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2019 The Lexus NX 300 Series is officially launched

Lexus Malaysia has officially unveiled the 2019 Lexus NX 300, an updated version of the new first generation SUV, first launched in 2017. The facelift has been in service since the beginning of last year, but the 2019 Lexus NX now combines lower prices with upgraded equipment levels (mainly for active safety equipment), making the service more attractive.

The company has dropped the Hybrid NX 300h and left the trim levels Urban, Premium and F Sport here as available. All are powered by the well-known 2.0-liter Turbo-Four with 235 hp and 350 Nm of torque from 1

,650 to 4,000 rpm (the name NX 300 replaced the NX 200t in the facelift). The twin-scroll turbo 8AR-FTS is coupled with Dynamic Torque Control AWD and a conventional six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. 0-100 km / h are done in 7.1 seconds and the top speed is 200 km / h.

The biggest news is the addition of Lexus Safety System + (LSS +) for all variants. According to Lexus, the series of safety systems addresses three main areas of accident prevention: preventing or mitigating head-on collisions, keeping the lane, and improving night-time visibility.

LSS + includes a Precision Collision System (PCS) with Brake Collision Assistant, Lane Departure Assistant (LTA) and Lane Departure Alarm (LDA) as well as an Active Curve Assist (ACA) and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC). The latter is a radar and camera-based active cruise control operating at a speed of 0 km / h and having a low tracking speed. This means that it can also be used for city tours.

Also new and available throughout the board is an adaptive high beam (AHS) system for the facelifted three-beam LED projector headlamp. AHS has 11 independent LED chips that are turned on and off as needed to maintain maximum brightness while reducing glare for other car users. Customers will not notice this in the showroom, but they would definitely catch the sequential signal lamps (front and back) moving along the NX's typical "tick" LED daytime running lights.

As with the rest of the safety equipment list, the 2019 NX comes with eight airbags (including driver's knee airbag and passenger airbag, with the passenger's airbag supporting belt tightening by lifting the front edge of the seat cushion) and a rearview camera with dynamic guidance. However, Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert are only available for the Premium – the Urban and F Sport models are not.

We continue with the equipment. In addition to LSS + and LED headlamps with AHS, the NX 300 series offers 18-inch two-color alloys (225/60 tires), LED fog lights with cornering, power steering, dual-zone automatic air conditioning with rear louvers, electronic parking brake, 8-inch Screen with touch remote control and Lexus Premium audio system. The latter has eight speakers, an eight-channel Class D amplifier and Miracast / Bluetooth compatibility.

For the Premium over the Urban nets one offers a freehand foot-activated tailgate, chip card key, leather and wood interior trim (silver cladding for urban), electrochromic side and rear view mirrors and smooth leather (synthetic NuLuxe leather for urban).

For the seats, the Urban is equipped with 8-way front seats, while the Premium equips the driver's seat with 10-way seats. The Premium is also equipped with ventilated / heated front seats and 60:40 folding and tilting rear seats. The buttons for the latter are located on the boot wall and under the driver's AC vent. As mentioned above, BSM and RCTA are reserved for the Premium.

Color options include Amber Crystal Shine (dark brown), Red Mica Crystal Shine (red mica crystal), Sparkling Meteor Metallic (blue), Sonic Quartz (sonic quartz), Sonic Titanium (titanium), Graphite Black Glass Flake (Graphite Black Glass) and Blazing Carnelian. The latter is the new orange-like color that you see in these pictures.

The NX 300 F Sport looks sportier and has a slightly different style. It does without the Smartcard key of the Premium, the electric rear seats, the foot-operated tailgate, the electrochromic side / rear-view mirrors and BSM + RCTA.

What it wins is the exclusive F-Sport kit, which includes "Performance Mute" and Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) with 650 automatic levels instead of 30 before the facelift, which always comes with an additional Sport S + mode are selection wheel for drive model (also available in custom mode). Looks smart, look at the deep black F-Mesh Spindle grille and the Dark Imperial Metallic Finish 18-inch rims wrapped in wider 235/55 tires.

The F-Sport is also available with exclusive color options, in and out. The cabin features Naguri-style F-Sport metal foil trim and is available in black, flare red or mustard yellow. The exterior colors for F-Sport are Heat Blue and Lava Orange. Last but not least, this sporty seat trim is equipped with special F-Sport seats. perforated leather for the steering (with F-Sport logo), gear knob and seats; and a unique display panel with boost gauge and G-Map.

The prices for the SUV manufactured by CBU in Japan have been revised downwards. The NX 300 Urban now costs RM313.888 (it was RM326,000), while the NX 300 Premium is available to you for RM333.888 (previously RM345.000). The NX 300 F Sport receives the largest price reduction – from 404,000 RM it now stands for 349,888 RM (1945,9016), a decrease of more than 54,000 RM (1945,9017). All prices are uninsured on the way. Lexus Malaysia grants an unlimited five-year mileage warranty.

Understandably, some devices had to be sacrificed for the lower EIA and the addition of a new kit. The glass roofs were painted (previously Urban and F Sport were equipped with a panoramic glass roof, while the Premium had a sunroof) and the wireless charging in the old Premium and F Sport accounts. The previous RM404k F Sport had a 10.3-inch screen and a Mark Levinson audio system, this is not the case. Overall, a good trade, we mean.

We think the Lexus NX is also a good alternative to the usual German SUV suspects. It's been five years that you've really ridden this car, and a short drive to Port Dickson and back with the latest NX 300 Premium has reminded me of the qualities of the Lexus.

I shared the driving duties with colleagues Hafiz (BM) and Jason (CN), and we all agreed that the NX is a high-speed cruiser. Sure, it's fast and responsive enough, but the effortless driving experience and comfort of the NX has convinced us. Compared to its European competitors, NVH NVH values ​​are low. Between this and the similarly priced and powered Mercedes-Benz GLC 250, the German is a bit stiffer, noisier and less friendly than a daily ride, IMHO. The Lexus also has a more complete safety package and practical features such as ventilated seats.

While seating comfort is good, the NX cabin is not the largest on the market. At the front, it feels good and compact. Back there is enough head and knee room, but for lounging it is clearly not the best. However, the electrical reset function is nice.

Whether or not you like the super-sharp exterior design and button-up cockpit of the NX depends on your personal taste. If you agree with its unique style, you will be pleased to hear that the quality of the materials used in the cabin is very good for its class. All touch points are covered with supple leather or highly tactile plastics (with the exception of the steering knob covers), and there is a superior sense of solidity that is not always associated with a premium emblem.

The audio system of the NX is remarkable. There is no Mark Levinson logo, but it sounds great. You do not have to be an audiophile to get a higher rating than the comparable systems of Merc's Burmester or BMW's Harman Kardon, but I have asked you anyway. According to ICE man Jason, the NX system is among the best he has heard in the premium segment, and that's because it does the basics – like the "face" – right.

The last hint refers to the LSS + Tracking Assistant feature, which allows you to tighten the steering wheel fairly tightly when out of line. His stubbornness can be quite disturbing if you are not yet familiar with the steering assistance, or a little annoying when you are completely sober. Of course, LTA can be turned off or off as needed. The rest of the LSS suite works as advertised – a good addition to the model.

GALLERY: 2019 Lexus NX 300 Premium

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