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& # 39; # 39 & Riverdale; Season 2 Episode 19 Recap: The truth about Chic is finally revealed

Two people were arrested during the [196590000] Riverdale episode of ransom, and that's not even the craziest thing to happen. We did not even come to Betty, who aimed a weapon at Chic, but we come to it. Keep reading while I'm taking an Alka Seltzer:

OK, so all episodes of Riverdale from here on must start with Cheryl in a black vixen outfit and sing a funeral song. After all, everyone shook Midge Klump's death at the hands of someone claiming to be the Black Hood. Archie thinks that person is the real deal and that the person they thought was the Black Hood, Mr. Svenson, was a fake.

Hot Sheriff Keller does not believe him, however, and for the first time in my life I'll say these words out loud: Archie is right. In this situation he is really smart – hot and smart! Mark this in your history books, because it will not be long. The Black Hood is 100 percent still out there. However, the city is mad at Sheriff Keller because he continues to be stupid about these murders. Midge Klump's mother beats him in that scene in Jaws where a mother beats Chief Brody . Cheryl says his days when this city "fails" are numbered. I had noticed her warning, dude. Cheryl literally showered with blood last week ! She is on the edge!

Jughead thinks Chic is the Black Hood, which is a plausible assumption because he is scary and happened to kill someone in Betty's kitchen. Archie, on the other hand, is fully convinced that the Black Hood is still out there – and even begins to hallucinate him behind bushes, just as he Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween or some shit . Veronica wants Archie to drop that bone, which obviously means he does not. Breastpuffing is Archie's favorite pastime right after he "played the guitar".

"It came from the very core of my bosom." – Cheryl, this episode saves one iconic line after another.

Betty thinks Chic should leave the city before Keller interrogates him, which Alice says is a terrible idea because it makes him look guilty. In the meantime, Archie thinks his father, Fred, should be left out because the Black Hood threatened to "kill all those who escaped." Fred says no, and if that suggests the death of Luke Perry, then I'll write a serious letter to The CW. All this gathers at Betty, which Jughead suggests suggesting Chic as a potential Black Hood suspect. How do you know? Detective Bughead is back in the case. Where are your Scooby snacks?

They go to Sisters of Silent Mercy, where Svenson and Chic both spent time and perhaps crossed paths. However, the photo in the Act for Chic is not chic, confirming what we've always known: "Chic" is a lie cheat pretending to be Betty's brother. And maybe even the Black Hood!

Jughead and Betty go home to find "chic" with Alice in the kitchen. They confront him with not being really chic and he grabs a knife and begins swinging it. Fortunately, Betty gets in the clutch and knocks "Chic" with a rolling pin. If Alice still thinks "Chic" is harmless after that, then I'm done with that damned family.

No, they finally come to their senses … and Chic comes in: he knew Betty's brother Charles. They lived together in this crappy motel where Betty and Alice found him. One evening, the real Charles tried to get in touch with the Cooper family, but Alice avoided him. He overdosed Jingle Jangle as a result. Ooof. That's intense, but I will not lie: The sentence: "He had an overdose of Jingle Jangle" made me giggle. It literally sounds like he ate too much sweets in carnival. Alice is devastated and gives all this information to Chic & # 39; s real father, F.P.

Shift cables: Hermione Lodge has a stake on Sheriff Keller's head and asks Cheryl to write an Op-Ed claiming his removal as sheriff. However, Veronica does not want to have anything to do with the scheme her parents are cooking. Then someone throws a rock at Kellers police car, and I'm pissed. Listen, leave my salt-and-pepper snack alone. He does his best what he can! The campaign does work, however, and Keller resigns as sheriff.

"Shut up, swindler!" – Jughead, who always has to "shut up".

But who cares, because Archie is attacked in front of an abandoned house by comic men in black hoods? One of them is Nick St. Clair, Veronica's old NYC friend, who attacked her and tried to attack Cheryl. He calls Veronica from Archie's phone and says he has "Archie" and it will cost her a "cool million" to get him back. Wow, this show really turns to horror, right?

Veronica gives Nick the money, but it's not enough. He says she can pay him the rest by sleeping with him. It's disgusting. It is even nastier that Nick St. Clair sets up a feed so that Archie can observe this how it goes down.

Plot whiplash: Now we're back to Betty. The Black Hood – the real one – calls her and says she knew her game was far from over. He then shakes off a lot of nonsense about sinners and hangs up. Betty, for whatever reason, lies about this call to Jughead, but she says they should go to Chic & # 39; s old motel to investigate his allegations about Charles.

In essence, a neighbor claims Chic has murdered Charles – which makes more sense than his nested "jingle jangle" overdose "story." Chic does not confirm or deny what drives Bughead crazy. "The Black Hood calls Betty and says that she can "deliver" him and make that problem disappear, that's just so much blood and slaughter and not enough Cheryl, TBH.

Betty and Alice bring Hal into this mess, thinking he should go to the police and do not know that this would also bother Betty and Alice for the time they helped to dispose of the body for Chic, so Betty picks things up herself, grabs a gun (???) and performs chic through the back door of her basement and into a graveyard where the Black Hood is waiting bye-bye, crazy chic!

Later, Betty goes home, lies about how she got rid of Chic, and shakes herself to see that Hal is nowApparently, "he went to Betty", but the ominous music that Alice plays obviously suggests that another fucking is in progress.

"As far as we know, Dad, Nick cuts Archie's ear off" – Veronica, which is the most extra.

Meanwhile, Veronica is "dating" with Nick St. Clair in a suite when a trapped Archie lives miles away. Archie manages to escape Nick's crooks and heads for the suite. Nick, a monster, says drug Cheryl was "schoolboy mischief" and "everything in the past." Frightening. However, the way Veronica stares at his champagne car makes me think that she somehow poisoned his drink.

Yes, she did – and Nick is cold when Archie shows up, bleeding and out of breath. The two tie Nick and hold him for ransom. That's so much violence for a show about teens. Are not the normal high school gimmicks dramatic enough?

Nick's parents pay $ 1 million to free him, and now Hiram Lodge has to explain to Archie why he did nothing to stop Nick's ransom plan. Archie is strangely cool and just says he wants Hiram's help to bring Black Hood down. That's his mission now. What ever. I will never understand heterosexual types.

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