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2019 WWE Money in the Bank Results, Review, Notes: Shocking returns and title changes steal show

WWE was clearly motivated to achieve a stunning pay-per-view result with Money in the Bank on Sunday and there is no doubt that these results were achieved. With high-profile matches, top-notch booking, surprise wins, and one or two astonishing rashes, Money in the Bank, based in Hartford, Connecticut, garnered huge response from fans, letting the internet talk about its results – even considering the "Game of Thrones" series finale.

With several title changes in the show, an expected return (just not in the way it was handled), and matches in due course to deliver the way these performers, if they had the opportunity, But enough to talk about, let's see what happened at Money in the Bank ̵

1; Match by Match – with our full results, scores and highlights from the show.

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2019 WWE Money in the Bank recap, grades [19659005] Daniel Bryan & Rowan vs. The Usos (Kickoff Show): Bryan caught a spurting Jey Uso in the Labell Lock, but Jimmy was able to break the submission attempt. A trio of Superkicks and a double dive threw Rowan out of the ring, and a double dive with Bryan laid him flat on the mat. The Usos then beat the Double Uce Splash for a clean victory over the SmackDown Tag Team Champions. The match was fantastic, especially for a kickoff showdown, but you have to wonder why the Usos beat the champions here when they just lost the vacant titles to them two weeks ago and suddenly got this non-title match. The audience, however, was hot on the finish. Grade: B-

Bayley wins women's benefit in bank contract def. Nikki Cross, Natalya, Naomi, Carmella, Dana Brooke, Mandy Rose, and Ember Moon (Ladder Match): Cross received an early showcase by helicoptering the ladder. Next came Naomi, who was running on two elevated ladders, sliding under a ladder and then being prevented from being trapped with a gap between two ladders. Carmella was taken out of the game with one leg injury when she was being coached by several coaches before she carefully backed away. Later, Bayley was caught under a ladder and sandwiched twice before Naomi put her on a ladder and slammed her Moonsault with her legs split. Cross ran under a ladder to spit out Natalya, and Moon hit a Codebreaker on Naomi to take her out. Cross slapped her raised Spring Neckbreaker to cover Naomi, and Brooke threw a ladder at Cross to stand alone in the ring. As Brooke wanted to pack the briefcase, Rose interrupted her and Brooke dangled from the chain. Four women climbed the ladder, but Natalya dumped them all before Moon slammed the darkness from a ladder outside the ring into the ring to eliminate Natalya. However, Moon did not get a chance to climb the ladder when Rose beat her on a ladder with the fairy tale ending.

Rose also could not climb when she noticed Carmella – with a wrapped right knee – who limped to the ring. Carmella took Rose down but could not climb fast enough; Sonya Deville pulled Carmella off the ladder and poked her before centering the ladder. She put Rose on her shoulders and helped her climb upstairs so Rose could pull down her briefcase. But just as Rose wanted to grab it, Bayley ran up the ladder, pushed down both women and won the match with massive ovations. This combination of creative use of the ladder with some tremendous moves and a thoughtful, complete storyline throughout the game has blasted the women's original money-in-the-bank match out of the water. A big compliment! Condition: A

American Championship – Rey Mysterio def. Samoa Joe (c) won the title by pinfall: In a repeat of their WrestleMania 35 match, the fight ended in just a few minutes. Mysterio countered a powerbomb in a Huricanrana pinning combination for the 1-2-3. The plot, however, is that Joe's left shoulder was clearly clear for the entire three points, with the referee taking the call out of position completely. Joe was rightfully blasted with blood from his nose and was shocked after the decision in the ring. As Mysterio was celebrating with his son Dominic walking down the ramp from the backstage area, an angry Joe ran back and clipped Mysterio, threw him back in the ring and hit him with a uranium post. While Dominic watched Joe and asked him to give in, Joe picked Mysterio up for a one-armed slam and followed him with a senton. While Joe's annoying losing the title, it's a good bet if the goal is to continue the storyline. It will be interesting to see how Dominic is shaping the future. Still, it was not a big game, so it's hard to judge. Grade: B-

Shane McMahon def. The Miz on Over-the-Top Escape (Steel Cage Match): McMahon immediately tried to escape from the cage after ringing, and Miz was able to overflow the offense. Later, when he tried to escape through the door, McMahon was dragged back into the ring along with a steel chair. Miz pushed his Skull Crushing Finals Finisher into the chair, but McMahon put his foot on the lower rope, causing the referee to stop counting. The problem? In a steel cage match, there are no rope cracks, which Michael Cole pointed out in a comment immediately. The fans have been buzzing in style. Miz threw McMahon on top of the cage and hit a frog shot, but got two points. Then, in a repeat of their WrestleMania match, Miz tried to drive McMahon from above into the cage, but McMahon made another victory, this time slipping his shirt to the floor. Again, these guys have outdone it. It's that simple. Condition: B

Cruiserweight Championship – Tony Nese (c) def. Ariya Daivari on Pinfall to retain the title: Since this was not an insult to the competition, this was a kickoff show match – or it should have aired between 9:00 pm and 10:30 pm. during the finale "Game of Thrones". This was the wrong spot on the map, and it's strange that WWE advertised this cruiserweight title match when so many other, better players got a second-rate payroll. Nevertheless, Nese and Daivari have made great efforts in front of a largely uninterested audience. Nese hit a crazy corkscrew over the top rope, followed by a 450s shot, but could not cope with the fall. Likewise, Nese stepped out of a frog splash and Daivari's Hammerlock lariat and soon won in the corner after a knee-throw. Difficulty: B

Sami Zayn hides from Braun Strowman and gets attacked: While he was phoning backstage, Triple H was molested by Zayn, who asked where he could find Shane McMahon. Triple H tried to ignore him, but Zayn insisted and said they must have a plan to stem Strowman tonight, as he would probably ruin his money in the bank on the warpath. Triple H assured Zayn that Strowman was not in the arena when he was expelled from the building. Zayn shook it off and said it was always the case, but somehow people are still getting in. Later, Strowman was shown tearing up the backstage area in search of Zayn. Later, Zayn was left hanging upside down and did not respond. Later, Triple H caught up with Strowman and blamed him for Zayn's attack, but Strowman insisted he did not. Still, Triple H did not kick Strowman out or arrest him, but asked him to go professional. Strowman seemed to comply.

Raw Women's Championship – Becky Lynch (c) def. Lacey Evans hands over to retain the title: The crowd burned for Lynch, who suffered a significant insult and saw Evans quickly escape a dis-arm-hero by grabbing the bottom rope. After Lynch was distracted, Evans pulled Lynch's often injured leg out and tried to roll up the champion, but the referee refused to count because Lynch's shoulders were not lowered. Lynch countered with a dis arm in the middle of the ring and Evans quickly typed out. That was a confusing situation, considering that Joe-Mysterio had counted earlier, and the match was not very good from the start. Condition: C-

SmackDown Women's Championship – Charlotte Flair def. Becky Lynch (c) over Pinfall to win the title: As soon as Lynch stepped out of the ring, Flair's music struck and she dared to immediately defend the double champion, her other title. Lynch took the bait. This was a much better game, which, given their familiarity and skill, is not surprising. Flair tried to hit Natural Selection on the apron, but Lynch clung to the ropes. Flair immediately grabbed her outside the ring again. After the referee was distracted, Evans ran to Lynch and hit him with the right hand. Flair tried to take advantage of it, but Lynch increased to 2.9. Flair jumped Lynch's face with a big shoe to finish the match with a 1-2-3. The interference and the title change both made sense, as well as Flair, who finally defeated Lynch, no matter in what circumstances. Condition: B

SmackDown Women's Championship – Bayley def. Charlotte Flair on Pinfall to win the title: An angry Lynch attacked Evans afterward, but Flair had Evans' back and the two pounded Lynch into the corner of the ring. Then Bayley's music came in and she ran down with her briefcase to rescue Lynch. Bayley defeated Evans, but Flair threw her Bayley and attacked Lynch. As Bayley came to, she threw flair through the turnbuckles in the ring post. While Flair was lifeless, Bayley reached for her briefcase and caught up with her. Bayley pulled Flair out of the corner and hit a flying elbow to become the new champion with the 1-2-3. She immediately celebrated around the ring and then made her way into the crowd as the fans cheered her. She received a tremendous ovation and was completely blown away in an extraordinarily booked-out moment that made her the first female Grand Slam winner. Grade: A

Roman Reigns def. Elias on Pinfall: When "Game of Thrones" was about to start, WWE teased the chaos as Elias Reigns attacked the backstage with a guitar. Elias then made his way to the ring, although at this time apparently no game start was planned. He insulted the crowd and played a song on an electric guitar, as his acoustics broke down. Elias ended his song and left, but Reigns caught him on stage with a Superman punch. Then he brought him into the ring, the bell rang and Reigns hit a spear for a quick win in seconds. Given that a match between Reigns and Elias would not have been a good one, this was a nice, interesting booking that put the audience in the clear attempt to pursue the PPV and not the broadcaster on one of the biggest evenings in television history switch . Condition: B-

Universal Championship – Seth Rollins (c) Vs. Upper hand. Styles turned a revolutionary knee into a neckbreaker, but Rollins countered with a buckle bomb and a stunning frog splash for 2.8. They exchanged closes-pinning combinations again, with Rollins almost performing a rollup and Styles almost finishing a spinning power bomb. The moment of the game had come when Rollins struck a backwards superplex in the arrow of a backward hawk, but still got only 2.9. Styles avoided a stomp and locked Rollins in a calf crusher, but the champion rolled out of him. Rollins avoided a Pele kick and Styles caught Rollin's 'stomp' attempt and turned him into a Styles Clash, even though the champion was eliminated at 2.9. Rollins was the next to catch a phenomenal forearm and turn him into a revolutionary knee. He followed with a super kick and stomp, and although he was slow to cover, he defeated Styles in a match where the crowd went wild for the target.

Styles rolled out of the ring after the match, but as Rollins celebrated, he stepped in again to stare at the champion. Rollins held the title above his head and spoke a few words with styles from the microphone. Styles held out his hand for a long time; Rollins hesitated for a while, but finally shook it as the crowd cheered the match and competitors. It was truly difficult to judge how great this match was when GoT ran at the same time, but I'll check it out right after the show. Nevertheless … Grade: A +

Lars Sullivan Destroys Lucha House Party: The trio came out for an unannounced segment and cut off a short promo that led Sullivan to the ring. He quickly disassembled all three and wiped some blood from his head on his chest. Sullivan still fails even though they neatly book him by killing Jobber and smaller wrestlers. The end of the segment was expected as soon as the music from LHP first appeared. It was unoriginal and boring. Condition: F

WWE Championship – Kofi Kingston (c) def. Kevin Owens on Pinfall to Retain the Title: Kingston was aggressive from the start, with both strong and high-flying maneuvers. Owens used a Senton in the ring and used a recumbent Kingston with a frog splash from the ring pad to the ring. Kingston later planted Owens on the ring apron with a double kick, but Owens countered a subsequent high-flying maneuver to the outside with a super kick. To S.O.S. Kingston led to a score of 2.5, and Owens nearly tapped Kingston after turning an attempt from Trouble in Paradise into a Boston Crab. Owens hit Kingston in a pop-up powerbomb worth 2.8, but Kingston countered Owen's fierce attempt with Trouble in Paradise to knock the challenger out of the ring. Back in, Owens tapped the stunner, but Kingston reached for the bottom rope to stop the count.

A frustrated Owens tore out Kingston's shoes and tried a somersault Senton, but Kingston pulled his knees up and struck a dazed Owens with Trouble in Paradise for the 1-2-3 to stay master. Throughout the game, there was extraordinary action and the crowd was once again hot on the finish. Although Owen's victory would have been a good one, Kingston made him look even more legitimate without the help of his New Day brothers than his win over Bryan at WrestleMania 35, which was expected in light of the action. Grade: A

Brock Lesnar wins the men's money in the bank contract def. Finn Balor Sami Zayn Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, Ricochet, Randy Orton, Andrade and Ali: The action began quickly as a ricochet springboard pulled out a number of men to the outside. Orton did not waste time throwing Ricochet and Balor on the table with his Signature Slam. The heels took the upper hand back into the ring and threw Ricochet and Ali back and forth between supported ladders. Balor was the first to almost grab the briefcase, but Andrade used another ladder to push him from above, before placing these ladders between the ropes and one of the middle rungs of the ladder. However, both men returned to the top and Andrade slammed a mad Sunset Flip power bomb over the ladder as Balor struck the steel. With side-by-side ladders, Ali Andrade struck with a Spanish fly from the middle of the rungs. The fast-paced action continued as Corbin McIntyre had his back, as he had done most of the time in the game, lifting Ali up through a table for a thundering chokeslam. At that moment, Corbin switched McIntyre on and threw him over the barricade. McIntyre paid with a claymore minutes later outside the ring. In between, Corbin Balor slammed on a tent ladder and caught a flying ricochet for a Deep Six on the ring.

Now with the upper hand McIntyre Balor passed on a ladder and threw Andrade on him with a sling. Ricochet tried to interfere, but McIntyre threw him out of the ring and crashed through a ladder between the apron and the announcement table. Orton entered the ring to pull McIntyre off the top of the ladder for an impressive RKO, but Corbin quickly defeated Orton. Ali jumped on Cobin's back as he climbed the ladder and finally dropped him off the top rope. As Ali climbed to the top of the ladder, Brock suddenly struck Lesnar's music and seemed to take the place opened by Zayn's absence in the match. He toppled the ladder to throw Ali out of the ring and climbed to the top of the ladder as the victor.

Put simply, I'm in shock. I had instructed Lesnar to interfere with Rollin's styles, not the Main Event's MITB match. On the one hand, this is a good booking, assuming that it is a legitimate evasive maneuver that has hit everyone unprepared. On the other hand, most people believe that Lesnar will redeem this on Monday night for a chance with Rollins at the Super ShowDown event in Saudi Arabia, which means that we will not have the surprising risk that the MITB will be having fun for the whole year Event at all. The match was incredible. The turn was okay. Note: A

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