According to 21 Savages co-managers, the organizers of the Grammy Awards refuse to release the two tickets that would be available to the Slaughter gang rapper. The 61st edition of the Grammys is scheduled to take place while 21 Savage remains isolated. As a result, his manager contacted the organizers and tried to reassign the tickets so that the mother of 21

could be present in her son's name.

After uncovering the dysfunction of 21 Savage's inadmissibility, manager Stone Mound Meezy ended a second tweet in which he said, "We're not going to go to Grammy's … politics and shit is ridiculous. .. "on behalf of 21 Savage, his mother and the rest of the rapper's followers.

Meezy is the same connection that gave the fans an update on the condition of 21 Savage on February 5th. In his opinion, the rapper remains in a good mood, even if the cell of Savage 21 is lazy and the conditions are inhumane. "I just talked to Savage," he wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted. "It's closed for 23 hours of the day, no TV or any communication other than our 10-minute phone calls. Everything I've told him has made him happy and lets me pass this time, thanks for the support. "