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3 things I learned when ordering a Tesla store – Tesla Store was even useful to me!


Published on August 28, 2019 |
by Zachary Shahan

28. August 2019 by Zachary Shahan

As I recently shared with others, we have just got a Tesla Model 3 editors all over the world, I did not expect to need the local Tesla store , to achieve this. But I had the impulse to ask for help almost immediately, and then another. None of this will appear in my order – which I quickly put online after shop visits and after completing a few other things – but it was important to me as a consumer.

Morgan Harding (Store Manager) and Sean Ford at the Tesla Sarasota Store.

First, I did not really expect to buy a model 3. That's what I've been thinking about for years, long before Kyle and I stood the Model 3 test track for two hours on March 31, 2016. And I've been thinking a bit more seriously in recent months than my family and I were on our retreat from Poland prepared for Florida. But for some reason I did not qualify for funding last year, so I almost did not even try it when we got back. But then I did it.

I quickly received a preliminary approval from the 5/3 bank (which now uses CleanTechnica ), which suddenly meant that I could really seriously do this. The bank needed some information about the sale and the VIN (vehicle identification number) of the car, which of course I could not get before the purchase. However, I did not want to complete the purchase until the loan was fully secured. I went to the Tesla store for help.

In the store, the helpful, friendly, but of course not intrusive (sometimes the opposite of intrusive) vendors confirmed what I was afraid of: I had to make the purchase to get everything this info. However, I also learned that I have outdated information in my head.

In "ancient times", the down payment you made on your Tesla upon completion of the order was non-refundable. If you changed your mind or could not secure funding, you lost $ 2,500. That is no longer the case. Now, if you order the car and then get off, you'll get back that $ 2,500. Cool! (Do not ask me how long it takes, but hopefully it will be a quick and easy process for most people who are in this situation.)

I also learned that Tesla funding in a quick and easy Step end of 2003 offered the order process. I think I must have known that, but I forgot it (something we do not treat daily here on CleanTechnica (19459008)). Even in "old times" Tesla has not dealt with the financing. For some reason, I remembered the information from ancient times instead of this new system for the Model 3 era. As it turned out and the Tesla employees in the business told me, financing Tesla is hard to beat. The quote I got from the 5/3 bank was slightly higher than the 4.25% interest rate that Tesla listed on its website, but in the end I even got 3.75%. I've heard from a salesperson that Tesla works with about 6 banks for this.

The financing process was so quick and easy that I could not really believe it when the application was approved (if you can call it that). Suddenly the job was completed and the loan approved. I might have checked this twice five times before it fully registered in my brain. Too damn simple.

To be a bit cautious is that at the end of the process different taxes and fees are incurred. So you should consider how much cash you have available for a deposit before completing the order. A guest article on CleanTechnica said the same thing lately, but I ignored it and probably stretched a bit more than I thought fit to expand on the down payment. I have to admit that I thought a little less carefully and moved faster than normal when I finished the order. Anyway, live and learn.

The third thing I learned from Sarasota's Tesla staff was that the 7-Day Return Policy now applies to all buyers, not just people who have not taken a test drive. Okay, again, maybe I heard that (or saw a tweet from Elon about it) and just forgot – I do not really know. What I do know is that I did not realize that when I asked questions and wondered if I should finish the order. The other thing I know is that it was really nice to talk to some friendly sellers. It was nice that they answered my preplanned questions, answered questions that came to my mind there, and calmly welcomed me and implicitly encouraged me to take a new Tesla Model 3 home.

But that was not the end of her help. Of course, it was pretty easy for me to figure out which options I preferred, but I have a family and wanted to give them the opportunity to help choose some options. In particular, we had a long time in terms of seats – white or black. I had Elon's recommendations in mind (he publicly recommended the white seats at least twice). I had my experience driving the Model 3s with both types of seats. I was fortunate to gain special experience at the Tesla headquarters in Fremont and interview the best engineers in that department of Tesla. And I had thought about it for many months. All told me that I should go with the white seats, but … I did not think my wife would buy her.

The white seats are bright – really bright. Neither of us likes flashy stuff, but I'm more in agreement with it. She noticed the Clorox-bleached white of the seats, but she was done so quickly. She worried that they would get dirty. I told her about the videos in which people pour wine, Elon's recommendations, etc. Of course, she has learned something new about my seat factory tour. However, one of the biggest sales arguments came from a Tesla employee in the Sarasota store. She said that she tries to wipe her off regularly, but that she only comes in about once a week, and nobody else bothers about it. Nevertheless, people – including children – who climb up and down the whole day, look clean! When they get dirty, two of the Tesla sellers told us that you can easily wipe them off with a baby / wet wipe.

The last clincher came from a conversation with a Model 3 owner. We both started charging at a ChargePoint station and asked a bit about them. He, like anyone else I've talked to, warmly recommended getting the whites and said that he also went back and forth in the decision and that we would not regret it. If we did not have that experience, the Tesla seller who contacted me about the order would have made such a chat possible, as he emailed me one or two days later with an email could talk to a new owner about the seats. She had received her car a few weeks earlier and gladly shared it. It was not needed, but that was another way in which the local Tesla sales person was really helpful and could have completed the sale to another customer (at least in the white seats).


That covers most of my experience in the Tesla business for now. One last nice thing that the local seller did for me was to inform me about the progress of the car from the factory to the truck to the delivery center. Someone might do that for you, even if you do not go to a store, but it's quite different when you've met someone, casually chatted with him, and basically seen a new friend. It also seems that this is not for everyone – so hopefully you find a cool seller or ask someone to do it for you.

Would I have bought a model 3, even if I had no business nearby? ? Well, obviously I'm not a normal Tesla buyer, but still I can not say for sure that I bought one. I suppose I would have done that, but I went to the store so often before and got help so easily that it's hard to say that the store and the staff there did not affect my decision and my wife's decision had. Sometimes it's just the little help, the human bondage, and a certain amount of physical familiarity that gently but effectively guides you to the finish line.

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