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& # 39; Dawson & # 39; s Creek & # 39; s; Goodbye: James Van Der Beek admits he's Team Pacey

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The world is divided into two very loyal parties: Team Dawson or Team Pacey.

If you've seen [Dawn'ssCreek over their six seasons you definitely have a very passionate mind about who Joey Potter (Katie Holmes) should have ended with. (For the uninitiated, Pacey of Joey and Joshua Jackson rode together into the New York Sunset.) [1

94559003] Creek Inventor Kevin Williamson says he rode or died for Dawson and Joey … initially. "But when we saw the chemistry [between Holmes and Jackson] it was more surprising," says Williamson. "I'm so happy we made it."

Holmes was only grateful that she was not forced to choose a site. "I'm glad that Kevin had to make the decision and we did not," says the actress. But even Dawson himself could be Team Pacey. "It felt right," says James Van Der Beek. "It seemed like it made more sense."

Jackson in turn loved the end result. Quits of the actor, "Of course I have! My vanity knows no bounds."

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