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21 Savage's visa application may have triggered an arrest

21 Savage

Visa application may have triggered arrest …

05.02.2014 01:00 PST


21 Savage was not transferred to ICE by the Dekalb County Police. It turned out that ICE was at the scene when they drove over the car in which the rapper drove. 21s attorney was upset over the arrest on Sunday because he was illegally in the US. He said ICE knew the rapper's status since 201

7 when he applied for a sub visa. The thing is … until Sunday, ICE had no interaction with Savage.

What's more … The lawyer of 21 says ICE missed it by partly basing the arrest on the rapper's earlier crime. As we reported earlier, in 2014, 21 were found guilty of charging for drug abuse offenses, but the record was dropped last year. ICE does not have to comply with an expulsion … The arrest and conviction can trigger an expulsion action.

Ironically, Savage's move to become a legal resident has caused the arrest as USCIS investigates the application and performs a background check. which apparently revealed that he was born in the UK, had come to the US legally in 2005 with a visa, but he expelled the following year and has been here illegally since 1945 .

How Savage Decided to Request a U-Visa for 2017 … There is a form of relief for people who have been illegally resident in the US for at least ten years and have a qualified US have American relatives. In Savage's case, he has three children who were born here. Problem is … ICE seems to believe that conviction by a crime beats him out of the box.

Another reason why he wanted the visa … it would allow him to leave the country for a tour.

Why the cousin of 21 – rapper Young Nudy – was arrested in the same bust … He had an arrest warrant for an incident in 2017. According to the documents received by TMZ, Nudy becomes accused of shooting a man twice in the hip and once in the buttocks … the man survived the attack.

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