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& # 39; drag race & # 39; Miss Congeniality Monet X Change Courts to & # 39; All Stars 4 & # 39; & Asia O & # 39; Hara & # 39; s Butterfly Reveal

"The online election to determine this year's Miss Congeniality has been nullified by outside interference," announced RuPaul on Thursday [June 28] in the final of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 "In contrast, these other dodgy choices do not suit us."

The host explained that each of the season's ten queens decided which of their sisters deserved the title and last year's Miss Congeniality, Valentina, stepped up the broadcast from the factory at the World Tour Stop in Berlin to announce that NYC-Queen Monét X Change would be her successor.

The day after its release, Monét hopped with Billboard after a television party in Newfoundland to make phone calls about anything from her new role as Miss Congeniality, her upcoming YouTube series I Feel Skinny and how their lucky sponge might have stopped Asia O & # 39; s Haras butterfly Snafu revealing, "Sponges are definitely a good omen, girl, and if you lessen your sponge's body, you'll let luck take control."

So first congratulations to Miss Congeniality. What does it mean that your sisters receive this kind of affirmation?

There is more emphasis on who I really am as a person. Now that the show is so big, some queens will think, "What will fans think, or how will people think about it?" I did not go into that way of thinking ̵

1; I went in, trying to be honest about who I am as a person. And that laughs; that is able to make jokes about myself, and – as you know – make fun of other people, but in a silly way.

With all the bot thing with online, the Miss Congeniality choice somehow became crap. As you saw, we finally had to vote ourselves. And frankly, most pageants do that; The girls vote for Miss Congeniality. I am glad that my sisters think that I am very sympathetic, and I was a treasure through and through, because that's really how I am in the world.

Can you talk more about this bot thing? What happened to the election?

I mean, I do not know, listen – I'm not busy with technology. Apparently there was some kind of interference. You know, it's probably an eleven-year-old kid on his grandmother's iPad. And it just broke the goddamn voice, you know what I mean? I jumped from 100,000 to 800,000 [fan votes] in two seconds, to a large figure like 18 million. So I think that Viacom and the mighty ones were ridiculous, and they did it right by letting the girls vote and I think that's how it should go on and on: The girls should vote who should be Miss Congeniality.

Totally. May I ask who you have chosen?

I voted for Monique Heart. I thought that Monique was always someone who wore her heart on the sleeve in competition. And, you know, some of the shows are very exhausting and people like Monique and me and Asia, who would just fill the room with energy, because – yes, we're here to win $ 100,000 and make TV, but so are we there to have fun. This is an experience that we will probably never experience again. So why not enjoy this moment and have as much fun as possible? And that's exactly what we wanted to do as much as possible during the show. And I think that showed up to our other competing sisters and the people at home.

Did you know that Asia O & Hara would release a sponge during her final show?

I did not do it girl! I gagged as she pulled the sponge out and she sucked it on the stage and then she saw me sitting in front and threw it on top of me and I picked it up. It was so cute that she did that.

Can we talk about it? She said that this sponge is lucky and you went home when you did not have a sponge, right?

Yes, girl.

And then she threw the sponge into the audience and we had Butterflygate. Do you think the sponge could have saved the butterflies?

Sponges are definitely a good omen, girls, and letting your body off the sponge lets you take control of happiness. It's the luck of the draw, girl.

What was it like being in the audience and watching your friend's revelation go awry?

Asia is a legendary pageant queen. She is known for extracting those really intricate and crazy numbers for which she has captured crowns and trophies. So I think it was just the time and the place and I think the butterflies had a little stage fright and it did not go according to plan, but Asia is a very smart person. I think it was just a misstep and only some of I & # 39; s were not punctured and some T's were not crossed to make sure it went as well as they wanted.

I mean, personally it was me, and the song was [Janet Jackson’s] "Nasty", I would have done something a little bit more evil – as if I had put a bucket of slime in my pussy and then made a cooter slammer and just green dripped over the whole stage. I mean, that would have been really horrible.

That's so good. Totally 360 here, but your Season 10 sisters were not the only people who gave you confirmation. You have tweeted that you have recently received a call from your mother. Can you tell me about it?

Yes! I filmed a few things for my new YouTube series I Feel Skinny and we came back from the shoot, and I missed a call from my mother. Usually she does not call me on weekdays, it's the weekend. But yes, she just told me how she chats in her group with her friends, she has this video I made for Ru, and they all said, "Do we know who that person is?" and she watched the video. And she said, "Oh my god, this is Kevin." Although I told her, "Yeah Mama, I'm doing RuPaul's Drag Race on VH1," I guess it just did not click what it was. Well, then, when she actually saw me in drag. In this video she started watching the show, and she started to read about Monet X Change and all the stuff, so she told me she wants me to know that she is proud of what I do and that she loves me and I am doing a good job. It was just a really sweet moment and sweet words to hear from my very conservative – my mother is like a Spitfire, like a very straight shooter all at the same time. She makes no words to hear that she expressed her love for me so sweetly and so cheerfully, it was so real.

That's nice – I'm glad you had that moment. I will not make you eat your beef again with Azealia Banks, but I'm curious: you would not have been on your radar a year ago. It's weird that you can get into those beefs that cover news broadcasts?

Yo You know, it's weird, but I think it's good, because often people in our community do not have votes – or do not have a verified tick for that, you know what I mean? So the fact that I can directly access Azealia Banks and call them to their nonsense and say, "Hey, girls, we've loved and supported you over the years, how dare you!" And I think I have repeated what so many people in our community wanted to say to her and wanted her to see it; But because they do not have a little blue tick on their profiles, maybe they do not necessarily see it. I am totally happy to represent the voices in our community as well as I know. Listen, I'm not always saying the right thing, and I'm wrong most of the time, but if I'm right, I'm happy to be a voice for our community.

You are a classically trained singer and have released your debut single "Soak It Up". Do you want to pursue this with more music?

Yes! I'm starting to work on an EP that I'm really looking forward to. Music has been a part of my life for a long time and I am very happy that my audience can experience more facets of Monét with music. And not necessarily pop or R & B or disco, but other genres. Different types of genres have inspired me in high school and middle school and college, so I'm happy to share these things with my supporters.

Do you have any other projects coming up? Maybe All Stars 4 ?

Listen, if RuPaul wants to call me now, I would, without blinking or batting an eyelash. I would be a takeaway game. So, please, RuPaul Andre Charles, if you are currently on your Twitter or Instagram or Facebook, please contact me. You have my number. I do not have yours. But I'm down!

I have quite a few different YouTube series – what is the plural for series? Seri? I dont know! Serieses? Anyway, I have a I Feel Skinny where I fully train workout classes because – well, Chelsea Handler is one of my biggest inspirations in life, and the part of her show I really loved became how she would do things we are all curious about. Group work and classes is something that everyone has tried. You always try to find the right one. So I just had an idea to do a lot of them in Drag and it was a lot of fun. I did Crossfit and Bikram Yoga in full swing. I am looking forward to publishing this and seeing how fans and supporters respond.

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