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2019 WWE Hell in a Cell Results, Review, Scores: The Fiend is up, titles change owner

The first WWE pay-per-view show since the launch of the new television deal and the last one before the mark split was again an actual mark split. California. Although there were only four open bouts a few hours before the show, they were big, and the extra fights added were mostly pleasant, though some of them were not PPV calibers.

] It will be remembered as Seth Rollins finished the main event of the Universal Championship against "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt. Not because of a change of title or the quality of the game, but because of the mood of the fans when booking. The decisions made by WWE and listed in our detailed results below were confusing. From the game's evolution to the end, the audience was understandably angry, as most ordinary people who book this game came to the same conclusion as to what the result should be ̵

1; or not at all.

But while the main event was harsh, this did not affect either a stand-out Raw women's opening game between Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks, or a host of other entertaining moments over the three-hour show. Even so, the main event is always important, and it has a sour taste in the mouth for both fans and audiences.

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2019 WWE Hell in a Cell Results, Notes

Natalya def. Lacey Evans on Pinfall: The best match of their (too-long) rivalry has consistently had a good crowd reaction. After a good brawl of about 10 minutes, Evans Natalya dropped and ran to the top rope for a lunar attack. However, Natalya rolled out of the way and immediately locked Evans in the Sharpshooter for quick typing. In a recall to their previous match on Raw, this time Evans was at the receiving end of a big right hand after the fight. Grade: C-

Raw Women's Championship Becky Lynch (c) defeated. Sasha Banks hands over the title (Hell in a Cell): Before the cell was lowered, Banks attacked Lynch and dragged her to the ramp. The cell lowered as the women were outside, but the door opened after Banks Lynch threw himself headlong into the structure. Lynch slapped the open door on Banks's face and stole the necklace, wrapping it around her fist and slapping Banks several times before locking the door. Lynch introduced a table, a ladder, and a steel chair, but Banks tried four quick mating combinations to get out of the way. With Lynch in front of the ring, Banks pierced her with a meteora into a ladder in the corner of the cell. Then Banks pushed Lynch's arm into the small gap that had formed through the cell door and slammed it several times before placing her hand in a chair and stepping on it, then putting Lynch on a chair and hitting another meteora.

Lynch struggled against a sit down in Banks & # 39; belly and let her fall from the ring apron into the cell. The Champion then thrust Banks's head into the ring post, slammed the Becksploder into the cell wall, and dropped it twice headfirst onto an open chair turned upside down. Lynch then hit a rocket dropkick from the second rope as Banks held a chair, but when the challenger rolled outside, she came out with a kendo stick and carried Lynch out with it. Banks propped up both kendo sticks in the corner of the cell, and Lynch added another and put an open chair on it. Then she picked Banks up, put her on the raised chair, and kicked the apron into the corner of the cell. Bank in the ring, a top rope leg drop from Banks somehow got only 2.5 points.

When Lynch set up a table in the ring, Banks caught her from behind with a backstabber. After avoiding a power bomb, Banks Lynch struck the table with a Meteora, scoring 2.8. Then she reached for a Kendo stick and used the bank statement, but Lynch wriggled out of the ring, grabbed the stick and crushed Banks over her shoulders as she lay on her apron. Banks, however, grabbed Lynch by the hair and threw her upside down on a chair that protruded from the cell. Then she threw a dozen chairs into the ring, which Lynch exploited by hitting a Becksploder on Banks in the ring. Lynch then locked Dis-Arm-Her and Banks knocked out after trying to hold Lynch's hair.

This was the kind of top game that we wanted to get from Lynch since their win at WrestleMania, and it's no surprise that Banks gave it to her. It's worth asking if in the end the right person will pass – if Banks Lynch does not beat, who will do it? – but that's the only slightly negative thought that comes out of this barn burner of a match. It was almost perfect from start to finish and both women looked like stars in the end. Grade: A +

Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan def. Erick Rowan & Luke Harper on Pinfall (Tornado Match): The action began at a rapid pace, with all four men being legal at the same time. Bryan was soon picked out and ate a series of double-team maneuvers as Reigns lay on the ring after stinging steel. A top suicide bomber from Harper did Reigns, but Harper rightly banged his head on the bottom of the announce table and seemed to be in great pain. All three announcements were cleared, and Reigns was set against a ring barrier as Rowan broke off another piece of the barrier and drove into Reigns, who was freaking out into the crowd. The duo tried to bomb Bryan through an announce table, but Bryan countered Harper with a Huricanrana, and Reigns seemed to run from two sides over nothing and spit Rowan through the third. After picking up a two-piece power bomb, Bryan Harper escaped a third straight dragon duplex and left an opening for Reigns to jump into the ring and perform a Superman strike. Bryan followed with a running knee and Reigns hit a spear for the 1-2-3.

After the match, Bryan held out a hand, but when Reigns shook it, he pulled his hand away. Instead, Bryan raised her arms and asked for a hug and the fans began to sing "Yes!" Turning away, Reigns finally smiled and hugged Bryan. The two then shook hands without further ado. For a story that was heavily involved and a match that was not much expected despite two fan favorite teams, these four really delivered a fight that thrilled the fans. Good work on Sunday, even if the lead leaves something to be desired. Grade: B +

Randy Orton def. Ali via pinfall: This match was prepared during the inaugural show when Orton Ali said he was lucky and was not good. The veteran Orton dominated most of the game over the tiny Ali to the point that Ali first went into the ring post with his ribs and actually scratched his body. As soon as Ali finally got some momentum, he tried, but missed a 054. Orton avoided it, but Ali saved himself and Ali avoided an RKO attempt before hitting a Tornado DDT. Orton avoided a second 054, but this time Ali hit the canvas. Orton followed with his raised DDT and posed for the crowd, giving Ali time to recover. When Orton went to his RKO, Ali held off with a handstand to hit the mat. Ali tried to grab Orton's shoulders to surprise him, but Orton threw himself out. Ali then tried a rolling facebuster, but as he rose from the screen, Orton caught him with an RKO out of nowhere for the pin. After the victory, Orton stared at a fallen Ali, nodded his head, indicated the boy in agreement, and then slapped his chest. Good work from WWE to develop a reason for the match and pay it off in one night. Grade: B

Women's Tag Team Championship – Kabuki Warriors defeated. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross (c) over Pinfall to win the title: Kairi Sane and Asuka showed some posture and worked as the heel of the match. Askua almost got Bliss knocking with an ankle lock, and Sane stuck his eyes in Cross's eyes as she took care of her apron affairs. Cross cleaned the house as a hot day, but Sane stopped her with an Alabama slam. Cross used her knees to stop the crazy elbow, but Asuka broke as Cross nailed her high-swinging neck breaker. Asuka and Cross fought until Sane drew Bliss off the apron and deflected Cross and the referee. Asuka surprised Cross by spitting out green mist before she slapped her face. Heel Asuka is the best Asuka, and the Warriors did a great job telling the story of their heel shift throughout the game. Very entertaining for an unexpected match. Class: B

Viking Raiders & Brown Strowman defeated. The Disqualification OK: Luke Gallows pulled Strowman off the run and hit a Siz Kiz as the OC took control after the Raiders showed their freaky athleticism early. AJ Styles was thrown back from the sky by Erik and gave Strowman the chance to clean the house before Styles took out his leg and locked him up in the Calf Crusher. All exchanged signature moves and Styles brought Ivar out with a phenomenal forearm. However, the Good Brothers attacked Strowman in a duel to prevent a running powerslam against Styles, and the referee called the match. The Raiders hit a pair of top suicidas to leave Styles and Strowman alone in the ring, and an injured Strowman countered a phenomenal forearm with a straight right hand to the chin, which was clearly a message to Tyson Fury. Styles sold Strowman's blow all the way back as he could not hold his legs after the blow. There were good moments here, including Styles' sales job, but the DQ was unnecessary, considering that there were four people who could have eaten the Pinfall. Grade: C +

24/7 Championship – Tamina def. Carmella (c) over Pinfall to win the title: While the Street Profits applied Raw, R-Truth and Carmella came across Montez Ford, and a returning Tamina rolled Carmella up from behind. Tyler Breeze suddenly appeared and faced Tamina, but she threw him in the face and ran away. The 24/7 title has proved to be entertaining, but it would be nice if it were not just rolled-up. How about a little action first?

Shorty Gable def. King Corbin via Pinfall: After baptizing his competitor "Shorty Gable" before the match, the taller Corbin dominated early. After a rolling German suplex, Gable tried to clear Corbin out of the way, but was hit by the Deep Six with a powerbomb. Gable got back in with a swinging neck breaker and a lunar thrust, but Corbin returned to the ring apron with a chokeslam. Then he grabbed his scepter the way he was last disqualified from Gable, but the challenger ducked and rolled Corbin up for the 1-2-3.

Ring announcer Greg Hamilton announced the winner as "Shorty Gable" on the microphone, and Gable celebrated wildly. The long rumored name change is annoying and unnecessary, and the audience was only at the finish in the game. Nevertheless, these two work well together. Later on the show, Gable was interviewed backstage and took the name "Shorty" and said we finally saw "Gable is the bigger man". As a result, Corbin forcibly attacked him from behind and threw him into a concrete wall, a road bag and a pair of doors. The match was a C, but the backstage segment was fantastic. Grade: B-

24/7 Championship – R-Truth def. Tamina (c) over Pinfall to win the title: The foreign speakers were introduced, and Tamina was shown near her as she tried to get out of the dodge. However, R-Truth found her and she pulled Funaki from his table to protect her. Carmella caught Tamina from behind with a super kick and told Truth to retake the title. That's what I talked about earlier to do a bit more than a roll-up.

SmackDown Women's Championship – Charlotte Flair def. Bayley (c) on the template to win the title: Bayley got a bang because she came from nearby San Jose, but she was the heel of all match. This was another hotly contested battle by the women, in which Bayley kept his aggressiveness and blew flair early from the mouth. Each woman attacked the left leg of the other in different places. Flair hit Natural Selection on Bayley, but the champion could grab the bottom rope. Bayley countered a Flair Moonsault with his knees, but Flair struck outside to regain momentum. Bayley countered a try of eight with a fixation combination, but flunked out flair. Bayley then tried to roll up the flair and use the top rope as a lever, but the referee caught her.

This gave Flair the opportunity to defeat Bayley and lock her up in the Eight to win her 10th Women's Championship. Flair mocked Bayley after the match, causing Bayley to have a seizure and then collapse on the ring. "Why does this always have to happen to me ?!" she screamed before she cried when the crowd shouted, "You knocked!" This was a nice bit of character development for Bayley, though another Flair title rule is not yet complete at this time. However, the match was a good deal and a nice co-main event considering the limited edition card. Grade: B +

Universal Championship Seth Rollins (c) Vs. Hell in a cell): The ring was filled with red light throughout the game. Rollins quickly reached for a kendo stick, but had no effect on The Fiend, who devastated Rollin's ring by throwing him into the cell and the steel. Three shots with the steel steps eventually landed on The Fiend, giving Rollin time to get one To grab a table. This break was taken by The Fiend Rollins, whom he beat into the cell with Sister Abigail. Rollins was able to hit a frog splash Rollins then hit The Stomp, but The Fiend reappeared immediately. The Fiend made a second stomp attempt and met Sister Abigail, but Rollins threw himself at two. So The Fiend grabbed Rollins by the neck and made him cramp on the canvas.

The Fien I did not want to get stuck again, but grabbed a huge hammer under the ring and drove Rollins into the cell with it. Rollins responded with three superkicks and a pounding on the hammer on the ring; The fiend stood up immediately and Rollins hit him with two flying knees from the top rope, followed by two more superkicks and three more stomps. The crowd started to fuck, but The Fiend rose and the crowd cheered. Rollins scored a pedigree and a sixth stomp, but The Fiend threw a kick-out at 1. Five more stomps reached the 11th. And this time The Fiend did not rise, but an incredulous Rollins did not try to pin him down. Instead, Rollins grabbed a chair and stood over a lying fiend. Rollins hit him in the head with a chair, and The Fiend threw one again.

Rollins put a chair over the devil's face, pulled out a small ladder and drove it straight into the chair. The fiend fired against two and Rollins looked shocked at the referee as he searched for more weapons. He took out a toolbox, put a chair and a ladder on the devil's head, and threw the toolbox five times into the pile as the crowd raced again. Then Rollins piled the tool box onto the stack and vented it on the ring before grabbing a sledgehammer. Back in the ring, the referee tried to stop Rollins. "Think about what you're doing! This is not who you are!" Rollins gave a second and then swung the sledgehammer. The referee called the match without naming a winner.

The crowd burst into boos as Rollins The Fiend shouted. "You made me!" The crowd shouted, "Bullshit!" and then briefly "A-E-W" as referee and coach ran to the ring. Rollins then stood over The Fiend to mock him, which woke The Fiend. He immediately set Rollins in the lower jaw and threw him out of the ring, meeting Sister Abigail at the ring while the fans shouted, "Restart the match!" The Devil then pulled up the edge of the ring and slapped Sister Abigail on the concrete before placing the champion in the lower jaw again. This time, blood flowed out of Rollin's mouth. The crowd boiled slightly and The Fiend was shown at the top of the ramp at the end of the show.

There's so much to unpack here, from the red light (seemed to work in the arena) to the fact that for the second year in a row, there was another false finish in a Hell in a Cell main event. The presentation was ultimately solid. The booking was terrible: if the devil is not defeated afterwards, how can he ever be defeated? Why allow Rollins to be so dominant and cause so much trouble if you do not change that? Title, knowing that fans want The Fiend to win. It was typical that WWE did not deliver, and the fans had the right to be angry. Nevertheless, I did not hate the match and The Fiend eventually looked dangerous as a top. Everything worked and went in the right direction until the endless pounding began. Difficulty: C +

2019 WWE Bright in a Cell Highlights

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