to change a setting in the instrument cluster, an image of the speedometer appears next to the menu text to aid in identification. The cup holders are placed in front of the gearshift lever, giving your forearm more support from a larger center armrest pad that serves as a lid to a large storage compartment. Next to the control dial is a smaller volume control, which also moves like a joystick for track selection or scanning. The stereo sounds clear and without bass distortion on the base system with 6 speakers, and even better with the optional Bose 10 speaker. </p>
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It's all part of a great mission, lifted to move, and the rest of the cabin does not disappoint. Deluxe materials clothe most surfaces and save the hard plasticity of the steering wheel. The seats offer excellent support with no limiting padding, clinging to winding roads without restricting trunk or arm movement, and supporting the driver's side with thighs. Mazda also does not shy away from safety technology, adding front cross traffic warnings for 2019. A traffic jam assistant can either follow the lane trail or track the vehicle below 40 miles per hour. The cab is also extremely quiet for a C-segment offer.

The base-3 sedan starts at $ 21,895, and the only thing about the driving experience anywhere in the same zip code is the Honda Civic. However, the Civic Sport Sedan starts at 21,150 dollars and has only 158 hp. The 3 is more closely aligned with the Civic Si, but you're already spending at least $ 24,300 and it looks like it's been designed by a robot.

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<p>  The Mazda, on the other hand, is breathtaking If it carried a European badge, they could probably charge $ 10,000 more for each model, just what Audi did with the A3 and the Mazda is equal to everyone. But look, here we go again to compare numbers and specifications. </p>
<p>  At the end of the day, the Mazda could not win at every metric, but it does not matter. As a driver, you owe it to yourself to put it on your list. Just make sure your salesman lets it go over a few blocks (Mazda still has opportunities to do the trader training), and the thoughts about cubic feet will disappear instantly. </p>
<p>  We felt that our mountain was too short and needed more than anything to do more. Few cars in this class and price range can produce this kind of emotion – or any kind of emotion. If you spend time in your car, do not make it a pleasure for you and your passengers. Only then can we really understand the meaning of "driving fun" again. </p>
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