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3 Proven Ways to Track Someone Via Their Cell Phone

If you want to keep track of someone, you should know there are several ways to do it. We are going to discuss three efficient ways below Cocospy, Triangulation, and GPS tracking.

All three of them are accurate and cost-effective ways to track someone. We are going to discuss them in detail and deduce which one is the best for you. So, read on!


Cocospy is a top-tier app that helps you to track a target by his phone number. This app is featured in top publications with the likes of Digital Trends, Toms Guide, CNET and others. Millions of users around the world support it. We are going to describe what makes Cocospy the best phone tracker app.

It comes with the latest and greatest features. Once you make your way into the target device, you will be able to track and record their calls. With this app, you can also see their text messages as well as email. Cocospy also enables its user to monitor the target’s social media activity and track their GPS location in real time.

You can see their contact list and internet search history. This app lets you obtain remote control access to the user’s device.

Don’t worry; you won’t have to jailbreak or root your phone if you use Cocospy. Yes, most tracking apps require you to do it before you install the app. This is not the case with Cocospy. It’s very user-friendly.

This app lets you track every activity of your target. If you want to keep an eye on someone, you don’t have to go to dire measures to do that. There is no need for a lengthy and complex process, all due to this app.

You will need to download the app from the official website. Once done, install it on both your and the target’s device.  If you want the best deal, you better get the paid version. It has several added functions that you will find useful.

You will need to access the target device in person to install it. Once done, you will be able to see their contact list, what sort of company they keep and how they interact with each other. It gives you every detail of your target on a silver platter.

The Contact View tab, this screenshot shows you the interface of Cocospy and its tab.

As you can see, this app has an easy user interface. It comes with a brief guide shall you need any help.


Agencies rely on triangulation to track down someone else’s phone. The nature of cellular networks et people communicates with some nearby cell towers.

A network analysis software estimates the distance of phone from every tower to evaluate the signal strength of the phone. If the phone communicates with three or more towers, the software uses your devices signal strength from each tower to estimate its geographic position in a 3-dimensional plant.

Triangulation is not rocket science. Moreover, the software more or less finds the general location of cellphone rather than pinpointing its exact location.

This is an affordable alternative if you want to find the location of a target device. If you want to get an insight about the device, like how the user uses it, what apps they run, whom they connect with on social media and other matters, then you need to use a premium tracking app like Cocospy.

This tracker gives you every single detail you need to know about your target.


The triangulation method works best for a few old phones. However, if you want to track newer phones, you have to try something else. GPS tracking is more efficient than Triangulation. There are cellphone companies that help you accurately identify phones on their networks. These companies can give you the exact location of the target.

Global Positioning System gives you an accurate tracking of 328 feet. It depends on precise signals to track the target with accuracy.


We have discussed different methods you can use to track someone off. Although Triangulation and GPS tracking need restrictive access and technical knowledge, you can easily tackle the challenge.