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2019 NFL Winnings: Vegas releases buzz for all 32 teams, here are our favorite picks for 2019

After the NFL Draft in 2019, the Westgate wasted no time and sank for every single NFL team shortly after things in Nashville. We will not waste time tearing them down: Wednesday at noon ET we will have a special one-hour show at CBS Sports HQ (it's always on, it's always free and it's always great hardcore sports content) broken down which teams have the most enticing odds you can bet on and what these numbers can refer to through various NFL teams.

Make sure you have the CBS Sports App on your phone or your favorite device (Apple TV, Roku, Fire, etc.) to try it, or go to CBSSports.com/Live for lunch and dive. [1

9659002] In the meantime, let us have a list of each team and our favorite picks from all of our various staff writers and editors, and you often do not get an overwhelming response asking for help with a story right after the draft, but everyone was willing to answer here because the outbreaks are so tempting for any team.

Make sure and listen to me and RJ White are breaking our favorite over / under bets on the Pick Six podcast, our daily NFL Podcast, which can also be subscribed and listened to for free.

First of all, the number of wins and the number of wins If you are new, the number in parenthesis is the juice. For example, if you've won more than five games, you'll have to put $ 120 in the Cardinals at $ 100 net. If you bet $ 100 on the bills below, you would raise $ 140 if you win six games or less. All questions, feel free and yell at me on Twitter @ WillBrinson .

Then you'll find the preferred over / under selection for staff in our NFL team, including authors Ryan Wilson, John Breech, Sean Wagner-McGough and Jared Dubin, and editors Kevin Steimle, R.J. White and Brett Anderson.

ARI 5 (-120) 5 (+100)
ATL 8.5 (-120) 8.5 (+100)
BAL 8.5 (+ 100) 8.5 (-120)
BUF 6.5 (-160) 6.5 (+140)
CAR 8 (+100) [19659008] 8 (-120)
CHI 9 (-120) 9 (+100)
CIN 6 (-130) 6 (+110)
CLE 9 (-130) 9 (+110)
DAL 9 (+100) 9 (-120)
DEN 7 (-110) [19659008] 7 (-110)
DET 6.5 (-130) 6.5 (+110)
GB 9 (-110) 9 (-110)
HOU 8.5 (+) 110) 8.5 (-130)
IND 9.5 (-150) 9.5 (+130) [19659010] JAC 8 (+100) 8 (-120)
KC 10.5 (+100) 10.5 (-120)
LAC 9.5 (-140) 9.5 (+120)
LAR 10.5 (+) 110) 10.5 (-130)
MIA [19659008] 5 (+110) 5 (-130)
MIN 9 (+100) 9 (-120)
NE 11 (-140) 11 (+120)
NO 10.5 (-110) 10.5 (-110)
] NYG 6 (+100) 6 (-120)
NYJ 7.5 (-110) 7.5 (-110)
OAK 6 (-110) 6 (-110)
PHI 9.5 (- 150) 9.5 (+130)
PIT 9 (-110) 9 (-110) [19659010] SF 8 (-120) 8 (+100)
SEA 8.5 (-120) 8.5 (+100)
TB 6.5 (+100) 6.5 (-120)
TEN 8 (196) 6.5 (+110) 6.5 (-130) [19659103] Brinson: Chargers Over 9.5 (-140) [19659102] This is very expensive, but I would rather pay the juice than wait until he has reached 10 games, which I believe as soon as we get any news about Tyreek Hill. The Chiefs are the current favorites to win the division, which is completely understandable. But I think like last year it should be reversed. Of course, it's not just about the Chiefs. It's also about Tom Telesco building one of the most comprehensive rosters in the entire NFL, ending with an outstanding 2019 NFL Draft class flying under the radar.

Philip Rivers is pulling out big seasons while building a Hall of Fame resume. Los Angeles is loaded in the skill positions with Melvin Gordon, Keenan Allen, Mike Williams and Hunter Henry. On the offensive line there are enough backs – Russell Okung, Mike Pouncey, Dan Feeney, Michael Schofield – to feel confident in the protection of the rivers, especially in the upsurge in Forrest Lamp (second round of the second round) and Trey Pipkins (Third, third, 2019)

The line of defense – Joey Bosa, Melvin Ingram, Brandon Mebane, Justin Jones and the new first-time winner Jerry Tillery – is stacked up, Denzel Perryman faces a questionable group of linebackers. Thomas Davis) in this position to avoid the "all DB defenses" that have broken the Patriots in the playoffs, the combination of Nassir Adderley with Derwin James and the triple security option with Adrian Phillips gives Gus Bradley much to offer. The depth is a problem but this is a stacked list The schedule is tough but manageable: Colts (at home), Lions (away), Texans (at home) and Dolphins (away) make the typical Chargers September storm. Avoiding this slow start may be imperative as Denver, Pittsburgh, Tennessee and Chicago wait in the next quadrant. Packers (at home), Raiders (street) and Chiefs (at home) run 12 weekdays bye. I see Conservative 7-4 at this time, meaning the Chargers need three wins between Denver (road), Jacksonville (road), Minnesota (home), Oakland (home), and Kansas City (road).

Nothing is free in the NFL and 10 wins are a lot, but that is certainly doable for one of the best players in football.

White: Ravens below 8.5 (-120)

This is a difficult year for the Ravens. They entered the draft with the worst recipient group in the league, and although I liked Marquise Brown and liked Miles Boykin, the former overcomes a severe foot injury, and the latter does not make much of an impact on the first year. Both make the offense better, but they do not give the offense the hopeless option they desperately need.

Today's NFL may have a streetwise offense, but the Ravens benefited from a terrible onslaught Defenses after Lamar Jackson took over last year, and they do not have the defense they had before when CJ Mosley and Terrell Suggs left. Earl Thomas is a nice addition, but I'm worried how this defense will generate pass-hurry, and I do not know how much I trust the linebacker corps.

Jackson will occasionally win games with his arm this season. and he does not have the best weapons to make it easy. Although there are some simple teams on the board (Baltimore open in Miami and at home to Arizona), I think this is a .500 team at best.

Breech: Seahawks Over 8.5 (-120)

The Seahawks have just made a team really big move in this offseason, and that's why I'm taking over here: They have re-signed Russell Wilson. For the seven years Wilson has been on the team, the Seahawks have never lost a record. In fact, since Wilson was a starter during his rookie year 2012, the Seahawks have averaged 10.7 wins per season, and there was only one year of no double-digit gains (9-7 in 2017). 19659002] No matter what happens to the rest of the squad, Wilson will win this team at least nine times.

Wagner-McGough: Seahawks over 8.5 (-120)

Last year seemed the perfect time for the Seahawks to take another step after a 9-7 season and a mass withdrawal of longtime contributors on the defensive side of the ball step back. Instead, the Seahawks won ten games to return to the postseason, with a very flawed offensive approach that depended too much on the current game. The Seahawks may have lost Frank Clark and Earl Thomas, and maybe without Doug Baldwin, but I do not see them becoming a team with eight wins.

You still have Russell Wilson. And since Wilson took the first quarterback in 2012, the Seahawks have won no fewer than nine games in a single season. In the draft, the Seahawks were able to replace their outgoing players by picking a defensive end, a safety and a receiver with their three best picks. Obviously, these players need some adjustment, but I would not be surprised if Pete Carroll were able to use these young players almost immediately.

In the end it comes to Russell Wilson. I do not think many other teams with a top five quarterback (ish) will win just eight games. Wilson has proven to be good enough to carry the Seahawks across the finish line, and it's not as though he's missing his side visit. Bobby Wagner is still there to anchor the defense. And it would not be surprising if other young players around him took another step toward development.

Dubin: Lions Under 6.5 (+110)

Detroit won six games last season and actually had the point difference of a team with seven wins. On this basis, you are likely to expect Lions to improve in 2019. Apart from Trey Flowers, I'm not sure I see how they became more meaningful.

Lions' problems last season were mostly on the defensive side of the ball. Flowers is a good runner, but he is not a pass rush for himself. You will still have difficulty getting to Quarterback. And they have not adequately addressed their problems in either the linebacker or the secondary area. Reaching for Jahlani Tavai in the second round does not solve her problems in the middle of the field, and Justin Coleman does not solve her problems with Darius Slay.

In addition, the packers should almost certainly be better this season, and it would be so difficult for the Vikings to perform below average as they did last year, and I see the Lions are trying, even to repeat the overall victory of last season.

Wilson: Bills Over 6.5 (-160)

The Bills have won at least seven games in four of their last five seasons and were in the 2017 play-offs for the first time since 1999. Last year they had to contend with six wins because: 1. Sean McDermott started the season with Nathan Peterman in the middle, and when Josh Allen replaced him, he struggled with rookie growing pains and not much help around him.

But the bills were busy this off-season, adding depth to freelance agency (wide receivers John Brown and Cole Beasley, running back Frank Gore and TJ Yeldon) and finding different decision makers in the draft, starting with No. 9 Pick Ed Oliver who will replace the retired Kyle Williams. Buffalo had found a top-20 talent in the second round with Right Cody Ford and two more playmakers a round later, when he ran back with Devin Singletary and the tight end Dawson Knox.

No other team in the division could achieve more roster and narrow the gap to the Patriots. It may still not be enough to challenge for the AFC East Crown, but it will certainly make the favorites of Bills win more than they will lose in 2019.

Steimle: Giants Under 6 (-120)

Let me first say that I'm the worst Giants fan in the world. Those who know me and follow me on Twitter will base that statement on me, so do as you please.

It will be another difficult season for Big Blue believers.

Right Tackle was not approached through free decision-making or the design (Free Agent Mike Remmers is still a possibility if his body comes back clean). The offensive went well last season, and that was without Odell Beckham, who is now in the Browns after an offseason deal. However, Eli Manning is one year older and would probably have had to be replaced years ago. Saquon Barkley is a star but has no reliable backup. The offense suffers when he is not in the field. The receiving corps consists of owners. If your narrow end is your greatest deep threat, you have problems.

The Giants were designed to go secondary, but the lack of a pass storm will be a big problem for young corners as they get used to the speed and talent of NFL receivers. Kentucky linebacker Josh Allen was there to record the draft, but we know how it went.

The Giants are at best a team with five wins.

Anderson: Packers Over 9 (-110)

This is a big number for a team that has won six games six years ago, and if you throw a rookie head coach and a schedule into the first nine weeks alone – including the Bears, Vikings, Eagles, Cowboys, Chiefs and Chargers, this selection might still look like a loser before the Thanksgiving God.

But there are two reasons why I still have a lot of faith when the Packers wins a double digit. First, Aaron Rodgers will be hell bent on proving that Mike McCarthy was the problem. Rodgers had some serious problems with McCarthy, and he'll be more than a little bit motivated to make sure the offense starts after McCarthy's departure. Will Matt LaFleur be a good head coach? No idea, but it does not matter for this season. Rodgers will set everyone on fire. Second, even if Packers are not an offensive force every week, look at this defense.

Green Bay added Za & # 39; Darius Smith, Preston Smith and Adrian Amos before the draft and then used the first two rounds of first round against Rashan Gary and Darnell Savage. Mike Pettine should have his defense ready to take a big step forward.

Ultimately, it depends on whether Rodgers is healthy if you exceed the number, but you could say something similar about each team. Combine a healthy, motivated Rodgers with improved defense and 10 wins seem to suit the ground.

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