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& # 39; Black Mirror: Bandersnatch & # 39 ;: How to get to the endpoints

[ThisstorycontainsNetflix Black Mirror: Bandersnatch .]

Now that Black Mirror: Bandersnatch has been released, the most dedicated audiences of Charlie Brookers' sci fi anthology series are endeavoring to create their own story cards and reveal all the paths and ends of the interactive movie.

As revealed by The Hollywood Reporter [13]Netflix's first interactive story offer is for adults. The stand-alone movie was dropped on December 28, and the streamer is added to the live action program of the new genre.

Bandersnatch follows a young programmer named Stefan (Fionn Whitehead), who tries to create a bestselling computer game based on a novel called "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" titled "Bandersnatch" based on his childhood. As the meta-story evolves, there are millions of unique permutations thanks to Brooker's script, which unfolds in a "branched-narrative style" but also uses "state-tracking" technology, so that the viewer's choice influences how his personal Experience on the screen. [1

9659003] As a result, there are infinite twists and turns to the story that lead Stefan into various branches of history and ultimately to different ends. As long as the audience "experience" the experience after reaching an end, they may see different conclusions – but most likely they will not reach everyone. There is no official term, which means that a satisfying experience can last between 90 minutes and 2.5 hours.

Officially, Netflix says there are five "main" endings, but there are several variants. And when THR spoke with Black Mirror the creator and author Charlie Brooker and the team behind Bandersnatch they could not agree on how many there actually are , "My answer to the question of how many ends there are is: All of them," Brooker claimed during a conversation with THR .

. Below THR summarizes all the ends. including some hard-to-discover and big Easter egg scenes. After talking with Brooker and the team, there are hints on how to reach the end and why everything matters in the larger Bandersnatch world according to the opinion of those who created the interactive experience.

The Ending Where Stefan Puts A Terrible Game

At the heart of the story of Bandersnatch stands Stephen's all-embracing desire to create a best-selling, code-based computer game for an emerging tech company in which created games are settled by the famous Colin Ritman (Will Poulter). When viewers "accept" the vacancy at Tuckersoft, Colin breaks the fourth wall at the beginning of the story to tell Stefan that he has chosen the "wrong way". Under pressure to meet a Christmas deadline, he releases a dreadful version of Bandersnatch which gets a rating of 0/5. The audience then have to repeat the opening narrative loop so that Stefan can "reject" the job offer the second time and continue with the story.

Why It Matters: "Built in Bandersnatch is the notion that you will experience scenes more than once," Brooker said. "Of course, that happens and there are things that change the second time, and we rework it to get compressed versions of things you've already seen."

The End of Stefan Dies Before Closing Bandersnatch

A big split in history occurs when Stefan's father unconsciously brings him to his psychiatrist's office and Stefan, who discovers Colin remotely either follow Colin or Dr. Haynes (Alice Lowe) can visit. If the spectators opt for Colin, the player offers Stefan Acid. At this selection point, the viewer decides whether Stefan says yes or no. But even if he says no, Colin spikes anyway. Colin shares his theories of parallel realities and the fate that are controlled on his breathtaking journey and challenges him or Stefan to leap from the hotel's balcony. When viewers choose Stefan, he dies and the unfinished game is released and receives another 0 rating. When viewers choose Colin, the player jumps to his death and the story goes on. If viewers have not decided to follow Colin on first choice, it will likely appear later in the experience as an option.

Why It Matters: "We spend a lot of time subconsciously on him, many of these things are dreams, they can not really happen, they could have happened," said Bandersnatch director David Slade. Producer Russel McLean added, "Whether or not [the hallucination] is a true reality for Stefan is the clever thing Charlie did in the topic – what is free will, what is control, who is in control, it's all as seen and found out. "

The Pearl Ritman Ending

When the viewers have followed Colin, they've already met his daughter, Baby Pearl, and red-haired Kitty (Tallulah Haddon). , The Pearl Ritman End breaks through the fourth wall, showing viewers that a grown-up Pearl years later discovered their father Colin's work and is trying to end the interactive story as a Netflix movie. Like Stefan, however, Pearl is overwhelmed by the immense task of programming the project, and viewers have two options at their disposal. Both end the story: Throw tea over the computer or destroy the computer. (Throwing tea also ends the game for Stefan.)

Despite this final decision, this flash forward comes after Stefan's only "happy" end. When Stefan begins to go crazy, as writer Jerome F. Davies wrote when he wrote the book, he becomes so fed up with his father Peter (Craig Parkinson) that viewers have the opportunity to have Stefan kill his father with an ashtray , When they decide to kill Peter and then instruct Stefan to hack the body instead of burying it, Stefan finally gets the 5-star rating he wants. He tells his psychiatrist about the fact that he could finish the game because he had more time for himself and he decided to give the players less control. Eventually, he is arrested and imprisoned for the crime, but he could still publish the best version of the game.

Why It Matters: "In terms of controlling your fate and the themes of the play, it is the story that if you have not made certain decisions that support certain actions, different endings have been won "They will not open," said Annabel Jones, Executive Producer Black Mirror . "It is all thematically related in that sense."

The Jerome F. Davies Cameo

There are Easter eggs and then "golden "Eggs depicting scenes that are unlikely or even impossible for a viewer to obtain One of the hard-to-reach scenes is Jerome F. Davies in a cameo The Bandersnatch author is played by Jeff Minter, a 1980s video game designer Years later, who inspired the character of Colin Ritman, he visits Stefan in the dream, when viewers choose the option "get family photo" twice, which finally forces Stefan to do the Finally picking up the book, leading him to various paths leading to discoveries of what is in his father's well-protected vault. The scene basically pushes viewers back on the path the creators want to explore.

Why it matters: "Very few people will get to this scene," Slade said. "There are scenes that some people will never see, and we had to make sure we agreed with that, we actually shot a scene that we do not have access to."

The Netflix Ending (and Fourth Wall Break)

Netflix also has a cameo in Bandersnatch when viewers have the opportunity to talk to Stefan about his computer. When Stefan begins to understand that he is controlled by an external force, he questions the question. Viewers can respond by either sending him the branched narrative glyph (the icon from the White Bear episode of Black Mirror ) or telling him he's controlled by a 21st-century streaming service but the "like TV" is on the internet. "This revelation sends Stefan back to the psychiatrist, and when he tells her that he is controlled by the entertainment company from the future, she demands more action, allowing viewers to enter into a combat scene with her and Stephen's dad, Stefan at the end pulling at the office while talking about controlling the Netflix viewers.

When viewers decide to walk back and let Stefan jump out the window instead of fighting Dr. Haynes, a fourth wall breaks in again. A director screams out the scene and the camera pulls out to show a movie set, the director tells a confused Stefan that he is actually an actor by the name of Mike and that he does not have it in the script if he does Windows leaves and she then calls for a paramedic.

Why it matters: "You are complicity," Brooker said. "When we first came up with the idea, [computer] was the moment that led us to leave: we can do this as a story, because this would only work in an interactive story. That drove the whole bus. "Jones added," It's almost like sitting on your sofa at home with your remote control! It is the moment when this reality has begun. "

The End Where Stefan Tuckersoft

Down When Stefan has decided to bury his father's body instead of chopping it up, Stefan becomes caught before he can perfect the game and at the end scratch the branched narrative glyph into his prison walls, the person who gets him will either be Colin, Kitty, or Mohan Tucker (Asim Chaudhry), depending on the previous decisions, if they did Visit Stefan at his house and see Peter's corpse When Colin arrives, spectators have the opportunity to kill him, and when Tucker arrives, it means he kills him Kitty escapes with her life No matter who visits, the neighboring dog dug it Corpse and the murder leads to an investigation and dismantling of Tuckersoft.When Colin lives, he is arrested for narcotics and if the spectators decide not to kill a father, the game is over anyway.

Why it matters: "In that case, you're definitely complicit," said Slade. "I'm not getting you to kill your father, I'll make sure it does not go away if it happens, that it hits you." McLean adds, "For the audience to believe it's in control, and then they realize it's not in control."

End of Government Conspiracy

When Stefan wakes up in the middle of the night and tries to break into his father's safe, the passcode "PAC" releases a government conspiracy. ("JFD" and "PAX" are wrong, PAC stands for "program and control" as we know it from Colin's acid trip.) It contains the program and control study files of Stefan, who has been under surveillance all his life Experiment to test the effects of trauma. Even his parents and the last memory of his loving mother were an act. This revelation makes Stefan kill his father – but this time it was not the viewers who made the choice, but Stefan. As a result, the viewers get a unique selection point that helps them find the phone number for their psychiatrist (20541 is correct, but each number continues the story). Stefan is still getting caught and laid off for the murder, but this time his play only gets a rating of 2.5 / 5.

Why It's Important: "It's one of the things that matters If you had no control and you knew you had no control, "Slade said. "Stefan certainly [the conspiracy] believes in a degree in which he wants to make him kill his father, which has made him angry enough."

The end where Stefan dies with his mother on the train

In this end, Stefan dies even today – but first he makes a journey into the past. When entering "TOY" as the password for his father's safe, Stefan finds the rabbit stuffed animal that triggered his dying mother when he was a kid. In Stefan's version of previous events, his father hid the hare, and because Stefan could not find him, his mother missed her train and ended up with a later one who was derailed and killed her and other passengers. When Stefan finds the hare in the vault, he can revisit the moment when his mother asks him to come on board with him as a child. If viewers choose No, they will return to the safe. If they say yes, he and his mother land anyway in the later train and Stefan dies together with his mother. The phrase is that the story pulls out to show a contemporary Stefan on his psychiatrist's chair, much to mutilate everyone around him.

Why It Matters: "There is a truth rightly a few of the endings, that was one of the big things for us," said Jones. "We wanted this to feel like a movie, and that you have that emotional bond with the character instead of making many incidents with the character where you do not understand his emotional journey, all of which will hopefully become a world in the world Stefan has fallen for it and any alternative or parallel universes are for him. "

The After-Easter-Eggs [194559002] The Experience Bandersnatch is officially over with the closure of Reverse Guards. At the end of the credits, however, savvy spectators have deciphered one last surprise scene. In the scene after the credits Stefan is back on the bus and a dial tone sounds when he locks into his game. Some viewers found that this sound was actually data that led them to unlock a link to a secret Tuckersoft site where viewers can download and play Colin's Nohzdyve game (a Black Mirror Easter egg Black Mirror ). "Nosedive" episode). The site contains a few more Easter eggs (including the easy-to-find reference "Metalhead," an episode directed by Slade). The catch is that viewers need to download a ZX Spectrum emulator to play the game. There is also another Tuckersoft website that asks visitors to come back later, but a request for a Mohan Tucker job ad is displayed.

Why It's Important: "Get something, then you have to reset it and replay it," McLean said.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is now running on Netflix. The fifth season of Black Mirror will be released in 2019.

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