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3 on the Road: Mars – MSNewsNow.com

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) –

Our life is measured by the movement of the sun and the stars. The sun rises and starts a new day. Get enough of it in a row and it's a new week. At the end of the day the sun goes down. Combine enough with sunrises and it marks a new month, a new year or a new century.

The darkness falls with sunset and the so-called "changless" night sky shines with all sorts of activity. The moon, stars and planets come out. And the evening up is anything but immutable. The moon chased Jupiter through the night sky earlier this week. Friday night, Mars is chasing the moon.

Other worldly visitors visit us all the time, decorating and decorating our night sky. Bright Venus is in the West right now at night. Sometimes in the East early in the morning. Venus is a regular one.

Other planets come by from time to time. Jupiter is relatively close and bright at the moment. And if you only have a good telescope, you will discover that Jupiter brings friends, his own moons. And the little dots are always full when seen from the earth.

And our own moon begins dark and yellow. And then there seems to be strength to win as it appears and hides behind trees and through the windows of downtown buildings.

Mars is rising late. At 1

0 o'clock it is high enough to see. Mars is just a dark spot most of the time. But for a few nights it will be the second brightest object in the night sky behind the moon. That's because we're closest to each other in our and in the elliptical orbits of Mars right now, and Mars has come closer to us than it normally is.

The bad news is that it is not as big as the full moon has been seen with the photo-shopped artwork on social media.

But it will be brighter than in 15 years. This is how it looked in 2003. This year, the brightest Mars has been in history for over 60,000 years.

Now it's the brightest it's been in 15 years, about a million miles fifteen years ago. But still bright enough to ask you, "What's that?" If you did not know what it was.

But now you know: the lightening and darkening of Mars, brighter tonight and for a few nights longer than it has for years. Another of the constant changes in our alternate night sky.

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