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& # 39; Fallout 76 & # 39; and & # 39; Overwatch & # 39; Esports The Gaming News of the Week

Halloween is almost on us, and game news is – well, actually pretty normal. Let's catch up.

Bethesda prepares to anticipate bugs with impatience

With the grace of an iPhone Notes apology, Bethesda tweeted to fans this week a very official letter of his Fallout 76 Beta test. The letter does two things: It expresses to the players that Bethesda is also not sure what kind of game it does in the Lonely Shooter / Multiplayer Chaos Hybrid; and it confirms that there will be mistakes. Many bugs. Well, there are advantages in properly calibrating expectations and reminding players that beta testing will become a dream of an entomologist (or at least a gambler's nightmare), but Bethesda's games are already tending towards this end of the spectrum, which is combined with some phrases here makes me laugh.

I know you all do your best. But you have to admit that bugs are pretty fun as "new spectacular problems".

Blizzard's adding some decent viewer tools to Overwatch For the World Cup

Ads by Esports will be much more interactive, at least for Overwatch fans. For the upcoming Overwatch World Cup, Blizzard is testing new tools that are currently only available on the PC via Battle.net. Players Can Manipulate the In-Game Camera During Pro-matches and View It From Any Viewpoint (1

9659004) It's a technology that closes the gap between players and viewers in an interesting way and is similar to the technology already used by eSports broadcasters are used to curate the viewer's experience on platforms like Twitch. If you do not have on the PC you must look at it like everyone else. But hopefully, Blizzard will pass the software on to everyone at some point; more games could use such things.

So Fortnite is full of monsters now? Sure, it seems right

Friends, there are zombies. In Fortnite . Before you fall, prepare for some more friction. The latest crease in Fortnite 's ever-evolving Battle Royale evolves from something the players call The Cube because, well, you can find out.

It's worth recalling times like these that Fortnite began as a player-versus-environment game, with a twist on Tower Defense that had players battling zombies and other assorted nasties , This mode is also still available, such as Fortnite: Save the World but it is so thoroughly obscured by its freely playable sibling that it is not really as Fortnite anymore. So it's nice to see that some of them get into the cultural Moloch side of things.

Recommendation of the Week: Sylvio on PC

For this Halloween week, try one of the scariest games I can imagine. Owned by Analog Technologies, Old Tape Recorders and Ghosts, Sylvio is an indie horror game that becomes one of the scariest, most intriguing horror experiences on any platform. It's a lightweight game that runs on most systems, and it will scare the bejeezus out of you. I could tell you more about what this game is about, but that would ruin the fun. Let me just say that it is sad, compassionate and scary, a story of lost souls and unreal horrors. There is also a sequel if you dig them out.

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