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321 Launch App Brings Live Rocket Experience to Mobile Devices

  321 Launch App Brings Live Rocker Experience to Mobile Devices

Space enthusiasts can soon download the 321 launch app to watch live rocket launches from the comfort of the office or living room, interactively across existing 2D feeds out.

Credit: USA Today

Launched this week, a new app called Launch 321

promises space enthusiasts an interactive mobile device experience in real-time rocket launches] The interactive app will be released tomorrow (March 29) ) in the Google Play Store and on iOS, and its developers have developed it to give people a taste of what it feels like to be there personally at a rocket launch, especially when Cape Canaveral in Florida is too far away to get there to travel.

"We have been developing the experience of [augmented reality] for four years and my role and the role of my team is to evaluate new technologies and how to apply them to storytelling, Ray Soto told Space.com, Soto is Director of Emerging Technologies on USA Today, the flagship publication for the Gannett Co. [Blastoff! How to See a Rocket Launch In Person]

  321 Launch is a new interactive app that was developed by USA Today and provides real-time rocket launch data for mounting rockets for educational purposes.

321 Launch is a new interactive app developed by USA Today that provides real-time data on rocket launches, as well as modeling the stages of rocket-mounting for educational purposes.

Credit: USA Today

In addition, Soto Space.com gave the app a chance The smooth interface of 321 Launch tells users where a launch takes place in the sky, similar to Skywatching apps, and also models the montage a Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket from beginning to end that users can see in 3D when no launch occurs. During the launch, users will see the miniature scenes play against their environment.

Soto said that 321 Launch SpaceXs will model Falcon 9 missiles, but the team plans to continue demonstrating United Launch Alliance Atlas missiles in the future. 321 Launch was also set up to provide live information from space experts on Florida Today, another publication by Gannett Co.

The first live launch in the app is the flight of April 2 Falcon 9.

During the rocket- When you activate the assembly module, the screen prompts the viewer to move their finger along the arrows on the Drag or drag screen to bring up the next sequence. The directions in which these arrows point are not just wiping requests; They teach the user a little about the forces, movements and assembly techniques that occur in real life.

As the rocket goes through the launch, a user can select one of several menu buttons to focus the experience on what interests him most. If a viewer wants to see a live launch and see a space reporter comment, he can see both views side by side with a simple touch on the right side of the screen. And if you're a few minutes late, you can still start the app, and the rocket will start and accelerate to reach where it's in real time, after Soto. Because the visuals play in miniature with your environment, you can stay connected to your physical location, another benefit of the app's design.

  The 321 app simulation model prompts the user to specify a square block on which to run the animation. Assembly, launch and reentry of a Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket

The simulation model of the 321 app prompts the user to create a square block to be animated on the assembly, launch and reentry of a Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket

Credit: USA Today

"We've made several visits to the Kennedy Space Center, but I'll never be the first time forgotten when I went down, the rich history of the space program, a private tour of the actual space center alongside all the launch pads, history, mission control, such an inspiring moment for us, "Soto said of Cape Canaveral's visit earlier this year, who motivated his team to develop 321 launch and all its features] The team then watched a Fal with a Ra ketenstart on site and Soto remembered the reaction of a colleague on the experience. "One of my developers, he was quite surprised by the whole moment, went back to the press and announced aloud: 'I'm in space now!'"

The 321 Launch App will be available for download on March 29 at 2:00 pm EST on the Google Play Store and between 12:00 and 16:00 on iOS

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