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& # 39; Agents from SHIELD & # 39; Review of spoilers: "Rise and shine"

General Hales soldiers take Coulson to his room at the base of the Blue Ravens. Hale admits that this is not an Air Force operation. She says it's Hydra. She wants to tell Coulson her story so he can see that it's time for SHIELD and Hydra to unite.

Hale wakes up in the Blue Raven base, which is a Hydra academy, to the tune of an order taker she should get up and seize the future. She is sitting in the cafeteria with a young Jasper Sitwell.

They go to a class where Daniel Whitehall is the guest speaker. He says there are many ways in which these children can help Hydra dismantle the oppressive state. He says they are on the verge of creating their own super-soldier with a particle infusion chamber. A young Baron von Strucker suggests using the Tesseract as an infusion material, but Hale points out that they have to blow their cover to get them from SHIELD. Hale suggests looking into space to find new materials. Whitehall praises her forward thinking.

Hale trains late at the gym. She makes bench presses when two students overload her with extra weights. She attacks von Strucker and must be deducted.

The final test for Hydra students is to kill the dog they raised. Hale passes. The students receive their acceptance and assignment letters. Sitwell goes to SHIELD. Sitwell says she should be concerned about her placement after the attack.

Hale is summoned by Whitehall. He chose her for his own program. She believes that she will work on the chamber, but since she is the only woman left in her class, he actually wants to artificially inseminate her to create the perfect specimen that will become the future leader of the Hydra in the chamber.

Time jumps back to two years. Ruby wakes up to the same call and visits a much smaller Hydra Academy. Hale watches as she spits with two boys. Hale wants to know about Ruby's future. It was designed to lead, but with Whitehall dead things are now uncertain.

Later, Hale and Ruby discuss their future eating. Hale and another Faculty member both receive alerts on their phone and leave.

Hale goes back to her Air Force Base and finds her supervisor, Fisher, shredding paper. He tells her that Gideon Malick has been captured and that he is speaking. Fisher tells Hale to pick up a device he's stored. The Chitauri wreck left after the Battle of New York sent a signal into space. Hydra reached out and made contact with an alliance of extraterrestrial races called the Confederacy. Glenn Talbot rushes in before Fisher can explain more. Talbot is there for Fisher, but he does not know that Hale is Hydra. Fisher takes a poison pill before he is kidnapped.

Hale returns to school to find Ruby, who argues about having to kill her dog. Ruby is also the only student left after the purge. Ruby believes these old Hydra traditions are weak and meaningless. The teacher continues to insult her. Hale kills the teacher and makes her and her daughter the last remaining members of Hydra.

Jump six months ago. Hale visits Talbot and his family as he recovers from the hospital after the Daisy Johnson LMD shot him dead. His frontal lobe has been damaged and he has problems with anger control

Hale has Talbot transferred to Blue Raven. He wakes looks around the base. He helps himself at the Cap & Crunch in the cafeteria. Ruby walks beside him and takes something to eat. She drops her headphones and ignores Talbot.

Talbot gets angry and follows Ruby to the gym. Ruby rolls Talbot's arm. Hale reveals that Ruby is her daughter. Talbot gets angry again and Ruby lays a blade to his neck. Hale puts Talbot in perspective and offers to help him and show him what she's working on.

Hale shows Talbot a mysterious device; it's the one she took from Fisher's storeroom. They should use it to travel to the stars and meet them face to face. Apparently it was used to move ships through the galaxies. Hale used it to visit the Confederacy. Hydra had a contract to protect against the war, which came to earth, closed.

Talbot notices that Hale is Hydra and gets angry. Hale says she did not choose Hydra, she was born exactly as he was born in in the United States. She says that these symbols – Hydra, SHIELD, the US – are irrelevant when exposed to a global threat.

Hale wants to know the location of a hidden Hydra weapon. Talbot refuses. Ruby brings Talbot to his wheelchair and rams him away. Talbot is confident that he will not break and that SHIELD will rescue him.

Flash forward to 24 hours ago. Coulson wakes up and looks around the base just as Ruby passes. She ignores him, but Coulson sees it as a game. He takes cereal back to his room.

Hale finds Coulson in his room. He asks if Ruby is the one cutting off Yo-Yo's arms. Hale tells him that Ruby is her daughter. She offers Coulson what she's working on.

She shows him the device she showed Talbot. He sees the alien writing and immediately believes that the device is a bad idea. She uses the coordinates and takes Coulson with her to meet the Confederacy.

Hale says Coulson is the ally they need. The Confederation offers to ensure the survival of humanity at a price. The price includes gravitonium and inhumans. Coulson says they should fight the Confederacy. Hale says that's always been her plan.

Hale says they are looking for Whitehall's particle infusion chamber to use on Ruby. Coulson hesitates. Hale admits Ruby is not ready to miss her temper. Hale suggests Daisy Johnson could fit better. Combined with Gravitonium, Johnson Whitehall's codename would be worthy of the "Destroyer of the Worlds" project.

This is obviously a sign of Coulson. He tells Hale about her journey into the future and what happens to the earth. She does not believe him.

Ruby visits Coulson in his room and asks for the future. Ruby wants to know what she did wrong. Coulson tells Ruby that it was not her, but Daisy Johnson. Ruby wants to know where Daisy is. Coulson refuses to talk. Ruby shows Coulson what happened to the last person who said that to her: a broken and broken Glenn Talbot. Talbot broke and told Hale everything.

Now Daisy reflects on her situation. They found out that Hale is Hydra, but not why she needs Coulson.

May visits Fitz where he is being held. May reminds Fitz that she was also Hydra in the framework. Fitz notes that this is not the frame, and does not regret what he has done. May asks Fitz to hug this side of herself.

Simmons and Mack operationally fasten Yo-Yo and their robotic arms. Mack tries to explain what it feels like to be involved in the framework. Simmons turns his arms and they start to bend. Theoretically Yo-Yo will be stronger than before. This worries Mack in the face of how reckless Yo-Yo has been lately.

Fitz notes that Hale is trying to build a weapon, but he does not have enough information to figure out Coulson's role. Fitz wants access to a computer to bring things together. Daisy says there is no chance. They argue about what Fitz did.

Daisy storms off, determined to save Coulson by other means. She decides they will look for Robyn and ask her.

Simmons visits Fitz in his cell. She brings tea for two. She says she knows they can handle it. She shows Fitz one of his old devices with a number engraved from his injury. Unless it is not, it is Dekes. He got it from his grandfather. It means that they survive and that they are both invincible.

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