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& # 39; Marvel & # 39; & & # 39; Star Wars & # 39; shows the main focus of Disney + service

  Disney Plus logo Marvel Studios Kevin Feige Disney + will get a lot of attention for Marvel and Star Wars content from the many programs and films featured in the upcoming streaming service. However, this is still a huge undertaking.

At this point, there's no question that Disney wants it all. Whether it's acquisitions of companies like Marvel and Lucasfilm or 20th Century Fox, it would not be unrealistic to foresee that one day the world will be ruled by the House of Mouse. But before that happens, the house Walt Disney built must be able to realistically accept Amazon and Netflix. Disney boss Bob Iger hopes that this can happen with Disney and programs with familiar Star Wars and Marvel characters.

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One of those big selling points, hopes Bog Iger, is Jon Favreau's upcoming Star Wars series, The Mandalorian . Intellectual property is needed to strengthen your platform, and everything Disney has to offer as well as what comes from the Fox takeover has a lot to win and lose for Disney.

Variety report, Wall Wall investors say Disney must sell this pitch to investors. What do investors like? Fixed numbers and above all money. Based on the report, a lot of money will be made available, especially for Marvel and Star Wars programs. One TV agent put it this way:

"They spend real money on these shows, but other productions offer less lucrative offers than comparable projects on Netflix or Amazon would probably command."

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Nevertheless, the Disney staff have feared that certain programs will be recorded. Do you get the green light or stay on the track? Do Some Get a Privilege Because They Are From The Marvel Or Star Wars Umbrella? There is much uncertainty about this aspect:

Are you setting Jeph [Loeb, Marvel’s TV chief]? It is not yet clear which door you will enter.

While it's very obvious that Disney is committed to developing a streaming service that can compete with Netflix and Amazon, we need to see where they ultimately end up. Because of the changes in the industry, many networks and companies will soon enter the streaming game, if this is not already the case. Disney may have many properties under its roof, and fans will undoubtedly entertain the idea of ​​a Marvel or Star Wars series to watch from the comfort of their own homes.

But given the crowded media landscape, there's still a lot to navigate before Disney Plus makes its debut. After all, they have taken their content from Netflix. Is this just another example of Disney wanting everything? What do you think? Is Disney ambitious enough to provide you with a sustainable streaming service? Are you ever interested in Disney +? Let us know your thoughts in the following comments.

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