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& # 39; Over Watch & # 39; Gives players 5 free winter loot boxes

Overwatch has provided players with five free Winter Loot Boxes as part of their current Winter Wonderland event.

Five free loot boxes were not listed in the event details released by Blizzard at the beginning of the event. According to a pop-up window in the game, which opens when the players log in, the loot boxes seem to be a blessing from Blizzard. [1

9659005] FINALLY HAVE THE MERCY SKIN OF MY DREAMS in the free 5 winter loot boxes. THANKS JEFF

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"Heroes, it really was an eventful and amazing year, and we wanted a moment to Thank you for being a part of it, "said the message in the game. "We could not have done that without the tremendous support, passion and enthusiasm you showed for Overwatch . The entire Blizzard team wishes you and the very best and looks forward to an exciting new year with you!

No end date or time has been specified for the promotion, so it is not known how long the players will need to sign in and collect their free loot boxes. The Winter Wonderland event ends on the 2nd of January. So, if you sign up in advance until more information is known, make sure that the loot boxes are purchased.

Like other themed loot boxes that are issued by Blizzard, Overwatch Winter Wild Crates give players all sorts of new cosmetics when they are fortunate enough to get the items out of the random rewards for their loot pick up.

"The new seasonal items can be found in winter prey boxes full of new skins, emotes, highlights, player icons, sprays, voice lines and more," Blizzard said of the loot boxes. "You can also purchase items that you missed from last year's event at a discount for a price. But do not wait too long – these prey boxes will disappear faster than holiday desserts.

The Winterwonder Event by Overwatch is now live until January 2nd. The full details can be found here.

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