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30 employees of the furniture store share the Powerball prize of one million US dollars

One million dollars can certainly buy a lot of furniture.

Thirty workers of Jordan's furniture in Nashua, N.H., had achieved great success over the weekend and won a $ 1 million prize for a Powerball ticket in the Saturday draw. According to the New Hampshire State Lottery, each person will go away with about $ 33,000.

"We all have our individual history, why it matters to us, but there is a couple in our group that I will not talk about personal problems, but it really is a significant impact for them. So it's all the happier everywhere, "said Sandrea Lutkevich of Dunstable, one of the winners, at a Wednesday morning press conference. "It's a big influence on us all."

According to the state lottery, winners will receive one million dollars if they receive the five white ball counts but not the final Powerball number. The probability of getting the five numbers is 1

to 11,688,054. The winning numbers on Saturday were 24-25-52-60-66, with a powerball of 5 and a power play of 3.

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"We are all very excited about this $ 1 million Powerball Award," said Litchfield-based Julia Crema, one of the pool winners, said in a statement. "We have been playing Powerball together for years and have always dreamed that we would get a big winner. Today is our happy day!

The winning group called "The Lucky 30" joined a pool and "for two dollars they came together for one million dollars," said Charlie McIntyre, Executive Director of NH Lottery Press Conference Wednesday morning, when the winning group received their huge $ 1 million check.

The "J-Team," as they called themselves, had bought the ticket from the Cumberland Farms directly across from their store. However, they did not see that they had the ticket until the next day.

Regarding the person who can join their lottery pool, the group said it is open to everyone in their business. When asked about the feelings of those who were asked but did not join, the winners immediately talked about how supportive they are.

"You are very gracious," said one. Another person added, "They are happy for us."

The Wednesday night draw jackpot is set at $ 750 million, the fourth highest value ever, according to the state lottery.

And when the group with the giant check smiled, surrounded by others who said, "Million Dollar Smile," Carrie Perry of Lowell, one of the winners, was sure to correct them, saying instead, "750 million dollar smile. " 19659014] Breanne Kovatch can be reached at [email protected] Follow her on Twitter at @breannekovatch .

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