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& # 39; Mama June & # 39; Shannon is said to have been arrested for drug possession

According to reports, Mama June Shannon was arrested and charged with alleged drug abuse on Wednesday after a domestic incident with fellow friend Geno Doak, also arrested ,

According to sources from TMZ police were called to a gas station in Alabama to stop a confrontation between two people. When the police arrived, the dispute still lasted and arrested both reality television stars.

43-year-old Doak was arrested for domestic violence / harassment, possession of a controlled substance, and drug addiction. Shannon was arrested for the crime of a controlled substance.

It is not clear what triggered the dispute.

The news of the arrest erupted hours before the new season of . Mama June: From Not to Hot is broadcast on WE TV. Despite the arrest, Shannon, 39, said she would still tweet during the broadcast.

"Sorry, I'm starting to tweet the show, but do not forget to see the most incredible moments, and I'll be tweeting line through both shows, getting ready to start the season well." wrote she .

Shannon and Doak have been teaming for three years and their relationship has been strong From Not to Hot . In the second season, she said she wanted to marry, but Doak did not suggest.

After the surprising turn of events, Shannon went to Instagram to tell fans that she loves Doak and wants to marry soon. [19659004] Doak "is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with [ever thought] because it makes not only me, but also the girls happy, and that's what matters most, hopefully he'll give me one Commit to the day I've been looking for and wanting for quite some time, or at least put a ring on it, "Shannon wrote on Instagram in September.

Shannon wrote that it hurt her to tell Doak that he either had to make a suggestion or that they were done.

"A girl can always dream that I'm scared, but at this point I honestly look for this next step in our relationship," she wrote. "It really hurt to say either or I have to go away, but I know that my girls want the best for me and I know that he has little fear since he was married for many years and I'm just his a second serious relationship was throughout his life.

Doak has a criminal record, including burglary, theft and criminal damage to property.In addition, he spent some time in prison, TMZ

] Mum June: From Not to Hot begins their third season at 21:00 ET on WE tv.

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