The Florida Department of Health added a record 1

0,109 cases of COVID-19. It was the ninth day in a row that at least 5,000 new cases have occurred.


The U.S. general surgeon on Friday encouraged Americans to distance themselves socially and wear face masks on the weekend of July 4th to slow the spread of COVID-19.

In the United States, there was another day on Thursday with record cases that exceeded 50,000. Dr. Jerome Adams said, while the mortality rate has remained unchanged given the increase in infections, “the deaths were at least two weeks ago and may be even longer.”

“In the beginning, nursing homes were very badly affected, and most of our deaths occurred in people who were 60, 65 and older,” he said on Friday at Fox & Friends. “Now most of the cases have occurred in people with an average age of 35, so these people will have fewer comorbidities and are less likely to end up in hospital and die.”

He urged young people to protect their grandparents through social distancing and wearing face masks.

Here are some current developments:

  • Many in New Jersey flock to the Jersey coast. Boardwalks, outdoor restaurants, fireworks, water parks, rides, and casinos will also be open this weekend with some capacity.
  • This is not the case in some areas of southern California where the counties of Los Angeles and Ventura have closed beaches, and in Florida where several counties, including Broward and Palm Beach, have done the same.
  • As of Friday lunchtime, face masks with at least 20 confirmed coronavirus cases are required in the counties of Texas.

📈Today’s statistics: The United States recorded 52,291 new cases of coronavirus on Thursday, surpassing Wednesday’s record of 50,655, according to a report by Johns Hopkins University. There have been more than 2.7 million cases and more than 129,000 deaths in the United States. There were more than 10.9 million cases worldwide and over 523,000 deaths.

📰 What we read: More and more countries are making public face masks compulsory. We track where they are needed and which stores they may need.

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As MLB spring training resumes, 31 players test positive for COVID-19

Major League Baseball, which resumed spring training on Friday, announced that 31 players and seven employees had tested positive for COVID-19 as part of the admission screening. The 38 positive results were 1.2% of a total of 3,185 samples collected and tested, according to the league.

The teams may not identify the players who tested positive for COVID-19, but two players, Delino DeShields Jr. from the Cleveland Indians and Brett Martin from the Texas Rangers, have each revealed their positive tests. Any player who tests positive for COVID-19 must test negative twice at least 24 hours apart, without a fever for 72 hours before being able to join a team again.

– Bob Nightengale

MIKE TROUT: Angels’ MVP is not sure if he will play this season

Doctors in the hardest hit states are facing insurers reducing their telemedicine appointments

While Texas is closing in soaring COVID-19 cases, doctors in the hardest hit states are facing insurers who are gradually withdrawing from the widespread telemedical approach to medical appointments.

Insurers reduce telehealth to a limited pre-COVID level, resume payments, and use time-consuming prior approvals that can deter doctors. Texas’ Blue Cross Blue Shield originally planned to end telemedicine expansion on May 31, but has postponed the date three times. It is now August 31st.

Most other insurers plan to reduce visits coverage in September, although Medicare and Medicaid are expected to cover them far more generously by the end of the year. Part of the expanded telemedicine coverage was planned until the end of the “public health emergency,” which is unclear and is unlikely to end, said Dr. James Weber, CEO of Texas Digestive Disease Consultants.

New study claims hydroxychloroquine could benefit survivors; other researchers doubtful

Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has withdrawn its approval for the emergency use of hydroxychloroquine for studies on the treatment of COVID-19, the controversial antimalarial drug that was once touted by President Donald Trump does not leave the stage tacitly.

A team from the Henry Ford Health System in southeast Michigan said on Thursday that its study of 2,541 hospitalized patients found that patients taking the drug were much less likely to die. A report on the results was published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

The drug received widespread attention after Trump said he took it. However, after the FDA campaign, the studies sponsored by the World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health were discontinued.

Dr. Steven Kalkanis, CEO of Henry Ford Medical Group, admitted to reporters that the group’s results differed from other studies, but said they “could potentially be a lifesaver for patients” if used before starting suffering from some of the severe immune reactions associated with COVID-19.

Researchers who were not involved in the study found that the team did not treat patients randomly, but selected them for various treatments based on certain criteria, according to the CNN.

According to the group, over 100 students test positive in liaison offices in Washington

According to the University’s Interfraternity Council, the student-led board of directors for UW brotherhoods, at least 105 University of Washington students living in brotherhood homes have passed positive COVID-19 tests themselves.

While the university is working to confirm the 105 cases, it has confirmed that at least 62 residents of the liaison house have tested positive. According to the university, around 1,000 students live in 25 liaison houses. So far, the university has reported 115 student cases and 42 positively reported employees.

The Washington State Department of Health reports that 9% of people ages 0 to 19 and 36% of people ages 20 to 39, the largest percentage of the state, tested positive for coronavirus.

– Khrysgiana Pineda

The daily falls in Florida are again over 9,000

Florida reported 9,488 new coronavirus cases in the state on Friday, just below the record 10,109 new cases released the previous day as the deadly virus shows no signs of withdrawal.

The Florida Department of Health also reported 67 new deaths, bringing the total number of COVID 19 deaths in the state to 3,684.

The latest numbers increase the total number of cases in Florida to 178,594. It is the 10th day in a row that, according to the Ministry of Health, at least 5,000 new cases have been counted.

Since Phase 2 reopened on June 5, the total number of states has almost tripled. The bars were closed for the second time during the pandemic on June 26th.

Cases have increased in 40 states in the past two weeks

Four U.S. states – Arizona, California, Florida and Texas – reported a total of 25,000 new confirmed coronavirus cases on Thursday as the infection curve increased in 40 of the 50 states on the way to the fourth weekend of the holiday season.

With the number of coronavirus cases confirmed daily, increasing to over 50,000 nationwide, alarming 36 countries saw an increase in the percentage of tests that returned positive for the virus.

“What we saw is a very worrying week,” said Dr. Anthony Fauci, the government’s leading infectious disease expert, livestreamed with the American Medical Association.

All but 10 states have experienced an upswing in newly reported cases in the past 14 days. This emerges from data compiled by the voluntary COVID Tracking Project. The outbreaks are most severe in Arizona, Texas and Florida, which, along with California, have closed or otherwise pinched bars, restaurants, and cinemas in the past week.

Nebraska and South Dakota were the only states outside of the northeast that in some cases saw a downward trend.

– Associated Press

Texas GOP will continue the state convention at the Houston virus hotspot

Against opposition from doctors and some local party activists, the Texas GOP is hosting a three-day meeting starting July 16 in Houston, one of the country’s coronavirus hotspots.

The party leaders voted on Thursday evening to hold a personal gathering that is usually one of the largest political conventions in America and attracts thousands of participants. Some proponents suggested that changing the plans is not what President Donald Trump would want.

The vote was held hours after Republican governor Greg Abbott issued a nationwide mask order when COVID-19’s hospitalizations in Texas set another high Thursday. Hospitals in Houston have warned that they will be overloaded, and the Texas Medical Association has called for Congress to cancel. Now it wasn’t time to house thousands of people indoors.

The Democratic Mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, left the decisions about the Convention to the GOP.

India is approaching the third largest country after another daily high

India reported another one-day record high in new coronavirus cases on Friday, while its monuments, including the Taj Mahal, are slated to reopen to tourists next week.

The 20,903 new cases increased the national total to 625,544. The Department of Health reported another 379 deaths in the past 24 hours, resulting in 18,213 deaths.

With the current infection rate, India is expected to surpass the 666,000 cases in Russia in the coming days and will be the third most affected country after the United States and Brazil. According to Johns Hopkins University, it has the eighth most common deaths in the world.

After a strict two-month ban, India eased restrictions in most of the country, except for the areas with the highest risk. The Ministry of Culture decided to reopen all monuments on Monday with a limited number of visitors and mandatory masks.

Dallas plans to distribute $ 500,000 to immigrant families affected by COVID-19

As the number of coronavirus cases increases in Texas, the city of Dallas will distribute $ 500,000 to nonprofits that support migrant families. The city’s Welcome and Immigration Office has partnered with the Open Society Foundations to set up a fund.

Officials will work with local nonprofits to help immigrant communities distribute funds. Priorities are given to families that are not eligible for federal COVID 19 aid programs.

“Immigrants have played a key role in economic growth in Dallas. And they didn’t stop working during the COVID crisis, ”said Patrick Gaspard, president of the Open Society Foundations, in a press release. “They are the main workers in this city.”

The nonprofits will also collect non-identifying information to “inform the future emergency response for Dallas immigrants,” the press release said. City officials hope that this program will receive additional funding from individuals and foundations.

New York County gave party guests a summons to trace coronavirus contacts

Health officials in a New York county issued subpoenas to eight people after refusing to assist in tracking the party-bound coronavirus cluster.

It worked: all eight party goers responded to the subpoenas and avoided possible $ 2,000 a day fine from Rockland County, the state’s first known county to take legal action in the public health emergency.

The mid-June party was hosted by someone with coronavirus at the time, Rockland County’s executive Ed Day told USA TODAY on Thursday. The host was symptomatic, but still held the party, which included 50 to 100 young adults, Day said.

– – Autumn students

Oregon soldier on vacation after disregarding the state’s mask mandate in a cafe

A Oregon State Police soldier is on vacation and the State Police superintendent has publicly apologized after the uniformed officer allegedly refused to wear a face mask in a cafe on Wednesday morning.

After a video of four soldiers without a mask was released on Thursday and employees claimed that a soldier had violated the mask mandate against his “civil liberties”, OSP superintendent Travis Hampton described the behavior of the soldiers as “embarrassing and unjustifiable”.

Officials said Thursday that the soldier who refused to wear a mask was on leave and that the incident was being investigated. None of the soldiers were identified by the OSP.

– – Whitney Woodworth, Salem (Ore) Statesman Journal

What we read

More Apple stores were closed as COVID-19 cases increased in the United States

With more corona virus spikes, Apple has now closed about 28% of its US business.

As of Thursday, 77 reopened stores will be temporarily closed, Apple confirmed to the US TODAY. Other stores across the country are only open for online order pick-up and “Genius In-Store Support” by appointment.

Apple closed 32 stores in five states last week, but 45 more closures in 11 states followed on Thursday. New temporary closures include 15 in California, another 10 in Texas, five of the six locations in Georgia, four of the five stores in Nevada, and two more in Florida.

Some of the new closings are open for appointments either through Thursday or Friday, depending on the business side. Apple has 271 stores in the United States.

– – Kelly Tyko

Woman spits on 7-Eleven counter in Texas after being asked to wear a mask

A woman was registered on a 7-Eleven counter spitting on Monday after the cashier refused to call her purchase because she wasn’t wearing a mask. The unidentified woman spat on the counter after shouting at the cashier that she “had the right” not to wear a face mask.

“I spread more germs here,” you hear them say. The picture shows the woman in Fort Worth, Texas, 7-Eleven, who says, “We have the right in America not to wear an (explosive) mask.” One hears the woman’s cashier say, “I’m just telling you to put on a mask.”

CBS Dallas reports that an employee has put a sign on the shop door that says customers must wear a mask. “It is discouraging to see a 7-Eleven team member be treated with the disrespect shown in this video. 7-Eleven, Inc. complies with all federal, state, and local laws, including local mandates that cover faces in the world Require publicity, “7-Eleven said in a statement to the US TODAY. “We respectfully ask customers to do the same.”

– – Josh Rivera

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