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& # 39; Over Watch & # 39; Retribution Comic and Trailer Show Blackwatch in action: & # 39; Overwatch & # 39; Archives Event starts on April 10th

The new comic and trailer "Retribution" shows Blackwatch, the Black Ops unit of Overwatch, in action. Reaper, McCree, Genji and Moira are featured in the PvE brawl for the upcoming Overwatch Archives Event, which launches on April 1

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Blizzard releases a comic and trailer that gives players a deeper insight into the very first Overwatch Archives, the series of events focuses on Overwatch Lore, who replaced the uprising of last year.

The Overwatch archives will soon spread retaliation, which has Blackwatch as the star of the show in a controversial moment in Overwatch history.

Blackwatch takes the stage in & # 39; Overwatch & # 39; Archives: Retaliation

Blizzard, Jeff Kaplan, and Chief Engineer Tim Ford have recently confirmed that last year's uprising, which focused eight years ago on the rebellion in King's Row, was overwatched by archive is replaced. The series will give players a deeper understanding of Overwatch lore, starting with this year's retaliation.

Blackwatch, the black operation unit of Overwatch, led by Gabriel Reyes before he became Reaper, is the main character in the Retribution comic alongside Jack Morrison, now known as Soldier: 76. Following an attack on a Overwatch Institution wants to hand Reyes revenge, but Morrison is understandably hesitant. Morrison finally gives in and lets Reyes and Blackwatch unofficially go into the controversial mission.

The Retributionist shows what happened in this mission that brought Blackwatch to Italy. Put simply, it looks like things did not go as planned.

Retribution to takeoff April 10: What can players expect?

Even before the announcement, the uprising was replaced by Overwatch Archive, Player knew that the event will begin on April 10. What can players expect from it?

The main attraction of the annual event is the lesson on Overwatch story by the PvE brawl. While a four-player team from Tracer, Reinhardt, Mercy and Torbjorn appeared last year, Retribution will take over the roles of McCree, Genji, Moira and Reyes before becoming a Reaper.

based on the Rialto card, where the PvE Retribution will take place, will soon be added to the list of playable PvP cards as soon as it undergoes PTR testing.

Lastly, the loot box items from the last uprising will be available again, but join them are 60 new unlockable cosmetic upgrades. Players who want to buy, however, must react quickly, because Retribution runs only until 30 April.

Will & # 39; Overwatch & # 39; Battle Royale ever happen?

Blizzard has done a great job integrating Overwatch superiority in the multiplayer shooter, but the development team thinks there is one thing they should avoid: a Battle Royale mode.

An Overwatch The Battle Royale mode was considered by the game developers, but ultimately they decided that the games that have lately existed within the Overwatch universe will not work well. This is partly because Overwatch was never intended as a 1v1 game, with some heroes benefiting over others. This will make Battle Royale games in Overwatch unfair from the start.

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