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& # 39; Big Brother & # 39; Recap Season 21, Episode 14: Were Isabella or Jack driven out?

Another week, another eviction of "Big Brother" and more from the perspective of broadcasting. It is nothing but white noise about racism in the house.

When Julie Chen ran the eviction episode, the show had the opportunity to address the commentary by contestant Jack Matthew on the subject of "rice pudding" as part of a larger series discussing issues of racism in the home. The show does not have to tolerate its competitors, to say that it may indicate the kind of behavior that can be observed in society as a whole.

That Jack would make this joke passive in the "safety" of a group of white people is indicative of a bigger problem in this country. The same goes for mentioning Latina Jessica Milagro's "conseula" or any other number of subtle racist comments made this season. Yes, we understand that the production talked to the Jacks about their behavior and their language in the house, but why is it hidden from viewers?

Does "Big Brother" believe that people in the house have to be well treated by a "hero"? Hello? Welcome to America. To be a good person and be successful is hardly 1

00 percent hand in hand. Many problematic people have a savage success, while good-hearted people are exploited, chewed and spat out.

If anything, it is all the more remarkable that the boys manage the house and the effective leaders of the entire season while they are so privileged. That in itself is another statement about privilege in America. All of this would lead to a very interesting social conversation if only CBS were ready. After all, this is a social experiment, so should not it be about how "BB" represents our society?

Or is it just about pretty people in bathing suits?

The network and producers of the show did publish a joint statement by ET in which "unfiltered moments" are recognized by HouseGuests. "We share the concerns of viewers about inappropriate behavior and offensive comments, and the producers have discussed specific incidents with the affected guests," the statement said in part.

Read the full statement below:

Big Brother is a multi-platform reality show about a group of people who live in a house for several months and have no contact with the outside world, "it says "The audience can see the show during the several weekly programs as well as in the 24/7 live online stream, which records unedited content of the unfiltered moments of the participants in the house. Sometimes the house guests say things that we disapprove of. We share the concerns of viewers about inappropriate behavior and offensive comments, and the producers have discussed specific incidents with the house guests concerned. However, it is absolutely untrue that the casting of the show is racially motivated, that the behavior of the houseguests is predetermined or that the outcome is controlled in any way.

What's the strategy, Kenneth?

It's official, the Six Riflemen have put the whole house in a magical spell that has convinced the other players to just give them the game. How else do you explain today's vote? It was a problem that Cliff did her dirty work for her by nominating Isabella without claiming Christie's power. Sure, he did it to buy his own safety, but he trusts in the hope that the six will fall apart. A Hope !

Since when is it worth throwing away half a million dollars if you have the opportunity to take control of the game? We found out that it was a matter of integrity for Cliff. But he was not the only one who missed an opportunity, and no one else has an apology.

With 13 people in the house and one person on the block from each side of the house, these were perhaps the "outcats". only chance to use a number advantage in the game for the first time. Cliff had already said he would shoot Jack if Bella could force a tie. Remarkably, she could not do it, which basically only succeeded in the Six, unless wondrous HOH victories shift power away from them.

Isabella made an 8-2 vote and now there are 12 people in the house. If one of the six gets HOH and nominates two "outcasts" in the block, only four others remain to try to rescue them to the five votes that the six must clear. Basically, they have created a balanced playing field when they know that they are physically outperformed by the six on average. Why?

Why should you disadvantage yourself if you were in control? In addition, Isabella told them in a very pointed speech that the Six Riflemen were one thing and that still makes no difference to anyone voting. Do Nicole, Jessica, and Kathryn really believe that they have a chance to break this alliance, or better than the seventh, if they turn on all their "outcast" allies?

This was the week to make a big change and to turn the house. Cliff blinked as he took the opportunity to do so for personal reasons (a big risk) and handed it to the house to override the slackness he dropped. Then they blinked on and it could only be over for them, apart from the writing on the wall. Julie Chen always expects the unexpected, but that seems inevitable.

HouseGuest Report Cards

Jack flies back to the top of the leaderboard and survives what should have been a logical eviction. It seems everyone, no matter what he does in the house, has already decided that he should just go ahead and win the $ 500,000. You might as well write his name on the check now. Difficulty: A +

Christie still has her power, which she promised to help Cliff when needed in the next two weeks. But all she has to do is convince the Six not to target him for two weeks, and then that promise does not mean anything. She has used her existence very effectively and is in a very strong place both personally and in her covenant. Note: A +

Tommy Holly and Analyze continue to float in the middle of the strongest vote by the game's block and dominant alliance of the season (like does that seem to be in every season now, power alliances full of couples no one dissolves?). Difficulty: A

Michie rubs a lot of people in the wrong way with his disrespectful and demanding attitude, but that's "Big Brother" and nobody seems to care. He's a "hero" and part of the Six, so unless the bottom feeders can achieve some strategic HOH victories without Christie's power taking control directly in the veto, he'll be absolutely solid until the end. Difficulty: A-

Cliff tried his best to save a catastrophic HOH that was falling apart around him, and although he managed to secure himself for a while, it could not prove enough. We're not so sure that these six will be willing to break their ranks unless they can get to Christie and Tommy (the new bottom of that totem pole). But if anyone can figure it out, it's probably Cliff, so do not count him or the "outcasts" yet. Difficulty: B-

Nicole lies low and it is probably the best for her game at the moment. The Six seem to have forgotten what's in their best interests for the time being, but it's only a matter of time before they come to her, and their unwillingness to take a big step tonight shows she's afraid of them … or at least it looks like this. Difficulty: C

Kathryn and Jessica were virtually absent during most of the game. They had the chance to play "Big Brother" this week, but none of them did. They can not be so clueless that they do not see the writing on the wall for their page, but they are sure that they will not do anything about it. Grade: C-

Sam and Nick are now sitting firmly in the crosshairs of the Six in a house in Isabella. That's good and bad for the rest of the "outcasts" as it gives them a minute to regroup. But it also means that they do not have the right numbers to compete against the Six when they finally decide it's their turn. This game needs a thorough overhaul and we just do not see any. Difficulty: D-

Isabella should not have gone home for any reason this week, and yet she was unable to convince a house full of people that she Jack (or one of his allies) gave the victory by driving them away. We're not sure if this is more of a failure for them or for them, but the result is a clearance for Bella and a disaster for those who are not with the Six Gunners. Things Will Be Boring for a while ! Grade: F

Oh, it's also worth mentioning that Bella is the fourth of four colored people to be driven out in a row this season. If Jessica is inexplicably targeted for Nick or Sam next week – who are said to be the targets of the Six – or even discussed as a possible nomination then this is secretly the most racist squadron from "Big Brother" of all time (the least secret racist squadron is still the infamous squadron 15).

House Chatter

"Cliff-a-Mania is the mightiest force in the universe and I'll get it one day." – Cliff (justifies why he gave Six Shooter's bid and apparently spared Jack)

"Cliff 1000 percent just made the biggest mistake in his game, and by putting Bella up, he may have the other side of the house made happy, but I think he forgets that they voted him off last week, it's literally the dumbest thing I've ever heard. -Nick

"I had the feeling that both of my choices were hers to use the power, which means that we will achieve the same result anyway … "-Cliff

" I would have been cool with that, because then she will not do it. If I win next week, I can not even attack her , "-Nick

" Yes, but we are still down. Bella is still gone. Then I'm just the enemy number one. I will not break my word so early. "-Cliff

" I know because you're a good person. "-Nick

" Nick and Bella are a sinking ship. They are not my way to victory. "-Cliff

" All I have to do is make sure I'm not a target until they attack each other. And then I can go in and capitalize on that point. "-Cliff (Six Shooters' strategy will implode like Gr8ful)

" Cliff has proven that he is an honorable guy and also a great competitor. So it's not a bad idea to get him on our side. "-Jack (Cliff's strategy works!)

" I want you to know that you're my last two for me. "-Kat (to Holly)

"If Bella can force a draw and I get the chance to give Jack the big old boot and get him out of the house, what should I do, Cliff-a-maniacs? What should I do? "-Cliff

" I'm sorry, Nick and Sam, they have to vote for me or I'll kill their families. "-Isabella (promotes Nicole and Jessica)

" I'm sorry so sorry for the things I said and done. Believe me or not, if you never trust me, I want you to know that I love you as a person, and I really want to be your friend who is not in the game. "-Isabella (apologizes to Nicole)

" This is a huge opportunity to turn off Jack, and we do not know if we'll get it back soon. I just do not want to regret my decision. "-Nicole

" Many of you would be naive to think that there are not the majority of people making the dominant decisions in the house, and that does not include Nick, Sam, Cliff, Jess, Nicole. " If Jack stays here, he'll join the majority again, and if I'm still here, I'll choose you one by one to be a target, meaning you're safe. "-Isabella (Rescue Me)

" You're all great, so be great, always. " Jack (Rescue Me)

"I agree to drive Jack (Eyeroll) bye Bella, I wish you a nice summer." -Sam (Not Confident)

"I agree to drive Michie out." -Kathryn (oh, cat!)

"It was really just me who was bad at the game." -Isabella (why she has blabbed everything)

"I am so thankful – I can no longer gratefully use the word." -Isabella (about her relationship with Nick)

"Good luck with your Tiger mother." -Julie (to Isabella in regards to her very physical show with Nick)

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