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& # 39; Big Brother 20 & # 39; Summary: The jury battle comes as the reality for level 6 drops

Julie Chen said it best at the hour when she stated that the past would come back to pursue level 6, and since one of her rivals is guaranteed to be back before the night, the only certainty is insecurity. 19659002] After the veto meeting, Faysal's and Haleigh's fates are anything but sealed. As Haleigh looks for her future and widens her horizons within the house, everything Fessy does seems to panic about her relationship after the game. She reassures him that her bond is real, but all Fessy can bring up is how disgusted he is that she hangs out with the others. Haleigh looks emotionally exhausted as she says in the diary that she never wanted to hurt him, but it only magnifies the whole dysfunction of her relationship. Whenever Haleigh brought accurate game observations, Fessy would ignore it and concentrate on any uncertainties or injustices he had felt. Things become a bit more optimistic when she suggests the possibility of a fight; Fessy thinks it's between him and Scottie when that happens.

In the HoH Hall, Brett Tyler makes a last two throw because he believes he is the underdog of Level 6. He says in the diary room that if the numbers in the house dwindle, level six must begin making hard decisions and probably attack each other. Tyler instantly buys and brings the number of the last two deals he's in to four (JC, Kaycee, Sam and now Brett). Trapped between these four deals, Tyler may have been in a dilemma. Which bridges does he have to burn in order to finish it? There's still a long way to go, but when Brett Tyler asks if his eventuality could interfere with Angela, he tidies it up and tells the diary room that his ultimate goal is to win the $ 500,000, and if that means she

JC decides it's time to play big games. He makes a sound to Tyler, who hopes to attack Kaycee and Angela next, but he just wandered around and kept wandering about why and how to go. Big, big mistake. Tyler closes it immediately and says it's too risky to keep Haleigh in place of his alliance mate. JC does not take no for an answer and does the same with Brett (the JC explains his next "big, mute doll" in the diary room). Brett seems a bit more receptive to the idea of ​​targeting Kaycee and Angela. He also eliminates the possibility of a fight and says whoever comes back into the game could also be a number for their plan. Nothing is set in stone, but it will be interesting to see if it comes to the fact that level 6 falls from the inside.

It's time for the candidate's live eviction and speeches ̵

1; and Faysal goes all-in Angela under the bus immediately, telling her that she is "not all", and telling the group about her Sam Smack-Talk and how she boasted about controlling Brett and Tyler. Fessy tells them not to act as if she's been listening to them because their families are watching her. How he managed to push it all for over a minute is a mystery to me. In contrast, Haleigh goes on the beautiful route by thanking God and the other guests for a great summer. Not surprisingly, Fessy is driven out by a vote of 4-1 (with Sam being the only voice to remove Haleigh).

When Julie scolds him about his speech, Fessy confesses some embellishments, but says that he has done everything stir things up in the house and avenge you Angela that she reciprocates her word. When asked what his worst move of the season was, he says again that he's got Scottie out of the way and said he simply can not trust him. After receiving a long, tearful farewell message from Haleigh, Julie Faysal asks how he would change his game if he returned to the house. Of course, that's a big nuisance. She soon reveals that the fight is coming back tonight and that either Faysal, Rockstar, Scottie or Bayleigh will win their way back into the game.

But there is a catch; The house guests get no insight into the competition and do not know who is back until he or she officially returns. Haleigh is in shock while the Level Six-Ers remain stonefaced. No matter who comes back, their game just got a bit harder. After all, we get a first look at the events in the jury house.

Bayleigh is interrupted by her yoga retreat by Rockstar; the two hug each other and regret to see Rockstar's unfortunate week. When Bayleigh sees shots of the OTEV rivalry and Rockstar's epic flunk, she's shocked. "I've never seen anything like it in my life," is all she can muster between wheezing and shaking her head. A week goes by and Scottie is the third jury member to join. Here all the fun starts. As the three watch Scottie's way to the jury, he finds out about Bayleigh that Fessleigh was very real and that he was very stupid to admit his hatred of Haleigh. The embarrassment quickly turns into laughter again as they all agree that Rockstar's expulsion was still the worst way to get out, despite failed crunching and screaming matches. I really hope we get at least one jury episode this season. As the house numbers drop to a point where three weekly episodes become torture, a sunny breather of all the unpleasant drama would be good.

We join our three jurors in the backyard when the fourth competitor is revealed to them: Fessy. The first words from his mouth are an apology for Scottie and a confirmation that he was a big idiot. It's only 10 minutes outside the house and he has already become 10 times more confident. The jury battle-back contest, "Big Top Drop," challenges our four jurors to take individual colored balls one at a time out of a spinning apparatus. The first juror, who collects four balls into the corresponding tube and hums on the other side of the yard, is back in the game. All four are in an insane litter to win, but it's Scottie, who is the first to four and officially returns to the Big Brother House. When he waits at the door to get back in, Scottie says he wants to take care of Tyler and get Angela out. Let's see if he's up to her showmate faster than Fessy and Haleigh. While his current plans are not the most logical at the moment, Scottie's return brings the potential for a really good TV. No one was sure where he stood in the game during his first stint (and his chaotic last week just contributed to the disharmony), so it's interesting to see if he can beat himself through the house and level 6 only gets stronger. Sunday's episode should give us a clearer picture of what his return to the game will mean for all players, especially as we will see the HoH competition on Sunday. Can Scottie leave the jury for HoH in a few hours?

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