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2020 NFL Quarter Finals: X-Factor For Eight Remaining Groups

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2020 NFL Quarter Finals: X-Factor For Eight Remaining Groups


It’s been a tough season for the 2020 NFL as we are nearing the finals. In the past two weeks, the play-offs have successfully closed, and eight teams are now named to compete in the Super Bowl 54 quarterfinals. Half of the teams who made it to the quarterfinals were underdogs, and it’s surprising the Patriots have lost their Super Bowl title chance this year.


Many football fans are excited as this year̵

7;s NFL season matches are fresh and exciting. Knowing the fact that most underdog teams dominated the play-offs, one of them might take home the Super Bowl crown in a few weeks. This is a whole new Super Bowl match-up that you must not miss.


Now, as we are all waiting for the 2020 NFL quarterfinals to commence in the next few weeks, let’s get to know better the eight teams that will clash to earn spots in the semi-finals. Let’s see how they will fare in the games and amp up betting on the NFL Super Bowl. Will their strengths help them conquer the title, or others may just throw sticks and stones at them?

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are one of the most active NFL teams that vie for the Super Bowl 54 crown this year. They’re earning a lot of favorites from the football community and its fans.


Fortunately, they were able to make it to the quarterfinals with a convincing 27.6% winning performance during play-offs. They will face the Tennessee Titans for the first time, and their greatest strength is being able to play as a team in many seasons where they developed their full skills.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs have to lay all their cards in the play-offs when Juan Thornhill gets injured. It was a bit of frustration that they might not be able to reach the quarterfinals. But, the tables have turned, and the stars aligned to be in their favor. They finished the play-offs with a 21% winning performance. The Chief’s  greatest X-factor that might help them cross the bridge to reach the semi-finals is their ace player in place of Juan Thornhill.


San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers arrive at Hard Rock Stadiums full of confidence that they can win until the finals. However, their defense slowed down as they clash in the play-offs due to Dee Ford’s health issues.


Fortunately, they managed to win the game with a 21.2% winning performance. If Dee Ford’s health is perfect in the coming weeks, then the 49ers can slay a performance in the quarterfinals and might earn a slot in the semis.

Green Bay Packers

One of the surprising teams that made it to the quarterfinals of the 2020 NFL is the Green Bay Packers. They ended their conference season with a bang; however, their odds value was not that great during the playoffs.


This team was an underdog, yet they manage to pull off a play-off winning performance of 17.5%. The greatest strength of this team is their passing rate, and if they maintain the same trend in the quarterfinals, a spot for semi-finals is well-deserved for them.

Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans is another underdog and less favored team to make it to the quarterfinals. They only tallied a 3.1% winning performance during the play-offs because Brown was injured during the Wildcard season. Good thing, Titans have reserved players who helped them get a ticket in the quarterfinal. The linebackers are their X-factor that other teams must watch out.

Houston Texans

With a 3.6% winning performance in the play-offs, the Texans have finally secured a quarterfinal spot in the Super Bowl 54. The same with other underdog teams, they struggled to win the play-offs, but their downfield passing has led them to continue their quest for the 2020 NFL crown. If they can maintain this skill, they might also deserve the Super Bowl crown this year.

Minnesota Vikings

It might be surprising for some, but the Vikings are two more steps away from the Super Bowl 54 crown as they secure a spot in the quarterfinals. They only managed to get a 3.2% winning performance in the play-offs. But, if their star player Dalvin Cooks leads the team very well, they might also win.


Seattle Seahawks

With a 2.8% winning performance, the Seattle Seahawks struggled quite a lot to fill in the finals spot in the quarterfinals. But, they still managed to do so. Jadeveon Clowney’s impact has made their victory possible and promised to do more to clinch the Super Bowl 4 title this year finally.


With few more days aways before the 2020 NFL semi-finals, each team prepared well to seize the four spots available. Hence, if each team can perform more than what they gave in the play-offs, then this is the most thrilling Super Bowl edition of all time.