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& # 39; Big Brother 20 & # 39; Summary: Lies, tears and more lies ahead of the next eviction

They say the truth will set you free, but on Big Brother the truth will send you to the jury. At least that's what Scottie looks like. The only moment our nerdy, virgin friend is truly loyal is when the target on his back gets bigger. His and Sam's last-minute last-minute safety lull in the aftermath of last night just made things a little worse with a veto meeting and live eviction.

We join a furious and confused Faysal in the HoH space after Sam and Scottie's crazy meetings. Not convinced of her advances, Faysal Haleigh talks about her efforts to have her put up as a substitute candidate and says that they have the votes to get her out. She is really hurt because her girlfriend is sneaky. She tears into the diary room that she thinks she's stupid because she's gone to so much trouble keeping Scottie so often in the game. Haleigh joins Angela, Tyler and Kaycee in the games room and seems emotionally exhausted when she tells them how angry she is that Scottie would do that to her. The Level Sixers nod and support her, but Kaycee brags in the diary how easy this week is for her alliance with all the new drama on the other side. Haleigh decides she needs to meet Scottie to find out exactly what's going on. When she finds him in his bed, she is quickly surprised when he tells her to distance herself from him. Scottie admits to everything she has heard in the house and says that he has told the other side that she is playing him and prefers to call her Kaitlyn 2.0. "It's best for me to go," says Scottie, telling the diary room that his and Sam's idea was "even more stupid than I thought." Haleigh is frustrated and confused, telling him that she's always in the game, even if it meant getting on Fessy's bad side. Things become more grueling faster than a General Hospital between the two friends when their insecurities grow. When Haleigh says that the moments they shared have been more than just a game for her, Scottie responds by saying that these were his favorite moments of the entire summer. If anyone needs me, I'll cry over those two stupid, stupid souls in the corner.

Scottie, who now recognizes his plan to throw Haleigh under the bus, is useless, meets with Faysal to take back everything he said. He tells Fessy that he did all this to make his likely eviction less damaging to Haleigh's game, and then admits he never had any feelings for someone like he did for Haleigh. Yes, that's what he said ̵

1; to Fessy !!! Who knew Scottie's truths were far fetched than his lies? He then sets up the field to make Sam a substitute, as she would easily win the entire game if she could make it to the final (she would not do it, but keep going). Fessy tells the diary room that while Scottie is his target, Sam's increasingly unpredictable behavior this week makes him wonder if her presence is too risky for his play. He will not commit to a plan with Scottie, but he says he will sleep on it before the veto meeting.

It's time for the veto meeting and, as far as Chile is concerned, it's a mess. Though board veto, Brett gives Scottie the word to explain his case why it should be used for him. Instead of giving this speech, he decides to throw Sam under the bus and tell Fessy directly that she should be the substitute, since she was the one who made Haleigh and Kaitlyn decide between the two. Ultimately, Brett uses the veto against himself and Scottie's request is ignored as Kaycee is selected as his successor. Faysal explains this by saying that Scottie distracted himself from Haleigh and tried to get Sam out, which was a "red flag" for him. Sam is just confused about how she has gone from Scottie's helper to his destination and told the diary that she is "done". As Brett, Angela and Tyler tan in the backyard, Brett is convinced that this is the first unanimous vote of the season, as they have the votes to get out to Scottie. In the diary he tells how The Hive / Foute / Bad News Bears had two choices to defeat level six and shoot themselves in the foot. He also says that Faysal is their next destination.

Fire in the kitchen! In a fitting metaphor for Faysal's HoH rule, the stove goes up in flames until Sam comes with a fire extinguisher to extinguish it. Tyler and Angela meet with Fessleigh in the HoH room to discuss the last four deals that have been discussed in the wake of last night. Fessy says that the "floaters" in the house count on them to attack each other so that they only get stronger together. Angela tells the diary room that she will not leave Level 6, but if Haleigh wins HoH next week, this "alliance" could be how she and Tyler manage to stay safe. She tells Tyler that the last four arrangements may be worth staying with them for awhile, because winning the next HoH would be useless because everyone targets Sam for a variety of reasons. Tyler, who is now negotiating in a kind of Final Two or Final Four with everyone else in the house, except Scottie, says it's great to feel safe, but realizes that the plan could quickly fail as he speaks his word the way. He tells the diary that he, Kaycee, Angela and JC (Poor Brett) is the ideal Final Four, but ideally wants to go to the final with Kaycee. He is confident that he will win against them, unlike JC, who won 0 competitions this season.

After a week of clutter, bad decisions, tears, flames and Zings, it's finally time for the eviction. Scottie, who knows he is a patron, makes his speech a great excuse for the people he hurt. In this sense, he is with a vote of 6: 0, the first unanimous vote of the season, the third objector of the season. In his initial interview with Julie Chen, he has explanations for every bizarre move he has made this week. Throughout the Sam / Haleigh drama, he says that his initial opinion was that Fessy would be so frustrated with Sam's pitch that she would get up beside him. Scottie believed his only chance of staying in the game was against her. When Julie asks why he does not fight harder for the house to believe that he, not Brett, would keep Rockstar last week, he says he believes he believes Brett is a lying liar who lies and he does I did not feel that he had to defend himself against Fessy because he was on his side. "That's why I panicked, so I acted as a fool, because it makes no sense to me," he says in his classic hectic style. Questioned, if his uptake of feelings for Haleigh was the truth or just game, he wobbles for a bit, but finally says that it's all real. And last but not least, he calls Fessy a hypocrite because he wanted to drive Swaggy C out when he and Foute returned their word to keep Steve, his first (and truest?) Friend in the house. For someone who had lied much in the house, Scottie's veracity was ultimately his downfall. If he needed his allies to save his back, the upturned voices and double crossings were just too big to ignore. It's a shame, but that's Big Brother .

It's time for the HoH competition "Sweet Shot". The houseguests must use a token through a ball pit to look for a piece of sugar within; Once this key has been handed over to Faysal, they must grab a ball and roll it through a conveyor belt. The first house spirit to make a "perfect shot" is the new HoH – but there is a catch. If a houseguest does not land the "perfect shot", the ball lands under the belt in scored slots of 1-40. From there you have to choose if you want to keep this score or go back to the pit to find another marker for a second litter. If no one scores a perfect shot after one hour, the new HoH will be the highest scoring home rookie. We'll have to wait until Sunday to find out how it all ends, but the biggest news is we'll have a jury fight! Yes, after the eviction next week, Scottie, Rockstar, Bayleigh and the fourth jury member will have a chance to get back into the game. Depending on who wins this fight, Level 6 will give more resistance and possibly change the trajectory of this season once and for all. Is it already next Thursday?

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