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2019 NFL Draft: Grade, analysis for every second round, from Byron Murphy to D.K. Metcalf


Byron Murphy, CB, Washington

I like this step. I think this kid is a lively kid. He will put his head in there and he will tackle. There are some corners in this design that will not be tackled (see Greedy Williams), but this boy is tough. The Cardinals recovered from a hard first night. Note: B +


Rock Ya-Sin, CB, Temple

The Colts had a great season last year from Pierre Desir, they need help on the other side. I think this selection makes the point of the Indianapolis Colts around the world. Good choice and they have many picks and will be very active today. Grade: B


Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida

The Jaguars have beaten it out of the park (with Josh Allen in the first round and now Taylor). This kid is evil. Talk about big, physical boys. Put him on the right tackle and your offensive line has become solid. I love this selection. Jaguars nailed it. Note: A


Deebo Samuel, WR, South Carolina

I think there were better options here. I think Parris Campbell or even DK Metcalf would have been a better choice. This kid just does not work so well and I'm worried he's only 5-11. Grade: B


Greg Little, OT, Mississippi

I love this kid. This is an A + in my book. This kid is a talent in the first round. Before the season was talked about that he was in the top-10. He did not quite play with it, but you get him under the right guidance and I think he has all the skills to be an All-Pro. Note: A +


Cody Ford, OL, Oklahoma

When I spoke with (Bill's head coach) Sean McDermott in the combine, one of the things he said was about Josh Everyone around you has to do better. This kid really gets her a lot better. This is a huge problem. Nice move with the Buffalo Bills. Note: A


Sean Bunting, Central Michigan, Central Michigan

The Bucs had corner problems throughout the year. Vernon Hargreaves was never nearly as far as he thought possible. You have to get better on the corner. It is a choice of hardship. Note: B


Trayvon Mullen, CB, Clemson

I think there were better options here. I think the greedy Williams, although he is a bunch because he does not attack anyone. You still have to get the cover type. He covers, he just does not touch. I do not like what the Raiders are doing. Grade: C +


Dalton Risner, OL, Kansas State

I do not love the child. The Big 12, I think I could play in this conference on the left and not give up any bags. There are not many Pass Rushers in the Big 12 so you have to slow down the role there. Grade: B


Drew Lock, QB, Missouri

I love the child. He has the bouncer and a big arm. Everything I love in a quarterback. I think he will command the pub. He is a gunslinger. Many people compare him to Jay Cutler, but you know, there's a little Brett Favre. Grade: A


Jahlani Tavai, LB, Hawaii

I love him. He flies to football. These days you have to have a guy who can fly around and run and hunt. Grade: B +


Elgton Jenkins, OL, Mississippi State

This is one of the guys on my list. People say McCoy and Bradbury, but he was there with them. He is a sporty boy, he can get up and he is sometimes an unpleasant boy. He will be a good player for the Packers. Grade: B


Joejuan Williams, CB, Vanderbilt

He was the captain of my superior team, telling you what I think about him. I love this kid. The New England Patriots understand it. Bill Belichick works better than anyone else. Belichick the master again at work. Grade: A +


Greedy Williams, CB, LSU

I like his cover skills, do not get me wrong. Let's face it, if you can topple the passer-by with Olivier Vernon on one side and you have the other Garrett on the other side, you can attack and play pressman. I just do not like it that he can tackle. Grade: B


Marquise Blair, S., Utah

What does Seattle want? They want another Earl Thomas, a guy they can pick in the middle of the field and go off casually. Well, this boy, I'm not saying he's Earl Thomas, but that's the kind of player you want. I think there were better options. Grade: B


Erik McCoy, OL, Texas, A & M

This was a wise choice as they had to replace Max Unger. Drew Brees needs to be protected in, as he is a short quarterback, so it works. Rating: B +


Ben Banogu, EDGE, TCU

This type is a DPR (design pass rusher). He will play in third place. The Colts have to get better in third place. I like this selection. I do not love it, but here is the deal in this section, now you should be better able to rush the passerby. Rating: B


Irv Smith, TE, Alabama

I like this selection. Look, here's the deal he can block. There are not many tight ends that can block and catch. This guy is a very close guy. Irv Smith will block, so I think he's going to become a drummer right away. Rating: B


A.J. Brown, WR, Mississippi

He is a better recipient than DK Metcalf. I like this kid, I think that's a good choice. The Titans must do everything in their power to make Marcus Mariota better, he must get better. So why not give another weapon, throw the football, throw the football better, be more productive. Note: A


Drew Sample, TE, Washington

This is a weird choice for me. It's hard to kill her for this selection because he was not used in Washington. I think once he gets to the NFL game, he could be a better player than he showed in Washington, because the skills are there. Rating: C


Miles Sanders, RB, Penn State

I give this an A-grade, you know why? You design a race in the second round and it's okay, you can get away with it. Not in the first round is the second round alright. One-year wonder, right? He only played one year behind Saquon Barkley. That's fine, if you run back, there's no erosion. Grade: A


Lonnie Johnson, CB, Kentucky

Last year, they had issues that were very heavy on coverage. Big, long, instinctive corner, played in the SEC. Surprised he stopped for so long. Grade: B


Max Scharping, OT, Northern Illinois

Their offensive was a disaster last year, Deshaun Watson was sacked 62 times. He can move, you have to get better. Good choice. Grade: B


Mecole Hardman, WR, Georgia

This is definitely an assortment where you say that if something happens to Tyreek Hill, it's a "B" ". I think that's a reactionary choice. I think there were better options. Parris Campbell or Riley Ridley would have been the better choice. He was not even the best WR on his team, Ridley was. Rating: B-


JJ Arcega-Whiteside, WR, Stanford

I think there were better opportunities in the field. He did not play at this speed. If you've seen him on tape, say he's a big, physical guy, but he does not walk so well, but he went so well. I'm worried if guys do not play so fast. Note: B +


Trysten Hill, DL, UCF

There were some problems outside of the field that caused him to play some games on the bench. When you pop on the tape, the child is a force. I love this selection. Grade: A


Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio State

GM Chris Ballard beats it out of the park. He is one of my favorite recipients. One of my # 1 guys in this design because it refers to external guys. He can fly flat. He was abused in the state of Ohio. Grade: A


Nasir Adderley, S., Delaware

They will pair him with Derwin James. They still have Adrian Phillips, but you know how Gus Bradley plays his securities, they play a lot of security. I think that's a choice for the future. The chargers have a draft. Note: B +


Taylor Rapp, S, Washington

He is a playmaker, but his 40-year career is a concern. He plays much faster than what appears on tape. Grade: B


Andy Isabella, WR, Massachusetts

The Cardinals need playmakers and this is a guy who is a playmaker. He can fly. I love Andy Isabella. He has the chance to be special. I do not like what they did in the design, but that actually makes sense. Grade: B


Juan Thornhill, S, Virginia

I like collateral that once stayed in their careers, and Thornhill at times played for this area cavaliers that gives him reach in the middle of the field. If necessary, he can also play a slot corner. Rating: A


D.K. Metcalf, WR, Mississippi

He looks like Julio Jones, but he does not play like Julio Jones. Where is the productivity for a man with these physical characteristics? He can run, he is tall, he is strong, he is strong and he does not make many numbers. Why? Because he has no wobbly. Note: B-

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