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3-year-old Casey Hathaway found alive in North Carolina

Casey Hathaway, a three-year-old boy from North Carolina who has been missing since Tuesday, was found near his home on Thursday night and appears to be in good health, according to the authorities. The child was found near his grandmother's home, where it had been last seen, and just as another winter storm hit the state.

Rescue teams assisted the FBI and other professional seekers in Craven County, eastern North Carolina, to find the boy who it is Now he was examined at his side by a local hospital with his family, according to Associated Press .

Casey Hathaway played with other children in his grandmother's home in Ernul, North Carolina, and did not go at the same time as the other kids, according to Craven County Sheriff Chip Hughes.

According to initial reports, the family searched for him about 45 minutes before a relative named 91

1. Sheriff's deputies reacted quickly and a widespread search followed.

The search intensified with a winter storm awaiting Thursday, bringing strong wind and rain into the area. Hathaway wore no clothes ready for cold, wet weather.

"Our top priority is to find Casey," said Sheriff Hughes on Wednesday. "We treat this as a missing child research and look, and we do it diligently and use all the resources we have." The sheriff said the expected cold forced Marines from Cherry Point and Camp Lejeune to search The Sheriff added that marines were being trained in rough terrain in extreme temperatures, which further fueled the search.

Services used in the search included the FBI, NCIS, Craven County Emergency Management, local helicopters, drones and K 9 units according to CNN .

"Today, hundreds of professional seekers and volunteers ran through rough terrain around the house to find Casey," said Craven County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday. "For safety reasons, volunteers were sent home for the night, and professionally trained searchers will continue working overnight, and additional search resources will return in the morning."

To speed up the search, an AMBER alarm was issued.

The sheriff said neighbors and surrounding people had been interviewed by officials, and the FBI and the State Bureau of Investigation of North Carolina had been on hand to support the search.

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