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3 Indiana judges who had been suspended after a night of drinking turned into a fight at White Castle

When they realized this was closed, they stopped at a White Castle, where two men in an all-terrain vehicle shouted at the court trio and ordered a judge to hold the middle finger against the two men following a disciplinary ruling by the Indiana Supreme Court ,

Thereupon there was a brawl between the men and two of the lawyers who were shot and seriously wounded in an unimaginable spectacle. The Indiana Supreme Court temporarily suspended her this week without paying her for her non-honorable acts on the morning of May 1.

"The respondents' actions were not only embarrassing on a personal level, they discredited the entire Indiana judiciary," the state Supreme Court said Tuesday's ruling.

The verdict states that the judges ̵

1; Andrew Adams of Clark Circuit Court 1, Bradley B. Jacobs of Clark Circuit Court 2 and Sabrina R. Bell of the Crawford Circuit Court – are involved in judicial wrongdoing [19659005] and behaved "in an ill-considered manner" during the humid punches in the parking lot of the restaurant in downtown Indianapolis.

I can not offer any excuses for the events of this evening, nor am I trying to propose apologies for those decisions, "Jacobs said in a statement his lawyer read to reporters

  Andrew Adams and Bradley Jacobs
An Adams lawyer declined to comment on the case to CNN, and in a statement to the local media, Adams apologized to his family and community and admitted that he "did not behave that way as my position requires, "the Indianapolis Star reported.

" I am fully aware of the embarrassment I have brought to Indiana justice, my family, and especially my community. There is not a minute on the day that I do not think about the significant effects my actions have caused. I take full responsibility for my actions as they do not meet my expectations or expectations of me as a judicial authority, "said Adams in the statement.

CNN has asked Bell to comment.

Adams, Bell, and Jacobs arrived at Spring Judicial College in Indianapolis on April 30 and began making and drinking with other law enforcement officials that evening.

The next morning around 3:00 am, the judges went to a strip club together. But the club was closed and they went to a nearby White Castle restaurant .

While standing outside in the White Palace parking lot, two men drove by and called out the three judges Bell turned off the men, it said in the document, and they intervened, and the five began to argue.

The verdict said, Bell was intoxicated at the time and has no recollection of the incident or alleged incitement.

But it was noticed that she told the detectives at the scene, "I think that's all my fault."

Bell said the three were good friends and the other judges would protect them.

"I'm afraid I said something to these two strange men first, and then they said something back to me, and then I said something and then [Adams and Jacobs] went to defend myself," Bell said Regulation.

She added, "I can not deny that I said or did something … because I drink … I mean, I fully recognize that I'm drinking and chewing, and I I am fiery and I am Feisty, but if I ever thought that they would fight or that this guy has a weapon on him, I would never, never. "

The verbal altercation became physical when Jacobs brought one of the men to the ground and Adams kicks him in the back.

The fight ended when the man drew a weapon and shot once at Adams and twice at Jacobs. The men were taken to local hospitals and operated on in emergencies.

On September 9, Adams pleaded guilty to battery charging, which resulted in personal injury. He was sentenced to 365 days in prison, with 363 days suspended.

He was also suspended without pay for 60 days, while Jacobs and Bell were suspended without pay for 30 days.

The Indiana Supreme Court ruled that, by addressing the conflict, the judges missed their policy of "seeking at all times behavior that maximizes public confidence in their independence, impartiality, integrity, and competence." [19659003] The man accused of shooting the judges is scheduled to go to court in January for several charges, including a battery that has been made more serious by crime.

Monica Haider of CNN contributed to this report.

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