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2019 Super Bowl Places: Strategy to win on football pitches, plus the best numbers to finish

When the Los Angeles Rams face New Bowl Patriots at Super Bowl LIII, hundreds of millions of dollars will be around the world. One of the most popular ways to enjoy the fun is playing Super Bowl seats. Here you create a 100-square grid with a series of 10 numbers, which correspond to the last digit of the score for a team, while the column with 10 numbers of the last digit corresponds to the score of the other team. If it is 1

4: 3 at halftime, you would find the row with the number "4" and the column with the number "3" and see who won. In some pools, the numbers are randomly assigned, while in others they are for prime real estate.

Before choosing your numbers, look at the strategy of Super Bowl squares by NFL expert Mike Tierney.

An experienced sportswriter whose works appear regularly in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times . Mike Tierney has been treating the NFL for decades, reporting from seven Super Bowls.

One of his specialties is the selection of NFL sums. In the last two seasons, Tierney was 52-30 in the NFL series and also 62-46 with his against the spread familiar picks. Now, Tierney has spent hours researching and finding the most profitable Super Bowl squares strategy before the Sunday game between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams.

He knows that a study by Harvard Sports Analysis using playoff data from the years 1980-2012 showed that there are only 24 fields that will make a profit if they are all equally expensive. So if you know which squares are statistically best and how much you should pay for them, you could have a huge advantage in your Super Bowl Squares pools.

Tierney has reviewed all this data and knows which numbers are hit most often in which combination. For example, "4" has recorded five of the last six Super Bowls, and nearly 30 percent of the final results have included zero.

He also knows that there is a number you can not even think of that can give you a big payday. He also knows what numbers and in which combinations you should pay a premium. He only shares with SportsLine.

Which squares should you use for Rams Vs. Target Patriots? Visit SportsLine to see Mike Tierney's detailed Super Bowl Squares strategy, all from the man who has covered seven Super Bowls, and find out.

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